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Energy Square 1111 “O” Street, Suite 223 Lincoln, Nebraska Website: Phone: 402-471-2867.

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1 Energy Square 1111 “O” Street, Suite 223 Lincoln, Nebraska Website: Phone: 402-471-2867

2 AGENCY VISION For Nebraskans to have reliable and affordable sources of energy that support a cleaner environment and a more secure energy future.

3 Mission Statement To promote the efficient, economic and environmentally responsible use of energy.

4 WorldWideWeb.NebraskaEnergyOffice.NEbraska.GOVernment

5 What We Do Federal Grant Administration Weatherization Program Dollar & Energy Saving Loan Program Energy Codes Energy Statistics Public Information Others

6 Grants Federal grants can be found and searched at Grants offered by the Energy Office are typically federally funded. Grant opportunities related to energy efficiency are generally posted on the Energy Office website,

7 Register for Grant Email Alerts (daily update of available grants)

8 What is Weatherization The Weatherization Assistance Program is for low- income Nebraskans, providing at no cost: – Insulation to Walls and Attics – Replacing unsafe furnaces in owner occupied homes – Sealing Ductwork – Sealing Leaks Replace Broken Glass Replace Door and Window Seals Operated by locally based organizations throughout the state, namely Community Action Agencies - based on occupant income for rentals.

9 Weatherization Through the Weatherization Assistance Program federal funds have been utilized to weatherize the homes of low-income Nebraskans. Approximately 60,000 homes have been weatherized with an estimated 50,000 eligible homes remaining. $21,660 first person, plus $7,480 each additional.

10 Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program A revolving loan program to encourage Nebraskans to adopt energy efficiency through low-cost financing available through Nebraska banks, savings institutions & credit unions. Interest rate to borrower is fixed at 5% for most loans. Loans for commercial building improvements, renewable energy, and industrial improvements are available at a fixed rate of 2.5%. There are no income guidelines but the borrower must be a Nebraska resident, and property or operation located in Nebraska. Started in March of 1990, the loan pool was capitalized with $24 million in oil overcharge funds which were returned to the state through court orders from over-pricing in the 1970’s and early 80’s. There are over 900 lender locations across the state eligible to make loans under this program. Since the programs inception these loans have financed over $200 million in energy efficiency improvements in all 93 Nebraska counties.

11 Efficiency Improvement Projects which can be funded using the Loan Program Air Sealing – Caulking Weatherstripping Insulation Heating and Cooling Equipment Lighting Retrofits Roofing and Siding, as part of an Insulation Project Window and Door Replacement Energy Efficient Appliances Energy Efficient Office Equipment Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cell Projects (above this point, in approximate order of energy savings/improvement dollar) Waste Minimization Projects Irrigation projects No-Till Farm Equipment Grain Dryers Alternate Fuel Vehicle Projects Telecommunication Equipment Construction – New Energy Star, 5 Star Plus, Single Family detached homes – 2.5%

12 Energy Codes What is the LEAST EFFICIENT Home you can LEGALLY build? One that just meets the energy code! What is the LEAST EFFICIENT HVAC system you can LEGALLY install? One that just meets the energy code! Energy Codes are minimum requirements, and should not be viewed as standards, but as something that one should strive to EXCEED.

13 Energy Codes The energy office reviews each new version of the energy code as it becomes available. Results of those reviews are available on the Energy Office web site, 2006 & 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) vs 2003 IECC (current code). Stringency-2006, then 03, 09.

14 Energy Statistics


16 Public Information

17 Tax Credits Tax credits are available for owners of residential property for their own home. 30% of the cost of the improvement, up to a one time maximum of $1500, with the exception that there is no limit for geothermal and certain renewable energy. $1.80 per square foot is available for commercial buildings, $0.60 for Building Envelope, $0.60 for Lighting, and $0.60 for HVAC and Hot Water.

18 Home Energy Rating System (HERS) The Energy Office was at one time a HERS provider for Nebraska raters, and was instrumental in bringing the HERS program to Nebraska. The HERS rating is one of the most accurate means of measuring a homes energy loads, and is the only means of qualifying an Energy Star® home. It is required for certain federal tax credits. A HERS rating typically costs in the neighborhood of $300 to $600, and is one of the best tools to determine where energy dollars can be saved in an existing home.

19 Other $2000 Contractor tax credit for Energy Star® homes. Rentals have been missed by tax credits. 2x4 vs 2x6 Construction Energy Truss – Ice Dams – Foam for existing. HVAC Sizing. Duct Sealing – 09 Duct Blaster Requirement. NEO Green Building Program - drawings available on web for affordable. If you can think of a way to save energy, you will pay for that improvement – implementation/pay utility bill.

20 GOALS Maximize the efficient use of traditional energy resources Encourage Nebraskans to adopt energy efficiency through low- cost financing Encourage the development and use of renewable energy resources Advise the executive and legislative branches of state government on energy policy and security


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