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Green Job Stories What other people are doing across America?

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1 Green Job Stories What other people are doing across America?

2 What is a green job?  “Blue collar employment that has been upgraded to better respect the environment.”  “Family-supporting, career-track, vocational or trade level environmentally friendly fields.” From Green Collar Jobs by Van Jones

3 National Leader Van Jones  Founder of the Ella Baker Center and Green for All  Author of The Green Collar Economy  Special White House Adviser on Green Jobs  Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress  Yale Law Graduate  Tireless Advocate

4 Guiding Principles from from Van Jones  Equal protection for all  Equal opportunity for all  Reverence for all creation

5 Success Stories  Oakland Green Job Corps  Richmond Build  Baltimore Second Chance  The New Apollo Alliance Project  Chicago Center for Urban Transformation  Alameda Computer Resource Center  Other Possibilities

6 Oakland Green Job Corps: An Ella Baker Center Project  Job training and employment pipeline for low income adults  Trains people for careers in the San Francisco Bay Area  Focuses on most vibrant green industry areas including energy efficiency, green construction and solar  Involves recruitment, pre-education training, green skills training and placement

7 Richmond Build

8 Richmond Build (cont.) Construction skills & solar installation Employment & career opportunities to reduce neighborhood violence Public/private partnerships Ten week intensive training with hands-on job training experience Partners with CDGB to install solar in low income apartment complexes 90% placement and average wage of 18.33%

9 Voices from Richmond Build Click to view video

10 Baltimore Second Chance Rescues wood, metal, plaster from old homes to re-use and re- purpose Deconstruction process Architectural salvage Craftsman training Second chance for people and buildings

11 The New Apollo Alliance Project Click to view video

12 Chicago Center for Urban Transformation Began in an area with 43.8% below the poverty level 17% vacant housing stock High crime rate Created the Englewood project

13 The Englewood Project: Growing Home Organic agriculture farm Job training for hard to employ Urban farming Farmer’s market to sell produce Focus on training and placement of hard to employ people

14 Alameda County Computer Resource Center Electronics recycling center Refurbish electronics for re-use Recycle unusable items Donate some computers to schools and the disadvantaged

15 Other Possibilities Energy auditing, weatherization and retrofitting Native and drought resistant plants Natural Restoration work and tree planting

16 How does this relate to West Ocala? High unemployment Community interest in green jobs Ability to lead the county in green jobs Committed partners Perfect storm in West Ocala is creating the environment for business development

17 The Perfect Storm Enterprise Zone SR40 Overlay Community Gardens New Markets Tax Credits West Ocala Green Jobs Coalition West Ocala Community Revitalization

18 Our Green Vision for West Ocala Develop a core leadership group Conduct wide spread community education Identify best training and job opportunities Start pilot – weatherization and retrofitting with training funded by Workforce Connection and conducted by CFCC Build other training programs to meet needs Create eco-entrepreneurs Create win-win solutions

19 Call to Action Jerone Gamble, CFCC and Chair of the West Ocala Green Jobs Coalition

20 The Noah Model The seas are turbulent We need to save as many people and species as possible We need to make space for everyone on the boat We need strong leaders to lead the way through this crisis

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