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Gwinnett Online Campus Supplemental Program. What Can GOC Offer Supplemental Students in 2014-2015? 2 Full semesters: Fall and Winter 2 Extended Mini.

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1 Gwinnett Online Campus Supplemental Program

2 What Can GOC Offer Supplemental Students in ? 2 Full semesters: Fall and Winter 2 Extended Mini semesters: Fall and Winter Summer Semester Guided Study/Credit Recovery offerings during each mini semester Course offerings for students in grades 6-12 Weekly CLASS sessions (schedules posted within courses) Archived recordings of all previous CLASS sessions Access to course content 24/7, even on snow days Mandatory on-campus science labs Re-test opportunities

3 How Do Students Access Their Courses? Several videos are available on the GOC website to assist students with logging in and completing orientation units (it is recommended that these videos also be linked on your school website). How to login to your course How to complete the orientation unit

4 What does a student see? Courses are listed here Lessons are listed here More resources are listed here Important announcements are listed here

5 What if my students need additional resources? Supplemental GOC students have access to all media services as other GCPS students-- -They are available within the Interactive Media Mall

6 Online We Learn Successfully! Student Role Teacher Role Counselor Role Maintain a daily agenda/checklist Attend Collaborate sessions Communicate with teacher on a daily basis Seek help, as needed Review teacher feedback and respond as appropriate Post detailed feedback and action items Provide extra help and re-teaching opportunities Routinely check student progress/grades Communicate concerns with counselor Approve registrations and adhere to deadlines Routinely check student progress/ grades through school reports and/or courses Work with GOC teachers and staff to support students

7 A student cannot login to his account To login to your account, go to the GOC website located at and follow the steps listed below.  Click on Logins in the top right  Click under Gwinnett Online Campus  Click on the word "here" in the sentence, "Click here to log into your Gwinnett Online Campus ."here  Type in the following username and password. username: first.last password: studentnumber If you and the student are still unable to login, the student should and he should include his first name, last name, and student number in the body of his .

8 A student cannot log into D2L  The student’s initial password is his student number.  The student can click on the reset password link on the logins page. An will be sent to his account.  The student can his teacher and ask to have his password reset.

9 A student cannot see anything when he logs into his course The student must complete the orientation unit/quiz with a grade of 70 or better in each course they are registered in before they can access the course content items. To access the orientation unit, open the Content under Course Content.

10 A student cannot view videos The user should go to and update his quicktime player. The user should answer NO on the screen below. Mac users should try using the Opera browser. Google Chrome users should look to see if they have a shield icon in the URL window. If the user is in Desire2Learn, he should click this shield and then click Load Anyway. Google Chrome users should try installing the windows media plug-in for Chrome:

11 A user is having trouble accessing his CLASS/Live sessions through Online Rooms Please see the Troubleshooting Collaborate CLASS Sessions document. You may send this link directly to the students. O-fJQpLKelH_weHp8AtoNVY/edit O-fJQpLKelH_weHp8AtoNVY/edit.

12 Who Can I Contact? If all else fails, you can direct your questions to GOC contacts for the supplemental program: Marisa Kana, supplemental program coordinator Dianna Cordell, supplemental SASI clerk

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