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Pervasive Software Kevin Lewis Lead Software Engineer Stephen Slezak Product Manager Pervasive.SQL On Target With Pervasive Software.

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1 Pervasive Software Kevin Lewis Lead Software Engineer Stephen Slezak Product Manager Pervasive.SQL On Target With Pervasive Software

2 Pervasive Software Pervasive Software - Company Strengths Pervasive Software - Product Strengths Pervasive.SQL 2000 Pervasive Software - Technology Futures Internationalization Replication Mobile and Embedded Products Pervasive Software Presentation Overview

3 Pervasive Software Pervasive Software - Company Vision To be the leading provider of database and information management solutions that dramatically simplify the development, deployment and maintenance of robust distributed and web-based applications.

4 Pervasive Software The Pervasive Advantage Lowest cost of ownership Smallest footprint Highest performance transaction engine in the universe Unique advantage of both Transactional and SQL interfaces Enterprise partner (Oracle) integration True cross platform deployment Pervasive Software - Company Vision

5 Pervasive Software Market dominance in networked accounting Worldwide Channel of 10,000 ISVs, VARs and System Integrators Worldwide Sales and Support - Offices in: Toronto, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong Pervasive.SQL is now bundled within every copy of NetWare 5 #3 on Forbes 1999 ASAP Dynamic 100 List of Top Technology Companies Pervasive Software - Market Strength World Wide Sales and Marketing

6 Pervasive Software Microsoft Windows NT is our reference platform Member Microsoft Developer’s Network Collaboration with Windows DNA Platform group Close relationship with WinCE Platform group Oracle Common interoperability environment Schlumberger P.SQL “lite” embedded in JavaFlex smart cards Novell Strong sales and marketing relationship world wide Pervasive.SQL now shipping with NetWare 5 Pervasive Software - Partners and Relationships

7 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQLPervasive.SQL Designed for low IT infrastructure Low maintenance and administration Best of both worlds Transactional and relational data access Lowest cost of ownership Dramatically improved installation and maintenance Up to 10x performance improvement over Btrieve 6.15 Full support for existing Btrieve applications Pervasive Software

8 MicroKernel Database Engine Common data format Transactional Relational OLE DB Pervasive.SQL data access modules Data access functions Schema management MicroKernel Database Engine Physical data access Transaction processing and recovery Advanced caching Data integrity enforcement Pervasive.SQL - Product Architecture Modular Data Access Architecture Future - XML Common Data Format Common data format across all access mechanisms Applications

9 Pervasive Software Best of Both Worlds Data Access Transactional Transaction Processing ? Reports Data Warehousing Ad-hoc Relational Pervasive.SQL - Product Architecture

10 Pervasive Software Symantec Cafe Symantec Cafe MS Access MS Access OLE DB Btrieve ODBC Pervasive.SQL C C C++ VB Java Cobol Dataflex Pascal Delphi Power Builder Power Builder MS Dev. Studio MS Dev. Studio Access Method Access Method Languages Pervasive.SQL - Cross Language / Cross interface / Cross Platform Solaris Windows NT/95/98 Windows NT/95/98 NetWare Linux Java Trans Java Trans JDBC Dev. Tools Dev. Tools Operating Systems Operating Systems

11 Pervasive Software Broad Industry Support Microsoft BackOffice Certification IBM Netfinity Certification Novell NetWare Certification Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

12 Pervasive Software Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Little or no IS staff required for deployment and operation Zero DBA install Self diagnosing and configuring communications Smart Component Architectures Self identifying and configuring DLL components Provides transparent support for applications based on multiple versions of the DB engine. Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

13 Pervasive Software Industry Leading Ease of Installation Self Diagnosing and configuring Communications Based on our Zero Administration Architecture Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

14 Pervasive Software Smart Components Architecture Btrieve Requester MicroKernel Router Communications Requester Compatibility Interface WBTRV32.DLL TCP/IP, SPX W3NSL103.DLL W3BIF103.DLL W3MIF103.DLL Application Interface W3BTRV7.DLL Local MKDE Server Remote MKDE Server Communications Server Remote MKDE Server Communications Server NetWare Server Windows NT Server Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

