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INVESTOR OVERVIEW July 2013. 2 Xplore Technologies® Key Information HeadquartersAustin, TX Founded1996 Nasdaq Since 2012XPLR

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2 2 Xplore Technologies® Key Information HeadquartersAustin, TX Founded1996 Nasdaq Since 2012XPLR Company Profile World Leader and Innovator in Rugged Tablet PCs for over 15 years Setting New Standards for “Real World Rugged” First with Auto-Sensing Dual-Mode Input – Active Pen / Finger Touch Pioneer of the Best Outdoor-Viewable Displays – 600:1 Contrast Ratio / 1000 NITS Rugged and Expansive Docking / Mounting Options (planes, trains, etc.) RAID capability – Redundancy and Performance Intel® Core™ i7 – First-to-Market in Rugged Tablet First to Market with HDMI-In for Cable & Satellite Providers (RangerX)

3 KEY EXECUTIVES Over 140 Years in High Tech Experience Philip S. Sassower (Chairman + CEO). Current: CEO of Phoenix Group, a private equity firm and Xplore’s largest shareholder; Chairman and CEO of Communication Intelligence Corporation, an electronic signature provider. Past: Newpark Resources, Inc., an environmental services company; and Bates Manufacturing Company, Inc., a textile and coal company. Mark Holleran (President + COO). Past: President and CEO of Wavestat Wireless Inc., a developer of wireless products; Country Manager, VP Sales + Marketing of Cabletron Systems, a manufacturer of communication solutions; and Various Senior Management & Executive roles at Digital Equipment Corp. Jim Plas (VP Marketing). Past: VP of Marketing and Product Management, Acxiom, the leading global marketing services firm; Director of Enterprise Services Marketing, Dell; and Business Development Director, Dell Professional Services Michael J. Rapisand (CFO + Corporate Secretary). Past: CFO of TippingPoint Technologies, Inc., a network-based security hardware manufacturer; CFO of ThinkWell Corporation, an online publisher; Finance Director of Dell. Steven C. Linahan (VP Operations). Past: Vice President, Operations/Supply Chain for TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.; Director, Supply Chain for ClearCube Technology, Inc, a leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization.; and Director, Supply Chain-Director, Strategic Business Unit at SMTC, Inc., a global EMS provider. Bryan J. Bell (VP Engineering). Past: VP Operations at Sirific Wireless, a developer of solutions for mobile cellular and broadband data for notebook computers; DSL Engineering Team Leader at Texas Instruments; VP + General Manager of the notebook computer business of Acer Advanced Labs, Inc. 3

4 Traditional Market for Rugged Tablet 4 Oil Field Pipeline Inspectors Field Install & Repair Techs First Responders / EMS Military Operations & Spec Ops Warehouse Inventory Managers Forklift Drivers Pharmaceutical Scientists Doctors & Nurses

5 Providers in the Rugged Tablet Market 5 VDC Market Estimates for CY 2012

6 Slates (Tablets) Growing Faster Than All Rugged Form Factors VDC Market Mix Analysis – CY 2012 6

7 Xplore : Most Rugged Tablets in the Market iX140C5 Series: Waterproof: 30 minutes at 3 Feet Can withstand 7’ Drop and maintain operational status Readable in Direct Sunlight Real time data access from any location - Always-On Connectivity with up to four radios Thermal ranges of -40 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. RangerX Series Most Powerful Rugged Android Tablet in the Market Fastest Processor – Dual Core 1.5 GHz Most Storage capacity – up to 192GB Best drop rating – can survive a 4’ drop operating Water and Dust Resistant Brilliant sunlight readable display Only tablet with HDMI-In & Gigabit Ethernet – perfect for Telco & Cable 7

8 Xplore – Differentiation is in our DNA 8 Most Powerful Chip in Class Ensuring the Longest Use Life – RangerX & iX104C5 Only True Field Repairable and Field Upgradable Rugged Tablet – iX104C5 Expansive Rugged Docking Options – RangerX & iX104C5 Low Total Cost of Computing and High ROI – RangerX & iX104C5 Ability to Tailor Design Configurations for Customers Only company to offer HDMI-In & Gigabit Ethernet

