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Rescuing and Reusing homes saves millions of pounds of debris from our local landfills every year. Recycling whole homes IS the ultimate in “Green”. A.

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2 Rescuing and Reusing homes saves millions of pounds of debris from our local landfills every year. Recycling whole homes IS the ultimate in “Green”. A 24 lot, single-family subdivision of rescued homes saves over 1.5 MM pounds of debris. Recycled homes CAN be retrofitted affordably to meet criteria for GREEN building and Energy Efficiency standards. Why Recycle ?

3 Our Mission is to increase the availability of high quality affordable housing to below median income families while incorporating solutions for Environmental, Economic and Social issues.


5 The Environmental Solution: Rescue homes from demolition saving millions of pounds of debris from the landfills. Utilize green building and energy efficiency standards in rehabilitation. The Economic Solution: Recycle unwanted homes into the affordable housing inventory. Houses are donated and completely rehabilitated and sold at cost to qualifying families. The Social Solution: A Work Mentor Program provides on-site job training for the Homeless, Chronically Unemployed and At- Risk Youth. On-site labor positions are filled using candidates from community partner agencies and these men and women receive skills training in construction and whole-life counseling.

6 We are currently developing subdivisions of recycled homes that have been rescued from demolition. We are also rescuing residential structures “in place” that have been slated for demolition in inner- city, revitalization areas.

7 Builders of Hope will completely rehabilitate these homes inside and out. Common features such as generous front porches with large brick columns hard wood floors, tiled bathrooms and front doors with side lites are common elements.

8 Cohesive neighborhood character Distinctive facades Generous front porches Contemporary/customized floor plans Durable and beautiful materials such as brick, tile, hardwood floors, solid surface counters and crown molding often inherent to structure New wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems mandatory Low maintenance drought resistant landscaping Crawlspace storage

9 Homeowner Benefits: “New” home at reduced cost Many inherent upgrades such as hardwood floors and crown moulding Superior Construction materials Customized floor plans Buyer selects finishes Affordable Green Building Energy Efficient Home Rain barrels, drought tolerant planting A piece of history Community Benefits: Replenishment of affordable housing inventory Landfill reprieve Work Mentor Program Homeless/Chronically unemployed At-risk Youth Economic stimulation Green Building Template Responsible Infill solution Volunteer Projects and Community Service Opportunities A recycled home

10 Debris/ Landscape Recycling Rain Barrels Drought Tolerant Plantings Green Site Planning Heating/Cooling cost guarantee Energy Star Appliances Air sealing & enhanced insulation New wiring/plumbing and HVAC Generous front porches

11 NC State Design Center NC Solar Center Advanced Energy National Center for Healthy Housing One Economy General Shale Brick Gifts In Kind International Super Saturday/ Community Volunteers DHIC City of Raleigh, City of Durham, QOL AmeriCorp VISTA

12 Starting with a donated structure Support from local banks: Equity lines to do rehabilitation Funding from Charitable Sources Grants Cost reduction due to use of P.O. and Bid Policies Operational efficiency/ scheduling and planning Community Involvement/Agency Partnerships Volunteer Programs Waste Management City partnerships


14 The only thing that makes this home “obsolete” is it’s location. A large beautiful home slated for demolition due to the redevelopment of land. This house was turned around –”shotgun” with new entrance on what used to be the side of the home. New matching elevations include brick pillars with craftsman style columns and generous front porches.

15 New foundations, new roofing, new wiring, new plumbing, new HVAC, new elevations, new address.

16 After the house is set on its new foundation, piers, porches and decking are constructed. New elevations can be added whether the house is relocated or rehabilitated in place.

17 The continuity of the elevations and color schematic siding with shaker style shingles and new front doors with sidelites, are all design elements that can be retrofitted on any street for an old-fashioned feel and a fresh new look. Homebuyers appreciate the sense of community and southern charm that a large front porch can provide. They will also help with heating and cooling bills.

18 By recycling older homes and developing green innovative communities, and by rehabilitating instead of tearing down- utilizing our existing resources responsibly, we can impact the world around us one neighborhood at a time.

19 1-800-277-6138

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