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EleUM (Electronic Learning Environment Universiteit Maastricht) Find your course material, assignments and announcements regarding the course. Hand in.

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1 EleUM (Electronic Learning Environment Universiteit Maastricht) Find your course material, assignments and announcements regarding the course. Hand in assignments electronically. Communicate with your teachers and fellow students. Where? -> Click on the link

2 Welcome to EleUM! Do you see the place to fill in your username and password? Click in the Username field

3 Right! With your username and password filled in: Click the Login button

4 You enter EleUM on the My EleUM tab. In this demo we will guide you through the most important tabs and modules. Click here to continuehere

5 Tabs Modules We first want to show you the My LAW tab Click the right tab

6 You see 3 modules here. Lets guide you through them. Click anywhere in the LAW Students Shortcuts module

7 A link to one of the most important web environments for you as a student at the UM: the My UM Portal, also leading you the My LAW intranet for Law students and the online Electronic Service Centre eSC Links to the most used Legal Sources you need in your law study Links to miscellaneous useful systems, sites and contacts Check them out later and keep using them! Click here to continuehere

8 Use the LAW Coursebooks module to quickly find your course books which should also be available in each course in EleUM. Simply click on the correct course period for your study year and find all the course books as soon as they are available. Click here to continuehere

9 The LAW Deadlines module provides an extra service to you to remind you of the deadlines of registration for courses and exams. Click here to continuehere

10 We are back on the My EleUM tab. EleUM is a Learning System and is basically meant to support education. There are 2 important terms to remember: Courses and Organisations Lets first explain more about the Courses using the My Courses module. Click anywhere in the My Courses module.

11 The module is called My Courses, because in the list you only see the courses that you are enrolled in (have registered for). A course is accessible for all the students that registered for that course. So it is the ideal place to inform all students in this course and to present them the course material, assignments or other information regarding the course. As you can see every course has a name and a code. As from the ac. year 2009/2010 course codes have changed and have become more important in all systems. The code for Law and economics is: 2013-100-LAW4006 (2013=academic year 2013/2014; 100=course period 1; LAW4006=system course code) Especially the system course code (in red) is important to remember, because you will need it to find the entire course timetable for this course. Click on the Law and economics Course to see what a course looks like.

12 You enter the course in the courses Homepage, where you find the latest Announcements for you (last 7 days). Announcements are used by teaching staff to inform you about all kinds of things during the course. On the left you see the Course menu. Every course has the same menu links. We will go through the links now. Click on the Announcements menu item.

13 The Announcements area shows you all available announcements in the course. Click on the Course Information menu item.

14 Course Information is meant for general information on the course. Course coordinators are supposed to place the Course book here. So you can also find the course book in the course. (we saw before that it is also available in the Course books module on the My LAW tab) Click on the Staff Information menu item.

15 The course coordinator of this course has provided personal information for you, so you can contact him or find out where his office is. Unfortunately, not all teachers provide this information. Click on the Course Material menu item.

16 In this area all kinds of additional course material is placed, organized in folders or as separate items. Simply click on the links of the folders to see what items are in it. Click on the Assignments menu link.

17 Here you can find more information about assignments, but mostly this area is used for electronic hand-in points for assignments. More and more teachers are using EleUM to have you hand in your assignments electronically. To hand in you have to click on the link that goes with the assignment. Click on the link of Assignment Week 1.

18 To upload your document use the Browse button behind File To Attach. When the file is linked click the Submit button to hand in. Click here to continuehere

19 Course Email EleUM provides an e-mail function for all enrolled users. It is directly connected to the UM e-mail system, so e-mail will be sent using your UM e-mail account and the emails sent from EleUM will be sent to your UM mailbox. Click on the Select Users link.

20 All students and teachers enrolled in the course are listed in the left column. Simply highlight the names of the people you want to send an e-mail and click the right arrow button to move them to the Selected column. Then type in your subject and your message. You can also Attach a file to send along with your email. When you are ready, click the Submit button Click here to continuehere

21 Every course has a Discussion Board. The forum you see above is present in every course. Teaching staff may create other forums if they would like you to discuss on a specific subject dealt with in the course. Click on the forum link.

