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10 Principles of Crime Prevention Compiled by DC Jeremy House 09/07/2010.

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1 10 Principles of Crime Prevention Compiled by DC Jeremy House 09/07/2010

2 Target Hardening l Making targets more resistant to attack. l Make it difficuilt to remove/damage. l Repairing damage to property - reduces further opportunities for crime or repeat victimisation.

3 Target Removal l Permanent or temporary removal of vulnerable persons or property.(replacing telephone coin boxes with card phones; removing radios from parked cars,jewellery from shop windows at night) l “Opportunity makes the thief”

4 Remove the means to commit crime l Ensure material capable of committing crime is not left exposed :- l Domestic Properties - ladders,garden tools etc l Commercial premises - Keys left lying around, Use of toughened glasses in venues

5 Reducing the Payoff l Employing means to reduce the value of loss if a crime is committed l Property marking - post coding, use of replica for display purposes

6 Access Control l Restricting access to sites,buildings,parts of building. l Can be controlled byproximity card readers,biometric readers,manual coded entry.

7 Surveillance l Natural - by residents, & the community (removal/pruning of shrubbery,neighbour hood watch,improved lighting) l Formal - Use of technology & staff to deter & identify offenders (security staff,store detectives,caretakers) utilising CCTV,alarm systems etc. l Employee - Staff awareness

8 Enviromental Design l Using changes in the environment of a building,an area,estate to reduce crime opprtunities l ALO - works with Architects,developers at planning stage - design out crime.

9 Rule Setting l Introduction of legislation,bylaws,codes of conduct,to attain acceptable social behaviour (wearing of I.d. badges,internal rules within business,commerce,public services)

10 Increase the Chance of Being Caught l Management and use of security & technology,use of plain clothes security staff,correct management of CCTV systems,maintenance of systems.

11 Deflecting Offenders l Diverting offenders and potential offenders from committing crime.Working with other agencies to influence standards,thinking & attitudes,Education programmes.

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