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Black Widow Spider By: Andrew Friedman.

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1 Black Widow Spider By: Andrew Friedman

2 Introduction This spider that is very small has a lot to tell about so hang on and lets go. As you learn about this Black Widow Spider you might read about their food, adaptations, and fun facts.

3 Adaptations Adaptations help things live, so hold on and I will tell you about my animal’s adaptations. This spider can do a lot to its enemies. The Black Widow Spider produces poison called venom. The poison helps them kill predators which helps them live. The Black Widow Spider has a sticky web which helps them catch food. Also it is easy for them to kill their predators. I have just taught you three awesome adaptations of the Black Widow Spider.

4 Fun Facts This very small Spider has many fun facts. When I did this report I thought these were awesome facts. This Spider can be up to 15 times more poisonous then a rattlesnake. When I found that out I thought that was amazing. Also only female spiders have poisoned people. I thought only male poison people. When the female poisons people they repeatedly bite their victims. I love these fun facts. That was three fun facts about this Spider.

5 Food The Black Widow Spider loves to eat food but it is very gross to us and to all. The Spider loves to catch its food in its web. I am about to tell you about a really cool way they eat, well it least that is what I think. The Black Widow Spider gets its prey in its web, then cuts it loose, then eats it. That is way cool. This Spider eats other Spiders. I think that is gross. That was just some ways and some things that Black Widow Spiders eat.

6 Conclusion I have just learned a lot about Black Widow Spiders. I wonder what it would be like to have a Black Widow Spider as a pet?

7 Resources Black Widow by: Bill McAuliffe
Black Widow by: Peter Murray

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