9 Xplore - A-List Clients 9

10 Xplore – Strength in Relationships 10 Strategic Development PartnersMature Resellers

11 Recent Wins and Announcements Multiple millions of dollars in US Military orders, recently won first major program award Multiple millions of dollars in orders from Medical Equipment Manufacturer in an OEM relationship Continued expansion of $17M+ AT&T relationship 4 out of 5 Star Review from Laptop Magazine on recently announced DMSR M2 Military Tablet Expanded OEM relationship with Novatek to deliver a Bio-Pharmaceutical Solution 131500850.html 131500850.html 11

12 Story of Two Markets: Convergence is Inevitable 12 $136B Consumer/Commercial Tablet Market (2016 1 ) $6.9B Rugged Mobile Market (2016 1 ) Dominated by Apple with 69% of the Market (17 M Units shipped in Q2) - IDC Driven by media consumption but moving toward Enterprise Productivity via “Bring your own Device” trend - IDC Plagued with high failure rates (up to 20% 2 ) and non Enterprise- Friendly software Continuing to grow at a rapid and unpredictable pace Panasonic is the share leader, with roots in the Rugged laptop space - VDC Tablets to grow fastest among all rugged mobile computing devices - VDC Designed for durability, always on connectivity and Enterprise Management Tablet leadership up for grabs due to changing vendor landscape (1)Source: VDC – 2012 (2)9.8% caused by accidental damage in first year, 20% in year two, according to SquareTrade Warranty statistics

13 Converging Markets = Paradigm Shift 13 ~$500M Rugged Tablet Space $6.9B Total Rugged Mobility $136B Consumer/ Commercial Tablet Tablet Sales will Overtake Those of Personal Computers by 2015 – The Yankee Group Over 95 Million Tablets shipped in 2012 – DigiTimes Research iPad Sales to Fortune 500 have Tripled in Last 12 months – Apple CFO The Rugged Tablet is the Fastest Growing Form Factor in the Rugged Market - VDC Information as of 2012

14 Paradigm Shift = New Market Opportunity 14 Traditional Segmentation Lines are Blurring… Commercial Tablets are Moving into Corporate Space due to Lack of Enterprise- Ready Rugged Products Early Enterprise Adoption is Coming with Pain –  iPad’s experienced 20% Failure Rate Over 2 Years – Even Before Introduction into the Enterprise Space – SquareTrade Warranty  Lack of Manageability and Security Features Creates IT Headaches The Opportunity is Clear: Bring Rugged Quality to the Masses Xplore is Best Positioned to Exploit this Disruptive Opportunity

15 Xplore Market Objectives Maintain Leadership Position in Ultra Rugged Space Take Advantage of Converging Tablet Space with Android & Windows Offerings Expand Reach With Lower Weight / Lower Cost Fully Rugged Products 15

16 Strong Financial Performance 16 55% Growth 11% Growth Year over Year Revenue Comparison

17 Financial Highlights in FY2013 Reported first profitable year in Company’s History Generated approximately $3 Million of cash from operations Gross profit of approximately 34% an improvement of 13% Completed Recapitalization whereby Raised $10 Million in cash Converted all preferred stock to common stock Up-listed to Nasdaq exchange 17

18 Xplore Strengths Solid Existing Business Line Most Rugged Tablet in the Market Exploding Market with High Growth Potential Pioneer & Leader In Rugged Tablet Computing Replicable, Scalable ODM Model with Industry Leading Strategic Partnerships Proven Ability to Sell & Support Fortune 100 companies - for example, marquis accounts such as AT&T Proven Management team – over 140 years in High-Tech Leadership Experience Development of New Products for Convergence of Consumer/Commercial Tablet with Rugged Mobile Market Xplore is best positioned to exploit this opportunity 18

19 Investor Considerations World Leading Provider of Rugged Tablets In a Market with Exploding Growth Potential With Opportunity to Triple it’s Addressable Market With New Products By 2014 Cash Flow Positive Debt Free Positive Working Capital (Current Ratio 4.2:1) $10.3 million in Cash $86 million Tax Loss Carry Forward Market Capitalization of $29 million on July 1, 2013 Significant Insider (Phoenix) Ownership at an Average Cost of $8/Share 19 Financial Data as of March 31, 2013


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