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THE SURVIVAL BAG™ “Any Ditch Will Do!!”” A first response water treatment device for individuals, family and neighborhood groups during civil emergencies.

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1 THE SURVIVAL BAG™ “Any Ditch Will Do!!”” A first response water treatment device for individuals, family and neighborhood groups during civil emergencies or in remote locations

2 THE SURVIVAL BAG™ is an affordable and easily portable device which purifies contaminated waters removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and radioactive Iodine 131 in addition to many other common contaminants. Each SURVIVAL BAG™ can purify 9000 litres of contaminated water and is packaged in a high impact proof cylinder just 11cm x 60cm. THE SURVIVAL BAG™

3 What is THE SURVIVAL BAG™? Contaminated, dirty, unsafe water is poured in the top opening of the bag and clean water flows out through the cartridge to deliver guaranteed bacterially safe water for use. Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.coli and even Viruses are destroyed. Scientifically proven (see Hills Laboratory testing protocol and test results) to safeguard grossly contaminated water and render it safe to drink with NIL bacteria, NIL cysts and 99.97% of viruses destroyed.

4 THE SURVIVAL BAG™ Assembly Loosen Nut INSERT WHITE TUBE INTO CARTRIDGE & TIGHTEN NUT You are now ready to hang up your SURVIVAL BAG™ and fill with water for treatment. Note: The tap at the base of the filter is to control the flow of water. Allow up to 5 minutes for the cartridge to condition. The initial flow will be slow until the media is saturated Discard Black Plug

5 CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY THE SURVIVAL BAG™ has a 1 micron cloth bag filter inside a heavy duty PVC outer bag. The bag filter removes all cysts, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium as well as sediment and can be reversed for cleaning. The bag holds approx. 10 litres of water which is gravity fed through a purification cartridge. The unit produces 15 litres per hour at 20°C, of safe drinking water from microbiologically contaminated source waters. The cartridge life is designed for 9,000 litres before replacement. The single cartridge uses the MCV® Iodinated resin and Iodosorb® iodine scavenger developed by ‘Water Security Corp.’ Nevada, U.S.A. These are both ‘Space Certified Technologies’ and used by NASA for water purification on all Space Shuttles. Recently, Water Security Corp. was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for their innovative work in water purification.

6 TEST METHODOLOGY Methodology: Bag Filter / MCV® Iodinated Resin Cartridge Water Treatment Trial - November 2006 Analytical testing conducted by Hill Laboratories Microbiology Department. Christchurch, New Zealand. The trial was set up by Sue and Russell Kelly from World Wide Water Ltd™, with the analytical testing for Escherichia coli carried out by RJ Hill Laboratories Ltd and the analytical testing for phage levels carried out by Watercare Services Ltd. Barbara Müller (Section Manager) from Hill Laboratories observed this trial in its entirety. A Bag Filter / MCV® Iodinated Resin Cartridge treatment system was used for the treatment of water of varying quality. The system first preliminarily filters the water by passing it through a bag incorporating a filter mesh of 1 – 2µm. From the bag the water passes through an in-line cartridge containing activated carbon / MCV® Iodinated resin, then through Iodosorb® and more carbon before being collected for use. Rather than seeding water samples with a laboratory strain E.coli, the trial was carried out using raw sewage mixed into river water. This was done to ensure that the trial represented as close to a real field situation as possible. By using raw sewage and river water the trial simulates what may happen in a real emergency situation where water of drinking quality becomes contaminated with large volumes of raw sewage. Raw, untreated sewage was collected from the Bromley Sewage treatment plant, Christchurch. A 5% sewage / river water mix was created in a 25 Litre tank with a pump attached, capable of pumping 2.75 LPM. The pump was used to mix the contents of the tank for 40 minutes. A sample of the 5% sewage / river water mix was taken after mixing was complete. The 5% sewage / river water mix was passed through the treatment system at a rate of 200cc per minute. A sample was taken after the in-line cartridge Iodinated resin treatment

