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2 Table of Contents I.ABOUT GLOBALPAY I.CORE ACTIVITIES  Merchant Payment (Acquiring) Services  Payment Terminals  Prepaid Credit Cards III.IT & SECURITY IV.WHY GLOBALPAY? ADVANTAGES V.CONTACT US Your payment is our business2January 2015

3 I. ABOUT GLOBALPAY Your payment is our business3January 2015 WHO WE ARE GlobalPay NV/SA (“GlobalPay”) is a young player in the fast-growing market of electronic payment soultions. Our goal is to drive growth for our customers and partners by enabling commerce around the world. We do this by providing a wide range of comprehensive, secure and scalable payment solutions in a cost-efficient, highly individualized and most responsive manner. GlobalPay specialises in card payments for all merchants wishing to accept credit, debit and charge cards from major card schemes such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners and JBC. Our head office is in Ghent (Belgium) covering the Benelux market, and we have a branche in Switzerland focusing on the Swiss and non-domestic markets. We strive to supply the latest and best products on the market and back them up with a top class service.

4 I. ABOUT GLOBALPAY Your payment is our business4January 2015 Flexible Business Model & DNA GlobalPay offers a flexible, fast to market, revenue driven, business model, which adapts to the maturity of our clients. It creates mutually beneficial partnerships and sets up healthy business relationships in which everybody’s interests are valued and given the utmost importance. Our business model is based on sustainable growth, professionalism, operational competitivenss, reliability, trust, technological innovation and value creation with an active commitment to support ‘green’ IT... and excellence!! Our operational philosophy is based on 3 key words: simple, secure and reliable.

5 II. CORE – MERCHANT PAYMENT SERVICES Your payment is our business5January 2015 MERCHANT PAYMENT SERVICES GlobalPay provides predominantly Elavon merchant (acquiring) services. Our partnership with Elavon allows us to provide you the best rates and the best service. As a leading global payment acquirer and a recognized world-leading payment institution, Elavon delivers one-stop commercial acquiring services and turnkey payment solutions. These acquiring services and payment solutions cover a wide range of payment methods (MULTI- CHANNEL SALES): online/web-shops, points-of-sale (physical payment terminals), and mobile/smartphone/tablet payments, and all market sectors and segments (e-commerce, hospitality, retail, airlines, petrol, etc.).

6 II. CORE – MERCHANT ACQUIRING SERVICES Your payment is our business6January 2015 Card Networks Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, … Merchant Acquirers (e.g. Elavon) Merchant Consumers Payment Page Safety & compliance Acquire merchant Link merchants to networks Assume transaction charge-back risk Accounting, capture, routing & settlement Connect merchants and issuers through common platform Facilitate transaction flow Authorizes transactions Statements Customer service Own card-member relationship Build product value propositions Fund receivables; bear credit risk Card Processors Card Issuers (banks, …) Gateways / PSP (e.g. Ogone-Ingenico)

7 II. CORE – MERCHANT PAYMENT SERVICES Your payment is our business7January 2015 Why Elavon the merchant benefits from simplified and secure non-cash payment transactions: 1 contract covering multiple payment methods & platforms Very competitive rates Merchant Online reporting The iMerchantconnect is Elavon’s free online reporting and statement tool, allows you to securely monitor your account from any webbrowser at any time of the day. With iMerchantConnect, you can display recent deposits, view standard transaction, batch and unpaid statement reports, and request more robust reporting such as chargeback and retrieval requests to enhance your operational efficiency. Fraud detection Multi-language expert customer service Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) - lower rates for taking payments from your foreign customers An overview of ELAVON’s expertise and services can be found on or can be provided upon

8 II. CORE – MERCHANT PAYMENT SERVICES Your payment is our business8January 2015 GLOBALPAY & ELAVON We complete the application paperwork on your behalf. After submission we will track your application and on acceptance provide the online/terminal solution that you require. The process normally takes around 5 working days. We will also assist with AMEX accounts and PCI submission. GlobalPay is not an agent nor a representative nor a partner of any merchant acquiring bank. GlobalPay is an independent contractor (ISO)/Merchant Service Provider (MSP). GlobalPay has ‘referral agreements’ in place with various global and local acquirers, payment gateways/service providers (PSPs) and webshop-developers. One of our ‘preferred’ PSPs is OGONE/INGENICO, one of the leading global providers of flexible payment solutions for all sales channels (web, mobile, in-store, on-the-road payments) (see Annex 1). As such, GlobalPay is a truly ONE STOP SHOP for all payment solutions (from processing, over payment gateways to acquiring and settlement) delivering a seamless experience for the client.

