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What to ask What is the biggest challenge you face in your business today? What are your plans for future growth? How do you accommodate customers who.

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1 What to ask What is the biggest challenge you face in your business today? What are your plans for future growth? How do you accommodate customers who wish to provide your services or products as a gift? What programs do you have in place today to strengthen customer loyalty? What criteria did you use to choose your current processor?, What do you like best about your current processor? If there was just one thing your current processor could do better, what would it be? How stable is your current processing solution? Have you experienced any down time? Who currently reconciles your credit cards statements? Does the reporting capabilities of your current provider meet that persons needs? Is there a cost to you for this service? What forms of payment do you accept? When was the last time you had a analysis on how you currently process electronic payments? What was the result the last time your processing statements were analyzed?

2 Our Mission… We deliver world-class service, exceptional value, and secure, reliable electronic payment solutions earning the privilege of serving our customers everyday. We will be the highest value provider of electronic payment solutions, attracting and developing the best and brightest talent who passionately embrace a commitment to excellence, built on a culture of mutual respect, integrity and trust. We will be innovative enough to excel in new markets, nimble enough for the world's largest customers and powerful enough for the smallest. Our Vision…

3 U.S. processing division of The Royal Bank of Scotland, the worlds 3 rd largest payment processor 7,000 U.S. employees in the year 1999, today we have grown to 26,000 Single-source, full-service provider of payment processing services Processing for almost 140,000 merchants nationwide. Awards –MasterCard's 2004 International Data Integrity Award for Processing Accuracy –Visa Service Quality Performance Certificate of Recognition for Non-Duplicate Settlement Transactions awarded for zero duplicate transmissions from endpoint processing - Received in 2001, 2003 and again in 2004. –Visa Service Award for the Lowest Chargeback-To-Sales-Ratio for transactions processed during the 2006 award season. Update awards section to include latest and greatest…or remove

4 Reliable Solutions Direct Processor, we own our platform Advanced Fault Tolerant Platform designed to provide 99.9999% reliability Total control from merchant application to merchant install and beyond

5 Central Customer Service Command Center; 24/7 Help-Desk Service Support using the latest Call Center technology 96% of calls answered in less than 30 seconds You will speak with someone live Customer Information System (CIS); Develop and maintain a comprehensive merchant profile to help customer service provide an accurate solution to quickly resolve issues. Provides immediate access to account history, including any prior resolutions, allows customer service to identify recurring patterns or related incidents for proactive service We are LOCAL … We provide personalized service Your Account Executive is part of your community Our Sales Management is located within your state What Others Call Superior, We Call Standard Service...

6 Consultative Partner to your Business Drive down your operating costs Increase your revenues Manage your business more efficiently Protect your business from risk and fraud

7 Easy to do business with… Utilize your current hardware solution Solutions to grow with your business Easy to read statements Coordinated installation Online statements and free on-line reporting Remove Lynk from statement examples

8 Names You Know… We may want to look at a different way to articulate….

9 We Guarantee It! If you are not pleased with our award winning Customer Service within the first 60 days, we will waive the early termination fee Youll Be Happy with RBS Lynk….

10 Increase your Revenue Gift Card We offer an array of affordable options ranging from custom-designed to prepackaged cards. We also offer automated funds transfer between franchise locations Loyalty Program A flexible, secure way to issue and manage a card-based customer loyalty program Check Services We created a hold-check program designed to help you save sales you may be losing Prepaid Cards Provides convenience, prestige and security to your customers while earning you fees on both the sale and when they add value

11 Drive down your operating cost Visa/MC/Discover Processing As a direct processor we will provide you with the best value! Debit Card Processing We help you convert as many credit transactions to Debit decreasing the cost of the transaction. Hardware Insurance Provides insurance for your terminal investment Check Services You can accept checks and make profits while minimizing your risk of fraud Education We consult with customers everyday on how to utilize electronic payments more efficiently within their business

12 Manage your business more efficiently On-line Statements and Reporting Provides on-line information about your deposits and transactions at your fingertips Terminals We can provide virtual and traditional terminal solutions that best fit your business and its needs Recurring Payments Schedule recurring payments with your customers without the need of additional software or hardware ID Verification Take the guesswork out of confirming the age of your customer being served

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