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By :Jasmin Spiders My feature spider is the Black Widow Spider.

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1 By :Jasmin Spiders My feature spider is the Black Widow Spider.

2 What the Black Widow looks like I never saw a Black Widow spider until I got my research paper and saw it. I thought the Black Widow spider was really dangerous to us human and now know that it is. This spider is usually a shiny black. His front legs are smaller than the legs on the back. The abdomen is oval looking. He has eight small eyes. He has an red hourglass underneath his abdomen. the hourglass has two triangle points touching each other. He is about half an inch long. I thought spiders were not smart until I saw one.

3 Where Mr. Widow lives !!! The Black Widow Spider is found in the United States and other countries. It is found any place that is dark. They make tangled-looking webs usually near the ground where they wait for their food.

4 Black Widows use silk make webs, near the ground to catch their. The Black Widow Spiders eat flies, moths, crickets, small reptiles and other animals. It will eat any animal that gets stuck in their web. I think that spiders should not be lazy and get their abdomens on land to get it’s FOOD !!!!!! What Mr. Black Widow eats.

5 The female's bite is poisonous to humans. The bite is followed by pain, swelling, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. It’s bite is sometimes fatal. The female eats the male during mating. She hangs belly upward and rarely leaves her web.Her babies will eat each other. The females lay eggs in the silk cocoons or sacs which are round in shape.The Black Widows are shy. It means that she is shy but the female attacks when her web is stepped on or damaged. More info about Mr. Widow

6 A spider is a small animal with eight thin legs that spread out from the middle of its body. Spiders spin threads produced inside their bodies into webs, in which they catch insects for food. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is a spider?

7 Parts of a spider 2 body parts 8 eyes Cephalothorax abdomen pedipalps one of 8 legs spinnerets

8 If bugs take over the world spiders wont be able to eat them. Some spiders help us,by eating other bad insects. bad things about spiders good things about spiders Some spiders are dangerous.Some spiders eat bugs that we need.

9 Spiders make webs to catch food and to live in. But…I also learned that spiders use their silk protect themselves.

10 These are three facts I learned about spiders 1.They all have a type of venom. 2.They make different webs. 3. The female is bigger than the male.

11 Spiders are awesome.

12 Glossary Abdomen =the bottom of it’s body. Cephalothorax =the top of the head where the eyes are located.

13 references Black widow Black Widow picture Pictures: InsectsInsects, insects and more insectsinsects SpidersSpiders, spiders and more spidersspiders

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