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DOULTON ‘ICP’ WATER FILTER Doulton Ceramic Filtration – A Proven System.

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1 DOULTON ‘ICP’ WATER FILTER Doulton Ceramic Filtration – A Proven System

2 ICP Ceramic filtration systems are regarded at the most cost effective and proven methods of water filtration, effectively removing water borne contaminants and providing clean, healthy drinking water

3 Doulton ICP Water Filter THE DOULTON ‘ICP’ WATER FILTER For situations where a bench top filter is considered desirable - for flexibility and mobility, or for lower-pressure water delivery. The ‘ICP’ has a simple metal threaded attachment, which is compatible with most standard bench taps with a single delivery faucet. There is a small diverter which can allow ordinary water to flow down into the sink for washing vegetables, dishes etc, or the water can be directed through the white tubing into the filter housing, sitting on the bench top, where it flows up through the ceramic cartridge to be delivered, filtered, out the top. If the existing separate cold tap does not have an external thread and is not compatible, there is a chrome fitting available which is attached to the cold tap and the threaded attachment that is with the unit, simply screws onto that. The Ultracarb provides protection from Lead – greater than 95% - very relevant particularly when the source is rainwater or where there may be old lead pipes. The Ultracarb ceramic cartridge also safeguards from a range of herbicides, insecticides, chlorine and carcinogenic chemicals - all of which we can well do without in our water! The ‘ICP’ is fitted with a Flow Meter - for recommended flow, and a Capacity Meter, so you know when the candle (ceramic filter) is ready to be changed. This is a great unit for people on the move, for flats, or for travelling using camping grounds with kitchens, motels, etc. Many offices appreciate the superior quality and the guaranteed safeguard that the “Doulton” ceramic provides compared to the typical carbon cartridge.

4 Faucet installation

5 Performance ICP filters incorporate the very latest advances in filtration technology to deliver clean and healthy drinking water – delivering real improvements in performance including: Latest ergonomic designs. New candle size Increased flow rates Increased capacity LCD flowmeter LCD Candle capacity meter Proven removal levels of water borne contaminants Absolute filtration to 0.9 micron (>99.99% @ 0.9 micron).

6 Performance Claims This removal chart shows the various contaminants that are safeguarded by using the ‘Ultracarb’ Ceramic Cartridge within the housing Tested and certified to: NSF STANDARD 42 & 53 42 Aesthetic such as chlorine, taste & odour, colour & particulates and bacteriostatic claims. 53 Covers health claims such as Lead, volatile organic compounds (Giardia & Cryptosporidium), cysts and the gasoline additive MTBE.

7 Flow Rate The “Ultracarb” candle capacity is 3750 Litres, so it will last a long time with usual household use. The outside surface of the ceramic candle can also be scrubbed (with a nail brush) to prolong its life if the incoming water is dirty.

8 For any further enquiries or information please contact: Sue Kelly e mail: Free Phone: 0800 177 000

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