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Environment Committee - Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 2 Guide to reporting Achievements Key Service Priorities carried over from 2005/06 Key.

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1 Environment Committee - Performance Management Reporting: Quarter 2 Guide to reporting Achievements Key Service Priorities carried over from 2005/06 Key Service Priorities 2006/07 Half-yearly BVPI health check

2 Guide to Reporting = Work is on target to achieve the objectives as specified. = Warning that the achievement of the target in the way specified in the plan may not be possible or the outturn is <10% from the target. Although no decision is required at this stage to amend the action, an explanation is required. = Target is no longer achievable in the way specified or the outturn is >10% from the target. This requires a decision about remedial action.    Direction of travel from the previous quarter

3 Achievements Community safety: New Youth Diversion Officer started in May. Response to graffiti removal now prioritised, with racial graffiti being the first priority, followed by graffiti on Council-owned property. ‘Wipe Out Graffiti’ campaign launched in June in Ewell ward - this will be rolled out further in 2006/07 at the end of October in Court ward (Longmead). There are future plans to link prioritisation of Wipe Out Graffiti with the Environmental Action Zone area at Gibraltar Recreation Ground. A community page for October’s Borough Insight publication has been produced, which includes articles on CCTV, Section 13, Wipe Out Graffiti campaign and the Youth Engagement Scheme. More visible presence in parks in a joint initiatives with The Police and the Fire Service targeting parks after school (started on 11 th October) – pilot scheme. All community safety meetings have a standing agenda item on publicity, to enable potential publicity items to be highlighted and acted upon. ASBO leaflets produced and distributed to specified localities. Funding information incorporated into quarterly reporting on Community Safety Strategy’s progress to the CDRP and the Safer & Stronger Communities Partnership Board.

4 Achievements (cont’d) Public Realm / Cleanliness Tighter monitoring of grounds maintenance contractor introduced. A new 15-week street cleansing sweeping schedule is in place. Zone 1 areas are cleaned daily – hot spots picked by rapid response team. Recycling Continued communications to increase awareness and increase participation rates taking place. Launch of garden waste collection service due in November 2006.

5 KSPs carried over from 2005/06 Environmental Action Zone area - completed with a report to Environment Committee in June. –Agreed that a similar methodology would be used for the next EAZ area, which is Ewell Village. Police have undertaken a survey in conjunction with Rangers, and defects have been actioned where the Council has responsibility. Identify and implement 2 new initiatives to target untaxed / abandoned vehicles. This remains at ‘Red’. –Operation Cubit suspended pending agreement between Government and new contractor. Achieve ‘Secure Car Park’ status at Hook Road Car Park. This remains at ‘Red’. –A pre-assessment inspection was carried out on 19 September, with Depot Road and Hope Lodge car parks also assessed. A list of required works has been identified for all three car parks and these can generally be funded from within agreed budgets or Section 106 monies. These works can be completed within the current financial year. However, a separate survey of Hook Road car park has identified the need for repairs to the brickwork, and the extent of works need to be clarified before other works to this car park are authorised.

6 KSPs Carried Over from 2005/06 (cont’d) Recycling 18% of the waste stream. –Target was missed by 0.2%. Recycling remains a Key Service Priority for 2006/07. –In the first 6 months for 2006/07 18.25% of the waste stream was recycled.

7 Key Service Priorities 2006/07 Environment Committee There are no actions at ‘Red.’ 2 actions 1 action

8 Key Service Priorities 2006/07 (cont’d) 2 actions at : Quality of the public realm improvements (  ). There are a few milestones that are at ‘Amber’, including: –Measuring response times for defects. Protocols and much closer working relationships have been established with Cleanaway. This has enabled defects to be dealt with more effectively. Similar discussions are in progress with SCC. –Rangers’ database cannot be used to monitor response times as originally anticipated - this activity should be managed through the corporate system (Siebel). This needs to be used to also measure response times for graffiti removal and removal of litter and detritus. Recycling – to achieve a monthly recycling rate of at least 20% by March 2007 (  ). –The latest recycling figure as at the end of September is 18.41%. –Decision made to launch garden waste recycling in November 2006, which should increase our recycling rate quite substantially. Much work underway to support this launch (front-office and back-office), including marketing activity. –There are now 85 mini recycling centres in flats; and 17 in schools. Work to increase this is ongoing. –Communications work is ongoing to improve awareness and increase participation in recycling.

9 Half-yearly BVPI health check There are 2 x BVPIs at ‘Amber’: –BV 82: % of households waste recycled. –BV 84: no. of tonnes collected per head of population. The target for this is 0.42 tonnes, and we are at 0.43 tonnes. 2005/06 Outturn 2006/07 Target As at 30/09/06 Direction of Travel 84 a) No. of tonnes of household waste collected per head of population 84 b) % change from previous year 0.42 tonnes -1.18% 0.42 tonnes 0% 0.43 tonnes -1.38% 

10 Half-yearly BVPI health check (cont’d) There are 3 x BVPIs at ‘Red’: –BV 127a (violent crime per year, per 1,000 population) - in the 1 st 5 months of the year, we are at 8.84, when the annual target is 10.5. This is outside of EEBC’s control. –BV 218 (abandoned cars): a) % of new reports of abandoned vehicles investigated within 24 hours of notification is at 64.6%, with a target of 75%. –BV 219 (conservation areas). b) No. of conservation areas in the LA area with an up-to-date character appraisal. 1 of the 21 conservation areas has a character appraisal, and the target for 2006/07 is for 9 areas to have one. c) No. of conservation areas with published management proposals. 1 of the 21 conservation areas has a published management proposal, and the target for 2006/07 is for 7 areas to have one. 1 management appraisal is due to be published within the next few weeks. The slowness in developing more has been down to the holiday period in the summer. The 2 nd character appraisal will start on Ewell Village, and the management proposals drafted.

11 Half-yearly BVPI health check (cont’d) There are also 2 local PIs, reported in the annual Best value Performance Plan, which are at ‘Red’: –The no. of incidents reported to the Nuisance Prevention Group that are signed off during the year, per 1,000 population (in no. of cases). As at the end of September, the figure reported in 0.10 per 1,000 population; with an annual target of 0.53 cases resolved per 1,000 population. –The no. of products that can be recycled at bring sites. The figure as at end September is 10; with an end-of-year target of 12.

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