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2 Delivered by 2 Community Payback Overview Work undertaken by Community Payback: Removing graffiti Clearing wasteland Decorating public amenities and buildings. eg: Community Centres, Schools, Churches and Housing Estates. Assisting in the ground maintenance of parks and communal green spaces. Community Clean up day’s Charity work

3 Delivered by 3 Community Payback Overview cont.... The offender will usually work in their local area, and be managed by a Community Payback Supervisor. They are required to wear a branded high visibility orange vest while they work. Some offenders are managed by the community in Agency Placements where they are supervised by the local authority or local community workers/businesses They can expect to complete anything from 40 to 300 hours of Community Payback, depending on how serious their crime was. If they are unemployed they are expected to work 3 or 4 days each week. If they have a job, then Community Payback work will be arranged outside their working hours, i.e. weekends

4 Delivered by 4 Community Payback Projects Some Community Payback Projects currently running in Waltham Forest: Waltham Forest Payback: Rolling programme of works incorporating cutting back shrubberies, keeping public footpaths and walkways clear, ground clearance, assistance on community allotments, graffiti removal and refurbishment projects. Ray Lodge: General maintenance of estate including cleaning, gardening, redecoration of public stairwells and amenities. Some assistance provided to residents, including small supervised DIY tasks. Repaint: Paint recycling project, providing an invaluable service to those less fortunate or on a tight budget. Chingford Mount Cemetery: Assistance in providing general grounds maintenance, litter picking and leaf removal. Wanstead School: Assistance in general grounds maintenance, upkeep of outside rest/ play areas. Redecorating and refurbishment of classrooms and communal areas. The Paradox Centre: refurbishment of an under utilised public amenity. 4

5 Delivered by 5 Estate Projects

6 Delivered by 6 Community Clean up Days

7 Delivered by 7 Minimum criteria for group projects: Beneficiaries are expected to provide the following for each project: Welfare facilities, i.e. toilets, restroom. Tea/Coffee Tools/Equipment, i.e. paint, brushes, gloves, wet weather clothing, brooms, gardening tools Indoor & outdoor work Some may also supply the supervision of the group.

8 Delivered by 8 Data Information Number of Community Payback hours completed in last 3 months for Waltham Forest: October 2013: Individual Agency: 210.90 Group Agency: 447.67 Group Trust: 2218.25 Total: 2876.82 November 2013: Individual Agency: 280.33 Group Agency: 482.58 Group Trust: 2493.22 Total: 3256.13 December 2013: Individual Agency: 182.42 Group Agency: 456.42 Group Trust: 1984.18 Total: 2623.02

9 Delivered by 9 Data Information Total Community Payback hours completed in Waltham Forest from December 2012 to December 2013: 35.746

10 Delivered by 10 Project Nomination To nominate any potential projects please send an email to either of the following: or

11 Delivered by 11 Any Questions?

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