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Our Mission Statement Midwestern University's historical and sustaining philosophy dedicates the institution and its resources to the highest standards.

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2 Our Mission Statement Midwestern University's historical and sustaining philosophy dedicates the institution and its resources to the highest standards of academic excellence to meet the educational needs of the health care community.

3 HR Staff Directory Glendale Campus Julie Cardinale, SPHR – Assistant Director of HR Christina Taylor, MBA – Recruitment Manager Kacey Geiger – HR Specialist (Benefits) Janeen Hale – HR Specialist (Recruitment) Scott Turner, MAS – HR Coordinator Ann Miura – HR Assistant Downers Grove Campus Angela Marty, PHR – Vice President, HR and Administration Amy Gibson, MS, PHR – Director of HR Lynn Urban, PHR – Assistant Director of HR Joy Lee, MPH, MBA – Manager, Benefits and HRIS Patty Miyar – HR Administrator Lola Laleye – HR Specialist (Recruitment) Katie Cisco – HR Coordinator Mimi Jackson – HR Assistant

4 Access to: All forms Policies HR contact information Payroll Schedule Holiday Schedule Benefits information Area discounts Wellness program information Available Resources

5 Car Registration How to register your vehicle Employees are allowed to register up to three vehicles.

6 ID Badges ID badges must be warn at all times. To get into any building on campus you will need your badge. Your department will take you today to get your badge. You can load money onto your badge and use it like a CC. If you lose your badge, or have questions about your badge, contact Office of Safety and Security. A lost or damaged badge is $25 to replace.

7 Vehicle Inspection and Emissions

8 Trip Reduction Program

9 Trip Reduction Program - Details  Employee Prize Drawings – MWU will hold quarterly drawings for employees that use alternate modes of transportation. Employees earn a chance to win a $50 cash prize!  New Alternate Mode User (AMU) Incentive Program –-employees who register to be AMUs and participate will be entered into a quarterly drawing for $65. This is a one-time eligibility when signing up as an AMU.  Transportation Subsidy – MWU will reimburse 50% of the cost of a monthly bus pass.

10 LAWROOM On-line training tool. First course is “Prevent Harassment and Discrimination” and “FERPA”. Email introducing LawRoom- 90 days after hire date. Email sent directly from Lawroom shortly after my email of introduction. Have 2 weeks to complete during work hours. Reminders sent on a regular basis through LawRoom. Mandatory for all staff, faculty and residents.

11 Questions?

12 Benefits Overview

13 Initial enrollment – hire date Coverage begins the 1 st of the month following hire Must remain in benefits until open enrollment, unless qualifying event Open enrollment Opportunity to make any benefit changes Held in November each year Coverage effective January 1st Benefit Enrollment/Changes

14 Qualifying Event Changes  Birth or adoption of a child.  Change in marital status (i.e. marriage, divorce, annulment, legal separation, or spouse’s death).  Obtaining legal guardianship of a child.  Previous health ins. terminating which was in effect when first eligible.  Change in employment status of employee, spouse or dependent.  Change in domestic partner status

15 Humana PPO In Network Office Visit Co-pay $15 Primary $35 Specialist Deductible $500 individual $1500 family Inpatient/Outpatient 80% after deductible Out of Network Office Visit Co-pay 60% after deductible Deductible $1500 individual $3000 family Inpatient/Outpatient 60% after deductible

16 Humana HMO Office visit co-pay $15 Primary $35 Specialist Hospital Care 100% after $100 copayment per day for the first three days Outpatient Surgery 100% after $100 copayment Must choose Primary Care Physician

17 PPO & HMO Vision Program Automatically enrolled PPO and HMO  In-Network coverage Exam – 100% after $10 co-payment Lenses – Single vision-100% after $10 co-payment Frames - $100 allowance for any frame then 20% discount on balance over $100 PPO  Limited Out-of-Network coverage

18 Medical Premiums Full-time PPO  Single$ 43.76  Employee & Spouse$ 98.29  Employee & Child(ren)$103.22  Full Family$162.33 HMO  Single$ 38.47  Employee & Spouse$ 90.14  Employee & Child(ren)$ 85.87  Full Family$141.48

19 Dental Insurance In-Network Out-of-Network  Preventive 100% no deductible 80% no deductible  Basic Services 80% after deductible50% after deductible  Major Services50% after deductible 50% after deductible  Deductible $50 Individual $50 Individual $100 Family $100 Family  $1500 max per year per individual

20 Dental Premiums  Single$ 10.52  Employee & Spouse$ 20.89  Employee & Child(ren)$ 23.64  Full Family$32.75

21 Prescription Drug Program Tier LevelsCo-Payment Level 1 $ 10 Level 2 $ 20 Level 3 $ 40 Level 4 25% Mail order 90 day supply for 2 x’s applicable co-payment

22 Ceridian Self Service System provides tools to manage your employment information:  View/ download earning statements  View your employee profile  Change your address  Update tax information  Update beneficiary information  Add/delete depends  Benefits changes due to qualifying events