15 Pervasive Software Internet enable existing and new applications Zero code changes, including DOS apps! Extend existing packaged applications to mobile and remote workers. Windows NT Server TCP/IP Network (LAN or Internet) Client Application/Browser Pervasive.SQL IDS Pervasive.SQL I*net Data Server (IDS) Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

16 Pervasive Software Windows NT Windows 95 Windows CE Unix - Solaris Linux NetWare Future Multi-platform support Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

17 Pervasive Software High Performance Pervasive.SQL offers the best of both Worlds The unique value of both transactional and relational data access mechanisms Transactional Access: Provides a direct API into the database engine. Relational Access: Allows high performance queries based on the standard SQL dialect. Pervasive.2000 will provide relational performance more than 2 times that of Pervasive.SQL 7. Pervasive.SQL - Product Strengths

18 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL Vs Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Source: Aberdeen Group 1997 Pervasive.SQL Five-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison Down load the white paper:

19 Pervasive Software Microsoft SQL Server Vs. Oracle 8 Source: Aberdeen Group 1997 Pervasive.SQL Three-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison Down load the white paper:

20 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL Vs Microsoft SQL Server 7 Source: Aberdeen Group 1999 Down load the white paper: Pervasive.SQL Five-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison

21 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL Vs Microsoft SQL Server 7 Improvement Ratio Source: Aberdeen Group 1997, 1999 Pervasive.SQL Five-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison

22 Pervasive Software Aberdeen Conclusions Pervasive Software’s Pervasive.SQL 7 offers clearly superior TCO to that of Microsoft’s SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0. The TCO ratio between Pervasive.SQL and SQL Server appears to be increasing. Buyers should also consider performance, downtime, ease-of-use, and flexibility. In each case, Pervasive.SQL 7 adds significant value relative to SQL Server 7. Pervasive.SQL Five-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison

23 Pervasive Software SQL Server Performance Performance or Benchmark Testing. You may not disclose the results of any benchmark test of either the Server Software or Client Software for Microsoft SQL... to any third party without Microsoft's prior written approval

24 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL vs. Btrieve 6.15 performance Debit/credit benchmark with TPC-B transaction profile and two second think time Windows NT Server Transactions/sec Numbers of users Btrieve 6.15 durable Pervasive.SQL logging Btrieve 6.15 non-logging Btrieve 6.15 logging Pervasive.SQL - Performance Industry Leading Performance

25 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL Performance Pervasive.SQL Vs. Pervasive.2000

26 Pervasive Software “THE BOTTOM LINE: EXCELLENT...Pervasive.SQL is fast, reliable, and inexpensive. It also includes a choice of database access methods, a small footprint, and "maintenance-free" operations, which means the product can be developed, deployed, and maintained with little or no assistance.” InfoWorld Magazine - Product Review Jan. 18, 1999 “Unlike other SQL-based database engines for NT, Pervasive.SQL has very modest system requirements because of several unique technologies that Pervasive Software uses to deliver the product.” “Pervasive.SQL is a real bargain, especially for small and medium-sized business markets where IS staff is not necessarily in place…” Windows NT Magazine - Product Review May 1999 Pervasive.SQL - Product Reviews

27 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL - Pervasive Embedded Solutions

28 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL - Pervasive Corporate Customers

29 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL 2000 Pervasive.SQL 2000 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL 2000

30 Pervasive Software Pervasive.2000 Release Highlights Drives Cost of Ownership even lower than P.SQL 7. Provides “Peer-to-Peer” Workgroup deployment. Enhanced Relational data access performance Enhanced Client/server relational architecture Near-native MKDE performance Client / Server ODBC access on NetWare! Distributed Tuning Interface (DTI) Allows direct application tuning and configuration of Pervasive.SQL. Pervasive Software - Pervasive.SQL 2000

31 Pervasive Software Pervasive.2000 Release Highlights Expanded SQL syntax support True NULL, outer joins, multiple variable-length columns Enhanced ODBC Conformance New/integrated management console Console, Config, Monitor, Query Plan Viewer, SQL Ease (DDF Ease + SQL Scope) Provided first release of Oracle Interoperability environment. Fully compatible with existing Btrieve applications. Pervasive Software - Pervasive.SQL 2000

32 Pervasive Software Pervasive.2000 Workstation Standalone embedded Solutions DBMS Application Pervasive.SQL 2000 - Deployment Options

