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Slide 1 - DISCOVER ARBONNE Welcome…Thank you for joining us. Arbonne changed my life… It can change yours too! Please keep an Open Mind & Open Heart I.

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1 Slide 1 - DISCOVER ARBONNE Welcome…Thank you for joining us. Arbonne changed my life… It can change yours too! Please keep an Open Mind & Open Heart I will share A to Z how this business works Start with my story…then The Company….. and Amazing Products…. finally Our lucrative Business Opportunity

2 Slide 2 - OUR CONSULTANTS Tell your story in 3 minutes  Results you experienced with our products  Initial thoughts & hesitations  What made you decide to jump in Ask you to consider 2 questions 1.If you keep doing exactly what you are doing now, where will you be in 5 years? Will you be happy? 2.If something unforeseen happened to main breadwinner, how long continue current lifestyle? Many people spend weekend dreading Monday Morning.. Lives full of stress, unhappy, and unfulfilled, but see no way out. Open to something that can dramatically improve every aspect of your life? This is an opportunity to do something different, and see different results.

3 SLIDE 3 - WHO ARE WE & WHAT DO WE DO? No price tag on the ability to choose how you live I live my life the way I choose … I have no employees…never ask for time off….make my own hours I build my business by helping others become successful and achieve the life of their dreams. I am working part time and I love that! Many people out there waiting for someone to offer them this kind of opportunity. In a recent survey 57% of Canadians would have difficulty paying their bills if pay delayed by just 1 week.

4 SLIDE 4 – THE ARBONNE ADVANTAGE Arbonne is not new – 32 years of success and stability! Operate in 4 countries WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED. THIS IS A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. Kay Napier & Dr. Peter Matravers Going to be $2 Billion by 2015! Currently ranked 34th of all network marketing companies The #1 ranked is in over 100 countries. We are expanding globally. I know where I will be when Arbonne is in over 100 countries!

5 SLIDE 5 - THE PRODUCT ADVANTAGE What sets us apart? Makes us unique? Prestige personal care products unparalleled in the Industry. Best of nature married with safest of science. PETA approved, Botanically based, Vegan certified Encourage you to google animal rendering Dermatologist and Pediatrician Tested (not recommended) NO artificial fragrance or dyes NO paba, parabens, petrolatum or petroleum products NO mineral oil (a derivative of crude oil and occlusive) Nutrition line is gluten free and cholesterol free Think about how you live, Isn’t it worth paying attention to? Our products designed to make you look & feel better Consumable, means repeat business & sustainable residual income

6 SLIDE 6 - TIMING AND TRENDS Health and Wellness is the biggest trend right now. Baby Boomers want anti-aging and live longer and well. Someone turning 60 yrs old every 7 seconds for next 12 years. Gen Y..22-30 years old…love our products….want ownership.. computer savvy….love to network….social media a breeze Ownership is another trend in the down economy People want to rely on themselves, create their own security. Home based businesses exploding! We take an expense and turn it into an income Personal spending in our own store at discount We are Internet based….internet sales have surpassed retail! My job is to simply to talk to people about the products

7 SLIDE 7 - NETWORK MARKETING This word of mouth advertising system is what we call network marketing. Most prevalent & powerful forms of marketing today. We use word of mouth advertising everyday – just not paid! When we purchase products through a traditional system Products go through the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the warehouser, the retailer and the advertising agency Everyone, at each step, needs to make money. Arbonne simply channels the products directly to you via a network of consultants & saves money doing it! Arbonne re-invests these savings in Products and People! Research & Development and a Generous Compensation Plan

8 SLIDE 8 - TIME LEVERAGING I did not know hundreds of people when I started I taught a hand full of people to do what I do redirect their spending to their own store Then they did the same. Teach 5 people who teach 5 more and repeat 5 times, will have 3,000 in your network. That gives you time leverage A business that grows exponentially One of the reasons why we have so many professionals We haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet! We will be going to Europe, Asia, and India. What part of the global pie do you want?

9 SLIDE 9 - THE ARBONNE PEOPLE ADVANTAGE You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will have the support of your sponsor and your upline. We have Arbonne University free of charge on-line. We are a big happy family. This business can be whatever you want it to be. It can be earning $500 / month for a car payment. It might be earning a family vacation every year. You can be like me and build the life of your dreams. The choice is yours – that’s the beauty of this business. We have a Simple System for Success. It is not Rocket Science!

10 SLIDE 10 - THE INCOME POTENTIAL ( Hand Out Generous Compensation) District Manager - $250-$1200/month… takes 1 – 2 months Area Manager - $1200 - $4000/month…takes 4-11 months.. business is “willable” at this level. Regional Vice President - $5000 - $8000/month..takes 1-3 yrs. White Mercedes - $ generous bonus… gifts… National Vice President - $21,000/month…takes 2-5 yrs. Annual trip to Hawaii, larger car bonus, gifts, no $ ceiling Would $21,000 a month make a difference in your life? What if it takes you 7 – 10 years to get to the top? Can you earn this doing what you are currently doing? Arbonne will be a household name with or without you!

11 SLIDE 11 – COMMON HESITATIONS I was a bit skeptical at first. But I was so impressed with the people, their sincerity, their integrity and their obvious love of this business. This is one of those moments that stays crystal clear in my memory as if it was yesterday. The evening I attended an event like this. Didn’t really fully understand what I was getting into. Did some investigation and jumped in! This was the second best decision of my life! Marrying my wonderful husband was the best! So grateful that I decided to throw caution to the wind and go full steam ahead.

12 SLIDE 12 - WHY ARBONNE? Being an Arbonne consultant is something I am so proud of ! I know that Network Marketing is the business of the 21 st Century I know that ARBONNE is the next global giant in our industry. Thank the person who invited you to come to this event. And ask them to set you up for success – right away!! Eleanor Roosevelt The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I believe in YOU! I believe your dreams are valuable and worth the effort to step outside your comfort zone and go for it! Thank you for coming this evening.

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