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Company Information & Services

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1 Company Information & Services

2 Table of Contents Company Profile Service Features
Service Features – Security Merchants Client Feedback Merchant Accreditation Process Acquiring Banks Back Office Features

3 Company Profile Vellaris provides tailor-made solutions for payment and billing for all e-commerce businesses. Based in London, our system is housed in the world-class data centers and we are able to provide our services with over % up-time. As a Gateway with over 12 years experience, Vellaris has established a number of relationships with Acquiring Banks and is able to offer very competitive Rates. We are partnering with the second largest bank in Russia and remain the only payment gateway outside of Russia.

4 Service Features PCI DSS Level 1 99.9% uptime Tailor-made solution
Redundant data centers Multi-currency 24/7 Customer and Merchant Support Fast and simple integration

5 Service Features - Security
As an international Payment Service Provider, Vellaris values the safety and security of merchants very highly. As such, we have implemented a number of additional features: QAS Quick Address: software to look up and validate address information 3D Secure: a standard additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions established by Visa IPS and IDS: automatic blocking, reporting and alerting on a network level Web application firewalls: additional protection against SQL injection, XSS, and other application level attacks

6 Merchants Vellaris will process a broad spectrum of merchants, including: Foreign Exchange Binary Options (Commodity Trading) E-commerce Travel (Airlines, Hotel Booking, Car Rental) Real Estate Online Betting Gaming Insurance Vellaris will also focus on improving the merchants by helping them reduce chargeback rates and increase security.

7 Merchant Feedback Together with the proven technology that has been on the market processing payments for over 12 years, Vellaris has acquired an extensive portfolio of clients “Vellaris was able to provide exactly what we were looking for” “…was easily able to handle high-frequency events and peak volumes” “Swift and simple integration” “Vellaris helped us improve traffic and reduce chargeback rates”

8 Merchant Accreditation Process
From application to trading, Vellaris will manage the “plugging in” process for merchants. We are able to handle all aspects of local incorporation and bank integration for the merchants, who will receive a unique ID from the bank before they begin trading. The Merchant ID process takes no more than 3 days - the lowest time among competitors. Screening Application KYC process Registration Merchant ID issued Local incorporation (if required) Connection Plugged into bank API Begins trading

9 Acquiring Banks Vellaris is the only payment Service Provider who is connected to a number of UK and European banks, as well as the second largest bank in Russia. Our expanding list of acquiring banks includes

10 Back Office Features Our simple Web Application allows merchants to customize and manage their account in a very tailored manner. We offer the following services: black/white list ranges of IP addresses track and forecast chargeback levels customize the merchant’s payment page manage access to the merchant accounts monitor browsing habits and trends on the website

11 Thank you! If you have any queries, please contact us at

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