33 Pervasive Software Application DBMS Application Application Pervasive.SQL 2000 - Deployment Options Pervasive.2000 Workgroup Workgroup Features Multi-user access NetBIOS protocol support Also TCP/IP and IPX/SPX Same Install and components as Workstation Default support for 3 clients Better performance and reliability than MEFS

34 Pervasive Software Application DBMS Application Application File Server Pervasive.SQL 2000 - Deployment Options Pervasive.2000 Workgroup - Gateway Transparent Exploitation of any File Server

35 Pervasive Software Internet DBMS Local Area Network Local Client Workstations Database Server Remote Client Workstations Pervasive.SQL 2000 - Deployment Options Pervasive.2000 Client / Server Our Traditional Industry Leading Client / Server Solution

36 Pervasive Software Distributed Tuning Interface  Connection - Start and stop Pervasive.SQL services on remote servers.  Configuration – Set database engine settings locally or on remote servers.  Monitoring - Retrieve engine statistics and resource usage, such as the files open on a server or the clients currently connected to it. Cataloging - Manage database schema and dictionary information such as database names, table names, table properties, data dictionary information and the ability to drop and create tables and dictionaries. Pervasive Software - Pervasive.SQL 2000

37 Pervasive Software Pervasive.SQL Technology Futures

38 Pervasive Software Internationalization store and retrieve virtually any language enable the entire core Pervasive product line to function around the world in accordance with an end-users locale specifics. This includes messages, date and number formatting, collation of data, etc. Pervasive Software - Technology Futures

39 Pervasive Software Pervasive Software - Technology Futures Replication Server A Full Database Server A Full Database Client B Subset Client B Subset Server C Subset Database Server C Subset Database Client D Subset Client D Subset

40 Pervasive Software N1 Primary data server Remote stations with database replicas Ra Rb Rz Mobile Connectivity and Data Replication LAN, WAN or Dial up network Mobile Applications WinCE Java Win95 Pervasive Software - Technology Futures

41 Pervasive Software Trends: Exponential Growth In Smart Handheld Devices Worldwide Smart Handheld Device Unit Shipment Forecast Millions of Units Source: IDC Pervasive Software - Technology Futures

42 Pervasive Software Trend: Exponential Growth in Smart Cards Millions of Units Worldwide Microcontroller and Memory Card Unit Forecast Source: Dataquest (Aug. 1998) Pervasive Software - Technology Futures

43 Pervasive Software Who does this apply to... Pervasive’s ultra-light databases are designed for use in... Embedded systems Mobile and handheld devices Information Appliances Smart Cards and SOAC Pagewriter (WinCE) Pilot (Palm OS) Smart Cards (Java) Pervasive Software - Mobile and Embedded Products

44 Pervasive Software Pervasive’s Mobile and Embedded Products Strategy RTOS Partnerships - Wind River, QNX, ISI, Pharlap others TBD Vertical Markets Information Appliances Partnerships - Software Developers, Chip Manufacturers Sun Jini, emWare’s ETI Consortium, others TBD Field Force Automation Sell and Deploy to Pervasive’s ISVs Commercial Mobile Devices Win CE, Palm OS Smart Cards Partnerships with Card Manufacturers Java Card Forum Database Sub-Committee Pervasive Software - Mobile and Embedded Products

45 Pervasive Software Product Roadmap Win CE and VxWorks SDK Alpha NOW Beta: April-June `99 Palm Pilot, QNX, PharLap Beta: July-August ‘99 Other OS’s On-going Smart Card DBMS 2nd half of 1999 Beta Alpha Developer Kit Galileo Roll out Pervasive Software - Mobile and Embedded Products

46 Pervasive Software Pervasive offers a range of choices chosen to make our partners successful. Pervasive works to make our partners successful. Many DBMS vendors spend the bulk of their investment and focus on gaining the acceptance of large enterprise customers. Pervasive has always been and continues to be focused on lowering the cost of ownership for small, mid-sized and departmental organizations. Pervasive Software - Our Focus

47 Pervasive Software Pervasive’ 1999 Partner Conference October 10-13, 1999 - Austin Texas

48 Pervasive Software Questions ? Pervasive Software

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