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Client/Server Computing Ajay Kumar Shrivastava. Network Operating System (NOS) It manages the services of the server It exists at the session and presentation.

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1 Client/Server Computing Ajay Kumar Shrivastava

2 Network Operating System (NOS) It manages the services of the server It exists at the session and presentation layers of the client machine’s network management s/w. It provides the links to upper layer network management s/w. It offers reliability, performance, security, and internetworking.

3 Most popular LAN OS NetWare from Novell LAN Manager from Microsoft OS/2 LAN Server from IBM VINES from Banyan

4 NetWare NetWare Lite is the new member of the family. It is DOS based NOS. Designed for small offices and peer-to-peer systems. NetWare can be used with bus or Token ring. It can integrate DOS, OS/2, Macintosh, and UNIX clients on a network. NetWare 3.11 supports TCP/IP and its native IPX/SPX protocol.

5 LAN Manager It works across multiple protocols, supporting NetBIOS or TCP/IP. It supports the mainframe environment through its compatibility with IBM OS/2 LAN server. It offers interoperability with NetWare through its NetWare connectivity program. It requires that the server run on OS/2.

6 LAN Manager Features Concept of a domain OS/2 named pipes facility Support for multiprocessing A preemptive scheduler Remote access service

7 OS/2 LAN Manager IBM has added two enhancements -Aliases -Dynamic resource sharing It facilitate the administration of large networks.

8 VIrtual NEtworking System (VINES) It is designed for large networks. It can run over LANs server-to-server interconnections to provide a single, global view of the enterprise network. It is based on a UNIX kernel. VINES server can be a 286-486 machine running a POSIX – complaint version of UNIX System V. VINES internet protocol (VIP) is a native protocol.

9 Training

10 Training advantages of GUI applications Reduced training cost -Training cost by 30%-40% - Training Time 10 weeks to 4 weeks Training the technical staff - Reduce the downtime - Overcome the Culture shock

11 System administrator training Should understand the requirement of System availability Ease of user Should ware of technical and human interaction protocols of working remotely.

12 System administrator training LAN administration WAN administration OS issues PC/Workstation issues Application issues

13 Programmers resistance to new technology

14 Database administrator training

15 END user training Workstation operations Application and new technologies

16 Training delivery technology

17 C/S System Development Methodology It describes a disciplined process through which technology can be applied to achieve the business objectives. It describes the process through the entire life cycle. Most integrator groups have their own life cycle management methodology.

18 System Planning Initiate system planning Gather data Identify current situation Describe existing situation Define requirements Analyze applications and data architectures Analyze technology platforms Prepare implementation plan

19 Project Initiation Screen request Identify relationship to long range System plan Initiate project Prepare plan for next phase

20 Architecture Definition Gather data Expand the requirements to the next level of detail Conceptualize alternative solutions Develop proposed conceptual architecture Select specific products and vendors

21 Analysis Gather Data Develop a logical model of the new application system Define general information system requirements Prepare external system design

22 Design Perform preliminary design Perform detailed design Design system test Design user aids Design conversion system

23 Development Set up development environment Code modules Develop user aids Conduct system test

24 Facilities Engineering Gather data Conduct site survey Document facility requirements Design data center Plan site preparation Prepare site Plan hardware installation Install and test hardware

25 Implementation Develop contingency procedures Develop maintenance and release procedures Train system users Ensure that production environment is ready Convert existing data Install application system Support acceptance test Provide warranty support

26 Post-implementation Support Initiate support and maintenance services Support hardware and communication configuration Support software Perform other project completion tasks as appropriate

27 System integration life cycle 1 System planning 2 Project initiation 3 Architect- ure Definition 4 Analysis 5 Design 6 Develop- ment 7 Facilities Engineeri -ng 8 Impleme- ntation 9 Post implemen tation support System Encyclo.

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