9 II. CORE – PAYMENT TERMINALS Your payment is our business9January 2015 GlobalPay focuses on the MULTI-CHANNEL SALES: in the framework of online/e-commerce solutions and mobile payment solutions (MPOS), where clients wish to have additional or complementary phsyical payment terminals (POS) in place, GlobalPay is a distributor (renting/sales) of both both Verifone payment terminals and Ingenico payment terminals. These companies are worldwide market leaders and have a broad range of payment terminals solutions. The access to these global leading payment players allows GlobalPay to position itself globally and implement its services locally in the European market. GlobalPay delivers all types of payment terminals: classic ‘counter’ terminals, mobile (portable) terminals, card payments through smartphone, integrated till solutions (restaurants, bars,...), built-in terminals (movie theaters, parking lots, train stations,...), and terminals for gas stations. Globalpay has its own, independent strategy, marketing and pricing policy.

10 II. CORE – PAYMENT TERMINALS Your payment is our business10January 2015 GlobalPay delivers all types of payment terminals classic ‘counter’ terminals mobile (portable) terminals card payments through smartphone integrated till solutions (restaurants, bars,...) built-in terminals (movie theaters, parking lots, train stations,...) terminals for gas stations

11 II. CORE – PREPAID DEBIT CARDS Your payment is our business11January 2015 GlobalPay’s prepaid debit card-programme – to be activated first half 2015 Worldwide niche target audience Both plastic cards and virtual cards All cards include NFC (Near Field Communication) technology Advantages  Secure online and offline shopping  Balance accessible at all times via website and mobile phone  Impossible to go below zero  Share money from one GlobalPay Prepaid Mastercard ® to another  No transaction fees when shopping in Belgium or abroad  Accepted at 32 million locations worldwide and at more than 1,5 million ATMs Revenues generated through loading charges and annual card maintenance fees Approval by National Bank of Belgium (Belgian regulatory authority) as “payment institution” (betalingsinstelling) – in progress

12 III. IT & SECURITY Your payment is our business12January 2015 Solid IT infrastructure Automated accounting software for invoicing All documents are automatically saved in an eletronic version Online Accounting/crm with Exact Online Helpdesk Online Exchange 365 In-house developed reporting tool, available online New website ( SECURITY GlobalPay adheres to the most strict security standards in the payment solution business, and is fully PCI- DSS compliant.

13 IV. WHY GLOBALPAY? ADVANTAGES Your payment is our business13January 2015 GlobalPay offers a truly ONE STOP SHOP for all payment solutions (from processing, over payment gateways to acquiring and settlement) and thus deliver a seamless experience for the client. GlobalPay offers the best prices (and consequent important cost savings for the client) and the best service. Payment solutions for a wide range of payment methods (online/e-commerce/web-shops, physical payment terminals, and mobile/smartphone/tablet payments), and for all market sectors and segments. Access to Elavon’s cutting edge payment solutions for electronic payments (from core processing solutions, over valued added solutions, chargeback and credit risk management and reporting solutions, to security solutions). Prepaid debit cards that can be tailor-made to fit any audience, organisation and/or market.

14 V. GLOBALPAY – CONTACT US Your payment is our business14January 2015 Should you have questions and/or require any additional information with respect to GlobalPay, please contact Square Village, Rijvisschestraat 124 B-9052 Ghent, Belgium Key staff  Philippe Helderweirt – CEO  Olivier Piret – COO

15 ANNEX 1 – OGONE-INGENICO Your payment is our business15January 2015 Any payment any device - Ogone/Ingenico is one of Europe’s leading multi-channel payment gateway. Ingenico performs payments for many leading businesses and is a fully PCI/DSS compliant and reliable platform. Ingenico enables e-merchants to accept all payment types, whether online or on the point of sale, regardless of the payment type used: cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, BCMC, etc.), bank transfers (iDeal, Sofort, ELV, etc.), wallet (PayPal, MasterPass,, etc.) or private cards (Cetelem, Accord, 1.euro, Franfinance, etc.). Ingenico provides flexible payment solutions, completely customisable and adapted to all kinds of payment channels (Web, mobile, tablet, IVR, POS, etc.). Ingenico enables e-merchants to accept various payment collection methods (instalments, one-click payment, deferred, recurring, etc.). Ingenico also offers comprehensive anti-fraud tools (3D Secure, binary controls and a scoring tool), a cash management tool (creation, cancellation, refund, duplication, etc.) and a centralised reporting tool (dashboard, reports, etc.). Ingenico is connected to all the major acquirers throughout Europe as well as to all the main e-Commerce solutions on the market and allows merchants to concentrate their multichannel payment flows into a central gateway to offer a seamless experience to customers. Whatever payment channel is being used, merchants get a centralized view and reporting that cover all their activities. Ingenico also provides mobile payment acceptance. Here merchants can accept payment with their tablets or their smartphones linked to a small smart card reader dongle.

16 Your payment is our business16January 2015

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