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Katadyn CFS House Filter System Katadyn Asia Inc..

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1 Katadyn CFS House Filter System Katadyn Asia Inc.

2 Company History 1928 Founding Oligodyn AG in Zug, Switzerland 1940 Company name Changed to Katadyn Product Inc. 1954 Company transferred to Wallisellen/Zurich 1969 Katadyn Deutschland GmbH, Munich 1971 Second stage of factory construction at Wallisellen 1977 Katadyn France SA, Paris 1990 Katadyn Korea Inc. 1998 Katadyn Asia Inc.

3 Activities of Katadyn Asia Inc. Exclusive distributor of all the Katadyn Products in Asia Worldwide exclusive distributor & co-developer of Katadyn CFS House Filter System –Design and manufacture plastic housing and fittings –Assemble and distribute Katadyn CFS House Filter System to world market –Supply all the CFS parts and replacements –Develop new design and functions of CFS products

4 Katadyn Products Katadyn CFS House Filter System Industrial Water Technology –MF (Multiple Elements Filter System) –UV (Ultraviolet Radiation System) –EK (Electro-Katadyn System) Outdoor Water Technology –Mini Ceramic Filter & Pocket Filter –Combi Filter –Micropur

5 Katadyn Ceramic Silver Filter Ceramic tube with extremely fine pores 0.0002mm retains suspended matter and bacteria contained in raw water on the outside of the ceramic wall Finely distributed Katadyn silver, incorporated in the ceramic material - hinders bacteria from growing through the pores of the ceramic tube - disinfects the ceramic body continuously Filling of Katadyn silver quartz - prevents penetration and growth of bacteria from the outlet side

6 Features of Katadyn Filter Uniform heterocapillary pore size 0.2µm through the ceramic surface Katadyn Silver disinfect bacteria and restrain them from growing inside the filter Filtrate all of bacteria completely(100%) but keep minerals in the water as it is Long life time - clearable just by brush Simple and low-cost in maintenance Proved its quality by various authoritative organizations for its 70 year history

7 Katadyn CFS House Filter Products There must not be heavy metals and germs in all drinking beverage and the the water for washing vegetables. Ceramic, which is heterocapillary structure, and Katadyn ceramic filter remove germs, heavy metals and impurities but keep mineral which is beneficial to our health. Remove Heavy Metals and Germs but keep mineral as it is

8 Katadyn CFS House Filter Products System Composition Life time of Ceramic filter DELUXE Clearable up to 100 times PRIME up to 6 ~ 9 months SUPER Clearable up to 300 times (Pre-filter : Activated Carbon, disposable in 3 ~6 months) Rusts, Precipitate, Chlorine, Particular heavy metals, Organic compounds, bacteria The above mentioned life times of filters are variable up to the situation & circumstance of installed sites. Effective

9 Katadyn Filters


11 Technical Data Filtration: Effective: Output: Recommended water pressure: Water Temp.: Feature: Katadyn Silver Ceramic & Activated Carbon Harmful Bacteria such as cholera, coliform, salmonella, shigella, pseudomonas, amoebas, cysts such as cryptosporidium, giardia Chlorine Lead and other heavy metals Chemicals such as herbicides Taste and odor 0.8 gallons/min, 3 liter/min at 3 bar/ 45 psi 1 bar/ 15 psi ~ 6 bar / 88 psi 1~ 50°C / 34 ~122°F no pumping, easily installed, efficient even in turbid water, unique home water filter with 0.2 Micron ceramic filter. All fittings included.

12 Installation Under-Sink typeCounter-Top Type The Katadyn CFS System can be installed wherever perfect, healthy drinking water is required and there is already a cold water supply. It can be installed without any specialist skills. All the necessary parts, including precise installation instructions are supplied as a complete kit.

13 Letters & Certificates SQS-certificate ISO 9001 Harvard University University of Michigan Yale University U.S. Army U.S. EPA Institute Pasteur WHO (World Health Organization)

14 Prominent Users(Industrial Products) Coca-cola Pepsi-cola Swiss Red Cross The Waterworks Bureau of Swiss

15 How to contact Katadyn Asia Inc. Homepage: E-mail : Telephone : 82-2-582-4505 Fax : 82-2-585-7567 / 525-5985 Address E-Re Bldg.(Katadyn Bldg.) 1666-9, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Ku, Seoul 137-070, Korea

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