7 PERFORMANCE 99. 97 % 100% % Decrease 200 After Treatment 5% sewage / river water mix 66,000250,000 Prior to Treatment 5% sewage / river water mix VIRUS Phage count pfu per L BACTERIA E.coli count MPN per 100ml 99.9-100% Effective MPN =Most Probable Number pfu=Phage forming units LPM=Litres per minute World Wide Water Ltd™, Water Treatment Trial 23 November 2006 Hills Labs Job Reference Number E6-9796 & E6-9796A

8 Following the nuclear reactor disaster in Japan in 2011 when radioactive Iodine 131 reached critical levels, we were asked if our Survival Bag would reduce this dangerous contaminant. World Wide Water Ltd, New Zealand engaged the NZ National Radiation Laboratory in Christchurch, NZ, to conduct trials on the Survival Bag and other water treatment products developed by World Wide Water Ltd. Extensive tests were conducted and proved to be extremely successful. Reduction of Radioactive Iodine-131 using THE SURVIVAL BAG™ was greater than 96% The under bench double water filter unit dramatically reduces chlorine as well as the radioactive Iodine 131 delivering the safeguarded water from a separate dispensing faucet mounted on the kitchen bench top. A range of “Point of Entry” units of varying capacities is also available for different sized apartments, houses and larger facilities. Internationally there have been many organisations searching for a reliable solution for the reduction of radioactive Iodine 131 in water. To date the American EPA recommends a combination of Reverse Osmosis, ion exchange resins and activated carbon achieve the reduction. While this complex method may be successful, it is very expensive to set up and operate compared to the easily portable Survival Bag for emergency preparedness in homes, schools, civic centres and other public buildings. Recent International News Release Radioactive Iodine 131 reduction.



11 Over 9000 litres of SAFE water Apart from oxygen, water is the most basic requirement for survival. Following an earthquake, major flooding or any other disaster, clean safe drinking water is one of the most urgent necessities for survival. When necessary the human body can survive many days without food, but only 3-5 days without water. With electricity disrupted, water pumps will not be working in towns and cities. Broken water and sewerage pipes mean that water may be available but it will not be safe to drink or use. THE SURVIVAL BAG™ is designed for 9000 litres of safeguarded water at a flow of 15 litres per hour at 20°C. THE SURVIVAL BAG™ weighs less than 2kg and is easily portable. The orange tube can be used to scoop unsafe water and pour it into the bag. The smaller end can be used to receive the safe water. The cord on the top of the bag has been designed to have multiple uses, i.e. can be used as a tourniquet to stop bleeding, as a part of a splint, or in many other emergency situations.

12 The SURVIVAL BAG™ / Bottled Water Comparison THE SURVIVAL BAG™ weighs less than 2kg and provides approximately 9000 Litres of safeguarded water. More than 15 pallets of bottled water (as pictured) weigh over 9375kg and provide approximately the same volume of water.

13 THE SURVIVAL BAG™ CAPACITY THE SURVIVAL BAG™ can be set up as a mini water station to fill jerry cans for groups. At 2 LPP/PD, one SURVIVAL BAG™ would satisfy the daily needs of 180 people. At 5 LPP/PD, one SURVIVAL BAG™ would satisfy the daily needs of 72 people.

14 In an Emergency/Disaster Situation Clean Drinkable water is instantly available with - THE SURVIVAL BAG™





19 TESTIMONIALS “Congratulations on developing your amazing water filter system. It’s sure to change the quality and existence of life for many people in the world.” “Your idea has massive benefits for human kind and not just in the poorest parts of the world.” “I would like one of the gravity fed bag filters and a spare filter element. You guessed it, for camping and Civil Defence etc.” “Outstanding invention and brilliant to also be acknowledged by the Space Foundation.” “What an incredible concept! Another example of Kiwi ingenuity at its best.”

20 BE PREPARED! Get your SURVIVAL BAG ™ and know you are ready if disaster strikes. WORLD WIDE WATER LTD ™ Christchurch, New Zealand. Phone: ++64 3 376 4321 Free Phone: 0800 177 000

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