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Discover Arbonne.

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1 Discover Arbonne

2 Welcome Welcome to our Discover Arbonne Call tonight. My name is __________, I’m an independent consultant and (management level) with Arbonne International. I appreciate you taking the time out to be on with us tonight to educate yourself about our opportunity. Tonight, I’ll tell you a little about myself and give you some points that I hope from a business perspective will help you see how this business could also be right for you. Afterwards, get with the person that invited you to be here so that they can answer any additional questions that you might have. I will tell you that whoever invited you to be a part of call thinks a lot of you – because those of us involved in Arbonne believe that what we have to offer is an amazing gift – and they chose to share it with you. So, sit back and relax while I take the time to explain to you what could potentially be YOUR business!

3 The Company Arbonne was founded by an incredible visionary, a man named, Petter Morack. More than 30 years ago he started Arbonne which means “Beautiful Tree.” He had a vision and made a commitment to providing the very best ingredients using ultra premium, Swiss products and formulas. That commitment still holds true today and it’s the driving force in our health and wellness business. Arbonne’s philosophy is “Pure, Safe & Beneficial.” In Arbonne, We have a rich history; we have an incredible culture; we’re really known for phenomenal botanically-based, products, an exciting compensation plan. We are also known for top notch people and training’s that have won awards in our industry. The reputation that we have – is years of developing our product and our relationships. In Arbonne we have a broad spectrum of men & women who do this business. There’s a women with no more that an 8th grade education who is now a millionaire and one of the top income earners in Arbonne. There are physicians, attorneys, corporate executive, school teachers, students, stay home moms & dads, retired people, just to name a few. These are not people who couldn’t find anything better to do, but people who could do anything they wanted to do, but who chose to do Arbonne because of the superior products and the incredible opportunity. We have a Mercedes Benz car program; We often talk about the White Mercedes and we are so very proud of it. But what it represents is that those people that you see driving that white Mercedes are people that have made a difference in the lives of others. That’s what that car represents to us.

4 The Products We have over 400 products that are botanically-based, inspired by nature and that are Free of harmful ingredients like: mineral oil and petrolatum, parabens, waxes, fillers, dyes and perfumes. never been tested on animals, no animal by-products Vegan certified Gluten free products We have provided pure, safe and beneficial products for over 30 years before it was the cool thing to do. We’re not trying to keep up with the trends in our industry –we’re setting those trends with our own formulas. What we represent are personal care products. Skincare, Health & Wellness, Weight loss, Cosmetics., Detox, Aromatherapy and more. We have, what people are buying anyway. Every single person you know is purchasing their personal care products from somewhere! Why not from you? Or, better yet, why not from themselves – from their own store?

5 Switch, Save & Earn In Arbonne, we teach people how to re-direct the money they are already spending to products that are pure, safe and beneficial, that they can buy at a discount and if they choose to share it with their friends and family, they can earn an income. If you choose to use personal care products or health & wellness products that aren’t from Arbonne –you’re probably supporting someone you don’t even know! Simply by changing the way you purchase your personal care products, you could be on your way to financial freedom and the best thing is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. How many personal care and Health & Wellness products do you use each day? Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, face wash, body lotion, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, makeup, vitamins, protein shakes, just to name a few. I want to be a part of a company where my clients could be using 10+ of my products EVERY SINGLE DAY! That’s going to be an amazing business & that’s what we have! Our products have to be amazing and do what we say they’re going to do because we don’t advertise!! We wouldn’t be around for over 30 years if we didn’t have a phenomenal product – we have had a product for more than 30 years that produces results that people see and that keeps them coming back again and again, year after year through word of mouth referrals!

6 In the news & International opportunities
And now, people are really talking about us. We’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Allure Magazine, Shape, Culture and Leisure Magazine, Golf Digest, Glamour Magazine, The Today show and local news stations all across the country, just to name a few! These weren’t paid advertisements either – they’re people talking about the difference of Arbonne!! The difference our products provide and the difference our income opportunity provides. Our products are distributed through a network of independent consultants throughout the united states, Canada, the UK and Australia. There are no territories – so if you know someone in any of those area’s, you can share the product and the opportunity with them as well.

7 Ground Floor Opportunity
We haven’t even scratched the surface of where we are going globally. So what does that mean for you? It means BIG opportunity! Arbonne has a track record of success. Again we are more than 30 years old, stable and secure, we are well respected in our industry, but we are still incredibly “ground-floor!” I meet people every single day that haven’t heard of Arbonne, but they will! And will it be from YOU or will it be from a neighbor, a co-worker a family member or a friend?

