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2 Meet your Social Studies Instructor Mr. Miller 352-405-1442

3 Course Structure: Segment 1 (1 st Semester): Units 1-4 Segment 2 (2 nd Semester): Units 5-8 Exceptions: American Government (4 Units) and Economics (6 Units) are half credit courses (1 Semester)

4 Grading Scale 90%-100% A 80%-89% B 70%-79% C 60%-69% D 59% or Below F * Credit will not be issued for a grade below a 60%, if you are a grade forgiveness/credit recovery student please be sure to verify with your guidance counselor the grade you must earn in the course.

5 FLVS Policies Academic Integrity All work must be completed by you – no copying or plagiarism in any form Items submitted by “free write” or “essay responses” are analyzed through Turn-it-in software which identifies plagiarism. Monthly Contact – Contact between the parent and instructor is mandatory once a month at a minimum by phone.

6 Student Expectations Read all required lessons BEFORE accessing the assignments. Submit a minimum of 3 or more assignments each week for traditional pace (5 or more assignments a week for accelerated pace) (16 weeks to complete a segment for the “trad pace”) – make sure you are completing assignments IN ORDER Check FLVS email frequently Review grades & teacher feedback in ‘My Gradebook’ regularly. If there are any grades you are not content with - you may reset the assignment in your Gradebook and resubmit it for a better score. If you need a test reset, please email your instructor the test number with a small note asking for a reset (A new DBA may need to be completed) Academic Integrity – all work must be done on your own – no copying or plagiarizing Respond to all questions in complete and correct sentences. *I take points off for incomplete or unsupported answers. Call your instructor when you are having difficulty.

7 Parent Expectations Keep in contact with your student’s instructor a minimum of once per month (Phone) Monitor your student’s progress on a weekly basis to be sure they are on staying on track – minimum 3 or more assignments per week (trad pace) and minimum 5 or more assignments per week (accel pace) Contact the instructor with questions and concerns. Encourage your child to succeed.

8 Instructor Expectations Return calls within 24 hours Return emails within 24 hours Grade work within 48 hours Assignments and essays are manually graded Multiple Choice/Fill-in-the blank are graded automatically Help YOU finish YOUR Social Studies Course successfully!

9 Student Dashboard

10 Navigating the Course The Navigation bar appears on the left side of the screen once you are in the course.

11 Pace Chart

12 *Important Changes to PACE* You must be at 5% complete by the first Friday after being activated, and you must be at 10% complete by the second Friday after being activated, or you will be removed from the entire program. If a student fails to be on pace in one course at any point in the semester, they are at risk of being removed from the entire program.

13 Discussion Based Assessments (DBA’S) The Discussion Based Assessments are located at the end of each module before the module test. Complete them BEFORE moving on to the next module. These are required to be completed in order to receive credit for the class. Contact your Instructor by either calling or scheduling an appointment to talk about what you learned in the module to verify your mastery of the concepts. Be sure to have your notes for the module before we speak.

14 Collaboration Component You will contact me for information about the Collaboration Project. It will be different than the traditional project but still required for course completion. I would recommend starting the project for term 1 in November or December/term 2 in April or May. I will send reminder emails later in this term.

15 If you are having technical issues, please contact the FLVS Help Desk.

16 Parents Resources Guardian account – This gives the parents the ability to monitor the student’s progress and grades. To sign up: Here is the link to set up your guardian account. If you are unable to open the link, please go to You will see the link to sign up.

17 Contact Information It is important that you write down your instructors contact information once you log into the course. On the announcement page you will find: Instructor’s Name Instructor’s Phone Number Instructor’s Email address

18 When you are done reading this presentation, please email me the PASSCODE below so that I know you understand the expectations of this course. If you haven’t completed the Welcome Call, please call me as soon as possible. Talk to you soon! Passcode: Washington



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