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October 28 – November 12, 2010 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE 2011 BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENT.

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2 October 28 – November 12, 2010 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE 2011 BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENT

3 2 What is open enrollment?  New benefit elections are effective from January 1st through December 31, 2011 Add or Change your benefits: Health Dental Term Life Flexible benefits (yearly renewal) Disability Group Legal Long Term Care Sick Leave Pool Metro Rail Tax Shelter Annuity

4 3 ENROLLMENT  Changes outside the plan year are not allowed unless you experience a qualifying change in family status such as: Marriage, divorce, legal separation, or termination of domestic partnership* Birth or Adoption of a child* Death of a spouse, domestic partner or child* Change in dependent eligibility* Significant changes in your spouse’s health coverage due to his/her employment* *(Enrollment forms with required proof must be submitted to HR within 31 days of qualifying event date) ENROLLMENT

5 4 Aetna Healthcare √ Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) √ Point of Service (POS) There are several benefit changes to the POS that will take effect January 1, 2011. Those changes are documented in the POS slide Health Care Coverage

6 5 AETNA HMO & POS For additional information, please visit Open access No referrals needed Extensive Network Vision: In network only Prescriptions: $10/$35/$60 Certain preventive care services are now free

7 6 HMO In network coverage only $25 PCP/ $45 Specialist POS In & out of network coverage $30 PCP/ $50 Specialist Deductible for in-network  $500 single  $1,000 family AETNA HMO & POS COMPARISON / DIFFERENCES Deductible for out of network  $1,000 single  $2,000 family

8 7 Health Care Rates - AETNA HMO Coverage Premium Employer Contribution Employee Contribution (Month) *Employee Contribution (Per Paycheck) Employee $614.83 $0.00 Employee & Spouse $1,139.25$ 614.83$524.43$262.22 Employee & Child(ren) $1,059.98$ 614.83$445.16$222.58 Employee Spouse & Child(ren) $1,310.00$ 614.83$695.17$347.59 DUAL $1,229.66$80.34$40.17 POS Coverage Employee $1,096.69$ 614.83$481.86$240.93 Employee & Spouse $2,033.67$ 614.83$1,418.84$709.42 Employee & Child(ren) $1,892.03$ 614.83$1,277.20$638.60 Employee Spouse & Child(ren) $2,338.74$ 614.83$1,723.91$861.96 Dual $1229.66$1,109.08$554.54

9 8 Humana  Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)  Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) Dental Coverage

10 9 Humana Dental Coverage – DHMO No deductibles Co-payments apply Coverage of most preventive services Dentist assigned Referrals required

11 10 Humana Dental Coverage – DPPO No referrals needed In and out of network coverage Deductibles: $ 50 single $150 family $1,500 benefit maximum per calendar year/ per person

12 11 Dental Care Rates - Humana * Paid on a pre-tax basis. DHMOMonthly Per Pay PeriodRETIREE Employee$14.410.00$14.41 Family$16.36$8.18$30.77 DUAL$1.95$0.97 DPPOMonthlyMDC Pays Difference Per Pay Period*RETIREE Employee$32.22$14.41$17.81$8.91$32.22 Family$68.48 $34.24$68.48 DUAL$54.07 $27.04

13 12 Term Life Insurance The Hartford College portion :  Face value : 1X base salary  AD &D : 2X base salary  Employee must elect beneficiary Employee Optional:  Face Value: additional 1X, 2X or 3X base salary  AD & D: additional 2X base salary Premiums are based on age rate schedule Age reduction of 8% applies starting at age 60 Approval required for more than one (1) additional base pay amount greater than current coverage.

14 13 Dependent Life Insurance The Hartford Face Value: –Spouse $15,000 up to age 65 –Dependent: $7,500, 6 months to age 25 or married $500, 14 days-6 months Rate: $3.50 per month /$1.75 per check Voluntary program

15 14 Disability Insurance - ASSURANT Income protection program Employee elects monthly benefit amount 6 plans offered –Elimination period: 14, 30 or 60 days –Benefit duration: up to 5 years or retirement age (65) Election maximum, 66 2/3 of salary, medical questionnaire not needed in order to add or increase coverage this open enrollment Voluntary program

16 15 Health & Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (AMERIFLEX) Employee elects pre-tax amount for health care (not covered by insurance) and dependent care expenses. Healthcare amount may be used up front Amount divided in 24 deductions Expenses incurred 1/1/11 – 3/15/12 Last day to submit claims – 03/31/2012 Maximum contribution: $5,000/year Renewal required every year Use it or lose it benefit Voluntary program

17 16 Examples of reimbursable items: HEALTH SERVICES: Ambulance Chiropractic Emergency Room Eye exam/eye glasses Hospital admission Injections and Insulin treatments Pre-natal and post-natal treatments Physician / Specialist co-pays Psychotherapy Sterilization Urgent Care X-ray treatments MRI/Scans Health & Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts (AMERIFLEX)– cont’d DENTAL SERVICES Cleaning of teeth, Dental x-rays, Filling of teeth Extraction of teeth, gum treatments Oral surgery Due to changes as a result of Health Care Reform, over the counter medication is no longer eligible for reimbursement through the health care reimbursement account

18 17 Group Legal Insurance - ARAG Access to attorneys and/or preventive legal care Monthly Rates:  $16.30 single  $21.03 family Premiums paid one month in advance Services include: court adoption, specific document preparation, bankruptcy, ID theft, etc. Voluntary program

19 18 Long Term Care Insurance -CNA Covers benefit for:  Home care  Assisted living  And nursing home care May cover:  Employee  Parents and parents-in-law  Grandparents and grandparents-in-law Premiums determined based on benefit selected

20 19 Metro/Tri-Rail Pass Discounted rate through payroll deductions Paid one month in advance Paid with pre-tax dollars (changes can only be made during open enrollment) Tri-rail available at a 25% discount rate Voluntary program

21 20 Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) / 403(b) Defer taxes of income up to $16,500 in 2011 Additional $5,500 per year for employees age 50 and above Consult with financial advisor for special 15 year service catch up provision eligibility Changes are permitted every quarter for semi- monthly deductions Employee must submit form to take advantage of new limits Voluntary benefit

22 Eligibility: 1 year of full time continuous employment Available balance : 10 sick days (by 10/31/10) Donation upon entry : 5 sick days Participating members : 1 sick day donation Benefit: 30 sick days available Must exhaust all paid leave time Must provide proof of illness 21 SICK LEAVE POOL

23 22 For Questions: “Get Help” “AskHR” Benefits Website: asp asp Benefits contact: EMAIL: Phone: (305) 237-2010 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION START YOUR OPEN ENROLLMENT ELECTION HERE! Click on this link: http://benefitsenrollment.mdc.edu


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