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The Internet of Riedwaan Bassadien Platform Strategy Manager Microsoft Everything Your things.

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1 The Internet of Riedwaan Bassadien Platform Strategy Manager Microsoft Everything Your things

2 “ ” What is the Internet of Things? The network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and interact with their internal states or the external environment. Source: Gartner

3 Customer perspective: the Internet of Things is complex It’s big So many devices and so much data It’s noisy So many opinions It’s confusing So many possible decisions Should we wait? How (where) do we get started? Who can really help us? Do we need to start over? What technology do we need? B

4 Market perspective: we are at the inflection point Component costs continue to fall Connected device demand is accelerating Device options are expanding Economic benefits are enormous More machines are talking to each other Leaders are already connecting their things to create new kinds of business value

5 Why your business needs the Internet of Things now Redefine customer service Open new business opportunities Build competitive edge Gain insight and agility

6 The Microsoft perspective

7 What are “your things”? These are things that empower and enable your people. They allow you to connect with customers and business partners. They are critical components that help power your business. 7 You have DATAYou have THINGS Transactional data ERP data CRM data Document/ meta data Public data Social data Devices Analytics and business intelligence tools Cloud and network- enabled infrastructure Sensors

8 Capturing greater value from your things Find, combine, and manage your data Transform your business with better insights Unstructured Structured Streaming PB TB GB Advanced analytics Data scientist Interactivity and exploration Business analyst Self-service analysis BI professional Decision support Device operator

9 The right strategy Generate new insights to create new business value Combine the data you already collect Expand by adding new devices, assets, services, and data Utilize services and the cloud to jump-start your efforts Start by connecting the devices and LoB assets you already have

10 Unleash the potential of IoT with intelligent systems InsightsData analytics Cloud and infrastructure Devices and assets

11 Who should you partner with? Someone who makes the Internet of Things real today Someone who supports a diverse ecosystem of partners and solutions Someone who has the devices, software, and services you need

12 Intelligent Systems Service Delivering on the Internet of Things Drive InsightsAnalytics Ready Cloud and infrastructure Devices and assets User input AlertsSensors Gateway Agent A Devices Customer portal Value StreamInsights Power BI HDInsight Connect new and existing devices using open-source agents or gateway technologies Store machine-generated data with data from other sources in the cloud View data, administer devices, and configure rules, alerts, and other actions using out-of-box or custom portals Mine insights from your data to find gaps and opportunities to make better decisions and realize new business value


14 Proven results: better, faster, and with less risk Source: Analysis based on multiple end-user surveys including Microsoft end-user survey field May-June, 2011 (N=140); INEX Advisors survey of 400+ IoT deployers and investigators, December 2013; other IoT customer research Build on the devices, technology, and infrastructure you already own Proven experience to reduce risks, manage costs, and accelerate deployment Enterprise-class security and management Demonstrable ROI through actual customer implementations How Microsoft helps you lower those barriers Customer barriers to the Internet of Things adoption Security Concerns about device, data, network, or transaction security Benefits Unclear, uncertain, or undefined return on investment Costs Cost of solution software, hardware, services, and training Risk Solution compatibility, compliance, reliability, risk of obsolescence

15 In conclusion The Internet of Things is happening NOW Microsoft and our partners have the technology and the experience to make it a reality Let’s work together to transform your business with the Internet of Your Things

16 Free 2 hour workshop and half day envisioning session: Stay informed with the Internet of Your Things newsletter at Learn about intelligent systems, the Microsoft solution for the Internet of Things, at

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