23 Ceridian Self Service

24 Ceridian Self Service Sign-On  User Name: your first initial and last name + the last four digits of your Social Security # Example: jdoe1234  Default Password: the last four digits of your Social Security Number  You will immediately be prompted to change your password to a minimum 6 position alpha-numeric password of your choice  When to sign on: The day after hire



27 Earnings Statement Information  Address information  State and federal tax information  Vacation, flex & personal days (holidays)  Benefit deductions  YTD information

28 Paid Time Off Vacation  Faculty Beginning 1 st yrup to 20 days accrued  Staff 1 st yr – 3 rd yrup to 10 days accrued Beginning 4 th yrup to 15 days accrued Beginning 8 th yrup to 20 days accrued Beginning 18 th yrup to 25 days accrued Pro-rated for part time employees Flex Time (sick time)  Earn 3.08 hours per pay day – 10 days per year  Can use for spouse and/or child illnesses or appointments  Various other reasons

29 Paid Time Off - continued Personal Days  Hired between January 1 st and June 30 th Faculty  Full time 2 days  Part time1 day Staff  Full time 4 days  Part time.7 but less than.8 FTE 3 days.6 but less than.7 FTE2 days.5 but less than.6 FTE1 day

30 Paid Time Off - continued Holidays  New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and President’s Choice Bereavement Leave (funeral leave)  Up to 3 Workdays  Immediate family member Jury Duty Notify Manager Compensated for regular pay for maximum of 10 days

31 Short Term Disability Coverage Short-Term Disability  Eligible after 6 months of employment (max 26 weeks)  5 day waiting period 6mth – 3 yrs employment:60% of regular pay 4 yrs – 9 yrs employment:80% of regular pay 10+ years employment:100% of regular pay

32 Unpaid Time Off Family Medical Leave Provides 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave due to: Incapacity due to pregnancy, prenatal medical care or child birth Care for employee’s child after birth or placement for adoption or foster care Care for employee’s spouse, son or daughter, or parent who has a serious health condition Employee’s serious health condition that makes you unable to perform your job  Eligible after 1 year of employment – worked 1250 hours  Based on type of leave, must use Flex, Vacation or Personal time. Remainder then unpaid.

33 Unpaid Time Off - continued Personal Leave of Absence  May request up to 3 months for leave  Notify supervisor in writing  Reviewed case by case Military Leave of Absence  Active Duty or National Guard Training Notify Manager and submit orders Reinstatement after completion with applicable time period

34 Long Term Disability Coverage Long Term Disability  60% of Salary up to $2,500 per month after a 26 week elimination period Supplemental Long-Term Disability  May elect coverage for the 1 st year waiting period Annual Salary *.0034= Total Premium Total Premium/26 pay periods = Bi-Weekly premium Long-Term Care  Provides for services that would be needed if you require LTC

35 Life Insurance and AD&D All Full-time employees are automatically covered at 2x their annual salary to a maximum of $800,000 for Life and AD&D All employees must complete beneficiary information on Ceridian Self-Service Supplemental life for self and dependents also available  Free Will and Trust Service

36 Other Important Benefits – Flexible Spending Accounts Health Care FSA  Pre-tax contributions  Max per calendar year $4,000  Can be used for: Office co-pays, hospital fees, RX, Vision, dental Dependent Care FSA  Pre-tax contributions  Max per calendar year $5,000  Coverage for dependents under age 13

37 Other Important Benefits - Investments TIAA-CREF Defined Contribution Plan (403b)  MWU contributes after 1 year of employment 10% Faculty 9% Staff Supplemental Annuity Plan  Pre-tax contributions  Eligible immediately  Max per calendar year $16,500 under age 50 $22,000 over age 50

38 Additional Benefits Employee Assistance Program - LifeSynch Confidential program Assistance with various issues Personal life/work life, stress, financial difficulties Available 24/7 via phone or internet Tuition Reimbursement Reimbursement for classes toward a degree or assist with your job $5,250 per calendar year Tuition Relief Tuition relief for spouse or child to attend MWU 10% for each year of service (based on anniversary date)

39 Additional Benefits - continued Childcare Subsidy Program  10% childcare reimbursement for licensed childcare program  Reimbursed bi-annually  Pro-rated for employee’s less than.8 FTE Adoption Assistance  Up to $2,000 per adopted child Identity Theft Insurance  Reimbursed for up to $25,000 per occurrence of identity fraud.

40 Other Important Benefits - continued Credit Union  Wells Fargo  US Bank  Desert Schools Discounts  AMC Theaters  MWU Intranet – Human Resources – Discounts

41 Wellness Virgin HealthMiles  Receive a pedometer Track you steps Increase levels Earn Cash – up to $300 per year MWU Recreation Center  Fitness Center Gym Exercise Classes Weight Room

42 Wellness - continued MWU Wellness Center  Various services such as flu shots, vaccinations Wellness Point Reward System  Quarterly survey to earn vacation time Wellness Newsletter  Monthly newsletter sent directly to your email

43 Virgin Health Miles Program

44 Wellness Points Rewards

45 Wellness Points Form

46 Questions?

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