8 Arbonne offers an incredible lucrative compensation plan
We are a hybrid of network marketing and direct sales which allows us to make money every step of the way as we build our businesses. We are a combination of the best of both of those industries. You can earn both residual and passive incomes For example: Residual: I earn income on reorders from clients that I shared Arbonne with 3 weeks ago, 3 months ago and even 3 years ago. Passive income: Each time I find someone who wants to become an Arbonne consultant, I earn a % on their work too….even it I am not working at the moment. Arbonne has 4 different mgmt levels. First, the DM, who earns somewhere between $200-$800 a month. (around 6500 DM’s) Then there’s the AM, who earns somewhere between $800-$3300 a month, (more than 2000 AM’s) next we have the RVP, who probably earns between $3300-$8000 a month and has also earned the white Mercedes. (more than 650 RVP’s) The top level of the company is the NVP. Their income begins at around $8000 and the sky’s the limit at this level. (there are about 400 NVP’s in the company. When I started arbonne 8 years ago, there were only 66 NVP’s in the company. So Arbonne has promoted over 300 people to the top of the company in the last 8 years. That’s exciting)

9 Network Marketing Those of you not familiar with Network Marketing it’s simply a method of distribution which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a “network” of independent consultants. Network Marketing is the most misunderstood industry around. This is an effective system that cuts out the middleman found in most industries and provides financial rewards to the consultants who share the products and the opportunity, just like we’re doing right now. So, instead of paying high overhead for retail space – and the expenses and liability that goes along with that… and instead of millions of dollars in advertising fees in the hope that our products sell, Arbonne passes that money on to us, once the product is sold. That is genius marketing!! That is network marketing! Let me give you an example: I use a really good skincare line that I love. Every time I need to reorder products for myself or my family, I make a % of that. And, every time is share arbonne with my friends or family who then go purchase the products, I make a % of that. And, when they tell their friends and family I make a % of that too. And, that’s exactly how this works; by building a network of friends and family members that shop together and save money together on consumable and botanically based products.

10 Network Marketing, cont’d
With NWM, start up costs are minimal compared to traditional businesses where you have to take out a loan to get started. It’s only $79 to sign up to become a consultant. Most people can afford to start a NWM business. NWM, allow you to work your business alongside your current profession or while you stay home with your children – all while offering great income potential. NWM IS THE business of the 21 century and Arbonne is going to be the next global giant! Billions of dollars in products and services are distributed each year with millions of sales people worldwide in direct sales – and it continues to grow. NWM teaches us how to NOT work harder, but how to work smarter. A lot of businesses are set up as network marketing businesses. Companies are seeing that NWM is an incredible business model. According to an article in Fortune magazine, “it’s an investors dream… the best kept secret of the business world.” And, we are letting you in on that secret! When you’re researching NWM companies, you are going to see that not all of them are created equal.

11 Four Key Factors Experts tell us that there are 4 important things to consider when selecting a company to become involved with. They are: Market demand Consumable products Timing and Trends; and The ability to leverage time. I’m going to quickly talk about how Arbonne meets those key factors.

12 Marketplace Demand First, Market Demand = sales, therefore, when selecting a company to be involved with, you’ll want to know that there’s a demand for the products that you are representing. Our Marketplace is anyone with skin. So, if you know someone with skin, that’s who we can share our products with and that’s a good market to have. w/ hundreds of products in our catalogue, we have products from our baby care line to our anti-aging line. For men and women. Skin care and cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar industry; Weight loss and nutrition is a multi-billion dollar industry and our catalogues include products from those industries!! Imagine yourself being the CEO of a company that represents a multi-billion dollar industry; because that’s what will happen if you decide to start your own business with Arbonne. I don’t want to represent a company that sells only one product – because there is a greater chance that so many target markets could be eliminated. I don’t want to eliminate my market of men, I don’t want to eliminate my market of babies, children and teens. In our catalogues, we literally have something for everyone.

13 Consumable products &Timing & Trends
Second, Consumable products I love life-time guarantee products! I just don’t want to sell them. I will always have to find a new face to sell them to. Most of the products we sell are used every single day. Every time I use my products – or my friends and family use our products, I’m one step closer to a re-order… and I have thousands of dollars in re-orders each month because I introduced someone to my products once. Consumable products means repeat sales! Third, Timing and trends. The demand for pure, safe & beneficial products that are inspired by nature, vegan, gluten free, formulated without harmful ingredients has never been greater. And, that is not a trend this is going away. Arbonne’s products will still be relevant and in demand 20 years from now! We offer a natural alternative to the skin care, cosmetic and nutritional products out in the marketplace – and people today are looking to make natural choices for themselves and their families and we can offer that to them. People today just want to look and feel their best. Demand for anti-aging. The pursuit of agelessness is on the rise. And not even the threat of a recession will keep people from trying to look and feel their best. On the business side of the trends – according to an article in **CNN Money “In these economic times more Americans are being drawn to the network marketing industry.” Many people are looking for ways to create an income that allows them the freedom and flexibility to choose how to spend their time. That’s exactly what I was looking for. So they are starting home-based business in record numbers. CNN reported that a new home-based business is started in the U.S. every 11 seconds. The home business boom is the next big trend and NWM is one of the hottest home businesses available!

