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SMART Board Basics Presented by Kathleen Christopher June 6, 2007.

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1 SMART Board Basics Presented by Kathleen Christopher June 6, 2007

2 Distributed Computing We used to live in a world where content was king. That world no longer exists. Content is abundant, and is, therefore, a poor basis on which to base an educational system. What is scarce today is context and meaning. - David Thornburg

3 Smartboard in the Classroom

4 Hardware Basics- Value Added Computer Splitter Box Projector SMART Board- Large Display & Input Device Software Scanner ELMO Document Cameras

5 Reasons to have a SMART Board Raise the level of student engagement Increase student motivation- enjoyment & opportunity Support students with special needs Improve retention and facilitate review

6 Things You Can Do with a SMART Board Create activities using text, sound, video and Internet links Present using text, sound, video and Internet links Write notes and highlight points on displayed documents, diagrams and Web pages Show video, DVD, CD-ROMS or TV Print, save, e-mail and post presentations to a website

7 Research shows that interactive whiteboards… Help accommodate different learning styles Help teachers streamline lesson planning and delivery Have positive effects on –Student engagement –Student motivation –Student retention

8 SMART Tools SMART Notebook Recorder Video Player Keyboard Floating Tools Control Panel Help More (Calculator, Magnifier, Pointer Tool, Spotlight, Screen Shade)

9 Two Minute Tutorials Touch, Write and Save Power Point Notebook Software Basics Objects in Notebook Software The Notebook Software Page Sorter The Notebook Software Gallery

10 Orientation Imperative for touch sensitive feature to work correctly Control Panel Settings Align/Orient

11 Touch Sensitive Double click- touch board 2x quickly Single click- touch board 1x quickly Right Click- Right Mouse button on pen tray or press and hold area that you want to right click

12 Writing on the SMART Board Pick up pen Firm and consistent, hand not touching board Touch control returns when pen is back in tray Return pen to tray without saving what you wrote, it will disappear on next touch

13 Erasing& … Pick up eraser Whiteboard recognizes last tool you picked up, so you can keep pen in your hand as you erase With pen or eraser in your hand, you can use your hand to write or erase

14 Power Point View > Slide Show Slide Show Toolbar Click arrows to advance or back up Double click with finger, second click to right or left of first click Save annotations by clicking middle button on Slide Show Toolbar

15 SMART Board Software SMART Notebook SMART Ideas SMART Number Cruncher SMART Speller Bridgit

16 SMART Notebook Floating Toolbar appears when you pick up a pen Save directly into Notebook Edit, save & distribute information written on SMART Board

17 Push camera button Use your finger to draw around area you want to capture Ink Aware applications capture whole screen Notebook opens automatically Notebook Tutorial Help

18 Ink Aware Word Excel Power Point Imaging When you use an application that is Ink Aware, whatever you write or draw on the interactive product can be incorporated as an actual component of the file, rather than an external note created over the file.

19 Capturing and Sharing w/Notebook 1.Open 2.Capture 3.Print Capture 4.Save 5.Export 6.Save As Template

20 Lesson Plans & Ideas 1.SMART Notebook CollectionsSMART Notebook Collections 2.SMART ActivitiesSMART Activities 3.SMART Speller Software 4.SMART Number Cruncher 5.SMART Ideas Software 6.Kidspiration 7.Clicker 5

21 Web Resources Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way SMART Board Templates SMART Board Resources, Lesson Plans & Templates InteracticaEdCompass MAP Attack The Teacher’s Guide

22 Scanner Start > Programs > Macromedia > Macromedia Fireworks File > Scan > TWAIN Acquire > Choose #2 What do you want to scan? –Grayscale –Custom Settings –Preview –Scan

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