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19 May 2012 Plan, Build & Run a SharePoint Service. Not Server! Naz Parker – Sanlam #SPSJHB The first ever all green SharePoint event.

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1 19 May 2012 Plan, Build & Run a SharePoint Service. Not Server! Naz Parker – Sanlam Group @NazParker01 #SPSJHB The first ever all green SharePoint event on earth Track: Voice of the Customer Session Level: 200

2 TEXT SLIDE House Rules

3 TEXT SLIDE Agenda Business Demand Pitfalls & Challenges of a “Reactive Approach” Doing it Differently

4 TEXT SLIDE Why SharePoint demand? SharePoint has “grown-up” Business been told it is easy to use Will save them money, is “cheap” or is “free” Easy to “knock together” Adds great value

5 TEXT SLIDE The common reactive approach Business A = All-in-one SP2010 Server! Business B = Upgrading 2007 Server! Business C = Needs dedicated SP2010 & SQL Oh! And Enterprise Licences too! Department D = Get’s a Document Library on Business A’s server. Team E = We’re very small, and want our own “free version” on our own VM!

6 TEXT SLIDE Pitfalls & Challenges Multiple Servers, Databases, etc. Increased Costs: Licensing, Support & Maintenance What’s Cheap & Easy about that? Nothing!

7 TEXT SLIDE How can it be done differently? Provide SharePoint as a Business Service

8 TEXT SLIDE But what about? Questions that often scare IT departments. How much of what is required? How will it be configured? Who is going to pay for what?

9 TEXT SLIDE So how can it be achieved? Executive Sponsorship  Buy-in Clear objectives: SharePoint = Sharing Share to drive down costs Group-wide benefits Consolidation Standardization Businesses awareness - it’s coming soon!

10 TEXT SLIDE Infrastructure & Licensing The days of a business owning a server are over! IT owns SharePoint infrastructure & its licensing. Business owns the user licensing. An Enterprise Licensing Agreement helps. The Sanlam Way!

11 TEXT SLIDE Design & Implementation Don’t try to be him!

12 TEXT SLIDE Design & Implementation… Infrastructure Architecture SharePoint Architecture High Availability & DR Management Toolsets Business Data Segregation Security In-house skills? Partner The Sanlam Way!

13 TEXT SLIDE Make my day! Pick a Data Centre to power down! My Farm fails-over faster than you can V-motion my VMs! The Sanlam Way!

14 TEXT SLIDE Development, Test & DR The Sanlam Way!

15 TEXT SLIDE Internal & External Facing Farms The Sanlam Way!

16 TEXT SLIDE Governance Plan Imperative in a Shared Service! Don’t “re-invent the wheel!” Ownership & Roles! Must Be Practical! Development & Integration Standards!

17 TEXT SLIDE Shared SharePoint Interest Group S SharePoint Shared Service S Shared Service Provider Management S Legend Business External Service Provider Shared Service Provider Requirements Decisions Ratification Group: IT Architecture e-Biz Technology Governing Body Communicate Decisions Conflict Resolution Strategic Changes Major Impact Items Technology Forums S B Project Steering Committees S E B Shared Services Board S C C B Group Exco B B B Escalation S C C B Shared SharePoint Governing Body S C C B C C B Public SharePoint Community S Business Internal Forums B Influence/Knowledge Sharing Architecture/Operations/Projects Influence Consultation Governance Flow The Sanlam Way! E B E SharePoint SWAT Team S B B B

18 TEXT SLIDE De-centralized Site Administration Information Security Policies Exist! Managed Metadata vs. Folders Site Admins – Reduced Admin Permissions The Sanlam Way!

19 TEXT SLIDE Service Adoption considerations Embrace “Early Adopters” Create Self-Help Capabilities Find Champions! Assist the business

20 TEXT SLIDE Service Adoption considerations HR & IT Dev are the Champions Business Analysts – SharePoint Training Developers Mind-shift – Code Last Site Admin & End User Team Site Manuals Site Admin “How To Sessions” Microsoft Productivity Hub CodePlex SharePoint Learning Kit – My Site – No content Tab Intranets  Extranets  Business Solutions The Sanlam Way!

21 TEXT SLIDE Service Support considerations Service Desk Service Management Processes  SLAs & OLAs Reporting  Web Analytics + Internal SharePoint Support Team  COE Project Teams

22 TEXT SLIDE Billing Model Considerations Businesses have budgets! Per User subscription? % of Operation Costs? Projects? Storage?

23 TEXT SLIDE Questions & About Me SharePoint Manager with Sanlam ITISS IT Pro/Architecture on MS stack since 1994 Working with SharePoint since WSS 2.0 Contributor to

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