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UAA Leave Understanding Employee Leave Programs at UAA Presented by: UAA Human Resource Services.

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1 UAA Leave Understanding Employee Leave Programs at UAA Presented by: UAA Human Resource Services

2 Types of Leave  Annual Leave  Sick Leave  Family Medical Leave  Leave Share  Leave Without Pay  Leave of Absence  Holiday  Military Leave  Jury Duty

3 Annual Leave  Accrued per pay period  Vacation, personal time off, or medical leave (if needed)  Cash out when employment ends – up to 240 total hours  Accrue up to 240 hours Time Code: Years6-10 Years10+ years 5.54 hrs/pp6.46 hrs/pp7.38 hrs/pp days/yr21.00 days/yr23.99 days/yr Accrual Rates

4 Using Annual Leave  Must be approved by supervisor prior to leave  Annual leave in excess of 240 hours forfeited if not used within calendar year  Cannot be donated or shared with other employees Time Code: 500

5 Cashing Out Cashing In  Leave cashed out when employment ends – up to 240 hours  Cash-in up to 40 hours one time during fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)  Must have at least 40 hours remaining after cash-in How to Request Cash-In Record the cash-in hours in the “Total Hours” column on your timesheet – use earnings code 515. Local 6070? See Union specific guidelines.

6 Sick Leave  Accrued per pay period  4.62 hours per pay period  No cap on accrual – continues to build up until you use it  Leave is forfeited when employment ends  Can’t cash it out – donate it Time Code: 550

7 Using Sick Leave  Illness, injury, or disability  Professional appointments  Avoid infecting others  Bereavement leave – up to 5 days  Illness of more than 3 days when on annual leave  Workers Compensation – first 3 days off due to work related injury/illness Time Code: 550

8 Conditions for Using Sick Leave  Approval of the employee's immediate supervisor is required  Employees must follow department call-in procedures  Supervisors may request evidence of the illness or medical appointment be submitted to HRS  Not enough sick leave? Annual leave will be used

9 Family Medical Leave  Job protection for employees for qualifying absences  FML is not a paid leave  May remain in a paid status by accessing available leave banks  Employees must meet certain eligibility requirements – apply through HRS  FML may be taken in a single block of time, intermittently, or a combination thereof Time Code: 601

10 Eligibility for FML Federal FMLA 12 weeks/12 months  Employed for 12 months  May be non- consecutive as long as there isn’t more than a 7 year gap in service  Worked at least 1250 hours in last 12 months Alaska FML 18 weeks/12-24 months  Employed for at least 35 hrs/week for previous 6 months OR…  Employed for at least 17.5 hrs/week for previous 12 months Time Code: 601

11 FML Reasons Parental Leave Birth of child, adoption, foster care Own Health Condition Your own serious health condition – can include Worker’s Comp injuries and illnesses Family Member’s Health Condition Serious illness or injury of your parent, child, or spouse. Military Care for Injured Service member or Exigency leave More time off may be possible Time Code: 601

12 Requesting FML  When possible, employees must notify UA 30 days prior to leave  HRS or supervisor must invoke FML rights on behalf of an employee  Employees will be notified of eligibility  Certifications from employee’s or family member’s physicians are required for medical leave Time Code: 601 FML Forms can be found on HRS site – Benefits > Leave Programs

13 Use Sick Leave Code to 601 Use Annual Leave Code to 601 Use Personal Holiday Code to 420 Use Leave Share or LWOP Code to 601 Family Medical Leave

14 Benefits During FML  UA will continue to pay bulk of medical premiums – 83% of premium cost  UA will continue basic life insurance and LTD insurance during FML – up to 18 weeks  Employees on Workers Comp or in an unpaid status must pay their portion of medical premiums and supplemental benefit elections  No contributions will be made to UA Pension, ORP, PERS or TRS while employee is on Worker’s Comp or in an unpaid status

15 Leave Share Program  Eligible employees may receive up to 65 days of donated leave per calendar year  Eligible employees may apply for donated leave if they  Are on approved FML for a qualifying event, and…  Have exhausted all of their own leave, and…  Been in an unpaid status for 10 consecutive work days

16 Requesting Leave Share Donations  Employees must submit a leave share request form  Leave is transferred to employee as it is available There is no guarantee that leave donations will be available

17 Donating Leave  It’s quick & easy  Donations can be made to a specific individual or to anyone in need  Sick leave is not deducted unless it is needed Leave Share Donations – What a great way to show support!

18 Leave of Absence Leave Without Pay (LWOP)  Leave granted for a variety of reasons  Up to one year, and renewed for one additional year  Approval is required:

19 Holidays  UA observes 12 holidays per year  Employees must be in a paid status during the pay period in which the holiday falls  Holiday Closure  Employees can take leave without pay or annual leave/personal holiday during closure  Personal Holiday  Non-union, non-exempt staff receive floating holiday: Code 420

20 Military Leave  Regular employees who are members of military can take 16 ½ days per calendar year as needed for service  Additional leave without pay may be available.

21 Jury Duty Service as a volunteer expert witness or court duty is not included Jury Duty or Court Witness Regular staff & most Faculty Temporary Employees Extended Temps Paid Jury Leave: Code 440 LWOP May use accrued annual leave or LWOP Turn in court payKeep court pay Turn in court pay only if on paid leave

22 Find Your Balance  UA Online  Employee Menu  Time off Balances

23 Resources  Board of Regents Policy 04.06: Benefits and Leave  UA Benefits Page –  UA Benefits Handbook  UAA HRS > Benefits > Leave Programs  Union CBA  Your HR Consultant

24 Questions? Erika Pierce p

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