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Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Department Providing Opportunities, Changing Lives.

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1 Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Department Providing Opportunities, Changing Lives

2 Steve Ritchie - Construction and Development Manager Betsy Spencer - Director 512-974-3100

3 Green, Sustainable, and Affordable  Anderson Village 24 Units  Colony Park Sustainable Community

4 Anderson Village Multifamily Housing Anderson Village is a municipally-funded multifamily development that offers affordable, energy efficient housing to low income families in a rapidly gentrifying East Austin.

5 Planning Anderson  Collaboration of Architects and Engineers  Developed Energy Model  Stringent Budget Requirements  Challenges included:  Meeting Austin’s energy efficiency requirements  Meeting accessibility requirements  Small infill site  Incorporating pre-existing landscape into the design

6 Planning Combined 3 Lots 29,000 square feet (over half an acre $2.7 million construction costs HOME funds

7 Design Outdoor spaces- existing live oak trees Seating area Shared laundry room, office, and mailboxes Placement of units- majority of windows facing N & S directions, with canopies Stucco exterior, large stairs, large balconies

8 Site  Maintains Native Landscape  Development of Vacant Lots  Promotes denser urban environment  Conserves undeveloped land  High-albedo Paving  Dark Sky Exterior Light Fixtures  Bicycle Storage and Access to Public Transit- sustainable transportation  Pest Management Plan

9 Site Site Selection Visual Private Distinction

10 Energy  Analysis of Building Performance during Planning  Efficient HVAC systems  Gas-fired Tankless Water Heaters  Fill Cavity Insulation  Commercial Grade Building Wrap  High-albedo Roofing  Minimal East/West Facing Facades

11 Energy Efficiency Energy Model

12 Water Indoor water reduction through high efficiency fixtures Central laundry for efficient use Individually metered units Sustainable landscape

13 Affordability Low HOME Rent 5 units- 30% MFI 1 bedroom- $539 2 bedroom- $650 High HOME Rent 14 units- 50% MFI 5 unites- 80% MFI 1 bedroom- $615 2 bedroom- $785

14 Colony Park Sustainable Communities The Colony Park Sustainable Community Initiative (CPSCI) is a 3-year Community Planning Process that will culminate in a Master Plan for 208- acres of publicly-owned land in Northeast Austin, in addition to 93 acres of parkland.

15 Goals 2012: COA awarded $3 million, 3-year HUD Sustainable Community Grant  Create a master plan for 208 acres of publicly-owned land in Northeast Austin  Improve coordination between departments/agencies to support sustainable and equitable development within the City of Austin  Support capacity building and community transformation goals of Colony Park area residents and stakeholders

16 Planning Principles

17 Neighborhood Centers Green Infrastructure Sustainable Management of Water Resources Sustainable Transit Land Use and Wildlife Sustainable Materials Zero Waste Sustainable Water Community Outreach Visitability Neighborhood Schools

18 Loyola Town Center & Innovation District

19 Net Zero Capable Neighborhood SOLAR FENCE AND BUILDING ORIENTATION 30’ Lot 40’ Lot

20 Vision Statement  “We seek to create a healthy, safe and active community where families and neighbors enjoy an ever-improving quality of life supported and sustained through education; cultural enrichment; job growth and business opportunities; shared prosperity; mobility choices; neighborhood amenities and recreation.”

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