22 Everyone in the course can start a new Discussion Thread. Every thread that is created can be replied to by all course participants. Eventually all contributions to a discussion can be viewed here. Click here to continuehere

23 The Courses tab also provides you links to the courses you are enrolled in, just like on the My EleUM tab. You can use the Course Catalogue to view Course Information of all courses of all faculties that are available to students. Enough about Courses. Lets go back to the My EleUM tab and have a look at Organisations. Click on the My EleUM tab.

24 Back again on the My EleUM tab. Click anywhere in the My Organisations module.

25 In EleUM each tutorial group (the group of people you have group meetings with in the classrooms) of every course has its own electronic working environment. That working environment is called an Organisation. As you can see above this particular student is in tutorial group 2 of the course Law and economics and in group 5 of Corporate social responsibility. Obviously, these group numbers correspond with the group number you find in the course timetable. Next to these tutorial group organisations there are also special, non-course related, organisations like LAW Students. This is an organisation in which all students of our Law Faculty are enrolled. It is used by the Education Office for information purposes. Click on the link of the Law and economics organisation.

26 An organisation looks very similar to a course and has similar menus and tools, and here you also enter in the Home Page area. Announcements posted here are only visible for students in this specific tutorial group. Mainly, a (tutorial) organisation is used for communication purposes within the tutorial group or for handing in assignments. This is usually done in courses that have many students enrolled and therefore have many tutorial groups. On the left you see the same type of menu area as in Courses and we call it the Organisation menu. Every organisation has the same menu links. Click on the My EleUM Tab link.

27 We went to an Organisation by clicking on the link in the My Organisations module. There is also a special tab that leads you to all the organisations you are enrolled in: the Organisations tab. Click on the Organisations tab.

28 This is what the Organisations tab looks like. It is merely another way of listing all your organisations. You can use the Organisation Catalogue to find other Organisations that are open to you as a student. Unlike Courses, most Organisations of other Faculties will not be available for you. It is up to you if you prefer to use this tab or the module on the My EleUM tab to get there. Go back to the My EleUM tab.

29 The My Timetable upcoming activities module is a very convenient module for you as a student, as it shows you the first 5 upcoming education activities. Its data are directly taken from the My Timetable application that we have seen in the My UM Portal. It also contains a link to the full My Timetable application. Click here to continuehere

30 The My Announcements module shows you the most recent announcements that are posted in Courses or Organisations you are enrolled in. Make sure you check these regularly, because many teachers use announcements to communicate with you. Click anywhere in the My Announcements module.

31 These are announcements from the Education Office which are posted in the special organization LAW Students, in which all law students are enrolled. So much for announcements. Click on the Content Tab.

32 The Content tab is interesting for students, because every student has under My Content 100 MB private disk space in EleUM to store files in. You can use the Upload button to upload files. You can access files in your EleUM content area from anywhere in the world where you have internet (and therefore access to EleUM). Click on the My EleUM Tab.

33 There are 3 more tabs we want to show you. First, click on the Library tab.

34 The University Library provides special e-services in EleUM. It offers direct links to its Catalogue and other E-resources. Now, click on the Services tab.

35 The Services Tab provides links to various service websites of the UM. Now, click on the EleUM-Archive tab.

36 The link to the EleUM Archive on the EleUM Archive tab leads you to the old EleUM environment that has been used until academic year 2011-2012. It is meant for students and staff who have worked in that environment and still need to access previously attended courses and organisations. Now, click on the Help tab

37 The Help Tab provides links for students and staff to the EleUM Support Blog, FAQs and links to Faculty EleUM contacts. Click here to

38 Navigating through EleUM So far we have been moving around in EleUM by clicking on Tabs, links within modules and menu items in Courses or Organisations. Next to that the Back and Forward buttons of your browser can also be used to navigate in EleUM. Logging out of EleUM is done by clicking the special Logout button the arrow points to. Click on the Logout button.

39 Thank you for your attention! The EleUM demo showed you how to: Find your course material, assignments and announcements regarding a course. Hand in assignments electronically. Communicate with your teachers and fellow students. Click to end this presentation.

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