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WELCOME TO RESOURCE TEAM. Check Out the Resource Team Website audiences/faculty-staff/ resource-team/

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2 Check Out the Resource Team Website audiences/faculty-staff/ resource-team/

3 College of Medicine Resource Team Purpose The purpose of the Resource Team is to promote the educational, research, clinical and administrative aims of the College of Medicine by furthering communication, connectivity, continuity and solidarity of mission and vision among non-faculty employees across geographically dispersed locations. Focus Areas Communication - Support effective, reliable and consistent internal communication (formal and informal) across all locations Connectivity - Sustain connectivity; foster association and transparency throughout departments and campuses Continuity - Standardize processes (when possible) and constancy of operational values Camaraderie - Enhance the concept of “One College of Medicine” operating in multiple locations; support unity of the College, cohesion of mission and vision, and personal investment of employees Meetings Meetings are slated to occur monthly with programming efforts to include: mentoring, resource and information sharing, professional development, collective troubleshooting, affiliation, talent teaming and pooling, and introduction to new technologies or applications. Questions? Contact Stacy De Leon at

4 I Am SAM The SAM award stands for “Serving to Advance the Mission,” and will be given to a faculty or staff member who works to achieve the mission of the college. Recipients will exemplify the characteristics of the college’s own “SAM,” Samuel H. Black, Ph.D., a beloved and founding faculty member of the College of Medicine. Each COM location has a SAM award to be given as employees are spotted doing something to better the college. That person then passes on the award to someone else who they see doing something extraordinary.

5 Do you have an idea, concern or suggestion that affects the College of Medicine as a whole? Submit your issue or idea to the Challenges & Opportunities Committee Online Submission Form -staff/resource-team/challenges-form.html

6 Reminders Please mute your microphones prior to the start of the presentation at noon. Please be courteous to our presenters. Put your ideas in the suggestion box on your way out. Fill out the online survey when you receive it.

7 Upcoming Meetings April 16, 2014 College of Medicine Strategic Plan Update Karan Chavis May 21, 2014 Cutting Edge Research in the College of Medicine Van Wilson, Ph.D. June 2014 No meeting July 17, 2014 4 th Annual Resource Team Retreat Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, TX

8 Programming Committee Have ideas for Resource Team Meetings? Want to learn how to put on a professional development workshop? Want to meet more of your colleagues? Join the Programming Committee. For more information and to join, contact Marie Parmer

9 Check Out the Wellness Program staff/resource-team/committees/wellness.html

10 Professional Development & Mentoring Committee Have ideas on professional development needs for staff? Want to be more involved with the Staff Mentoring Program? Join the Professional Development & Mentoring Committee For more information and to join, contact Norma Jones @

11 Challenges & Opportunities Committee We want you to join the Challenges & Opportunities Committee The C&O committee reviews and troubleshoots policies, practices, systems and processes to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of College of Medicine operations. Volunteer/community outreach opportunities will be coordinated through this committee. For details contact Stephanie Hilliard

12 Congratulations! The COM Resource Team congratulates those who participated in Walk Across Texas College of Medicine all campuses total – 4,084 miles 1 st place Team: Brushy Creek Bipeds Round Rock campus 879 miles 2 nd place Team: Temple Trotters Temple campus 659 miles 3 rd place Team: Temple Treckers Temple campus 624 miles

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