14 Time Leveraging The 4th key factor is Time Leveraging… the ability to leverage your time. I believe this is the best gift we could be given. And, I believe that it’s this key factor that has allowed many consultants, including myself to build a multi-million dollar business, many with children, literally at their feet – or how the professional men and women in this business have been able to build lucrative Arbonne businesses while working at their full time jobs. And, many of those same professionals have been able to quit their full time jobs because their Arbonne income has surpassed their former income. Again, that happened to me! Arbonne has given many men and women the ability to work part-time, but earn a full-time income. Being able to have a business that can earn income when you’re working and even when you are not working is priceless. When I first started Arbonne and had earned a trip to Cancun, I realized that while I was on a vacation that I earned, I had consultants that that would be doing arbonne presentations that I would be getting paid for. A true “paid vacation!”

15 Time Leveraging cont’d
What I really love is that I don’t necessarily have to be out selling product in order to make money. When I teach others to duplicate what I do, sharing products that I love and they go out and do the same thing, I make money on that. I might be home with my family, but because I duplicated myself through members of my team, I’m still making money. For those of you thinking – well, I don’t know a lot of people. Let me ask you, do you know just 4 people? Just 4? Do you know 4 people who know 4 people, who know 4 people? Because before you know, it, you too could have an large international business. The best thing about Arbonne is that you SUCCEED WHEN YOU HELP OTHER PEOPLE SUCCEED. It’s the principle of PAY IT FORWARD. Let me explain an example of how you leverage your time: If you choose to work 10 hours a week and you sponsor 4 people who you teach and train who also work 10 hours per week, you can benefit from the sales that result from your 10 hours, plus the 40 hours worked from the consultants you sponsored. That’s like being compensated for 50 hours of work when you personally only worked 10 hours yourself!! Well at some point, you could have 100 people in your business – all working 10 hours a week – you could be getting paid on the efforts of 1000 hours a week, but you’re only working 10. This addresses the “I don’t have time” issue for everyone. What I love the most is the flexibility – For the most part, Iwork when I want, with whom I want.

16 Arbonne covers all four
Arbonne’s opportunity and products clearly meet all 4 of the key factors that are important to take into account when considering owning a business. Not only does the company offer Superior, botanically based, consumable products – And a generous compensation plan, It also provides exceptional support w/ FREE online training, regional and national meetings - all the necessary tools to make it possible for everyone to be successful in this business. With Arbonne’s system of team work, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. So, everybody wins.

17 Why Arbonne? So, why do Arbonne? There is a surge expected in the health, wellness and anti-aging industry. Arbonne provides not only incredible products, but also an opportunity for people of many different backgrounds to take responsibility for their own financial well-being and to potentially create financial stability and significant income while improving the lives of others. Really think of these 2 questions: If you continue doing exactly what you are currently doing – where will you be in 5 years? If something unforeseen happens to you or your family due to a layoff, a cutback, an injury, how long will you be able to live on your savings? Choose and decide to be a part of the solution. You can make a difference in your own world and then make a difference in the lives of others. It’s not get rich quick – but you can start making money right away. Where will you be in 5 years if you change nothing from what you’re doing today – and will you be happy doing it? Would you like to spend more time with your family or travel more? Maybe you make a really good 6 figure income like the average National Vice President in Arbonne, but what sacrifices do you have to make in order to have that? Do you have golden handcuffs?

18 “I’m so glad I did!” There are many different ways to get involved with Arbonne. We can teach you how to earn $500 extra dollars a month, $1000 extra dollars a month or we can teach you how to build a multi-million dollar business! Preferred client, Hostess, Consultant Arbonne was the vehicle that helped me get on the right track. There has never been a better time to join Arbonne than now. Everything is in place to contribute to your success. We invite you to join us on this journey and discover Arbonne for yourself. This is your chance to be your own boss... have flexible hours and explore your personal and financial potential. It’s an exciting opportunity that will allow you to have more time and more money for your family; have creative control over your life and work, and you’ll be able to make a positive difference contributing to people’s lives. Arbonne might be just what you’re looking for. I remember, thinking “I don’t know if it will work, but I know I’m not willing to do nothing!” Are you playing to win or playing not to loose? I am convinced that what separates most people from their dreams is one small act of courage. What do you have to loose? I Thank you so much for spending this time with me and I hope you make a choice to join Arbonne

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