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Beef Cattle Breeds By: Erin Bosch Topic 3082A, B.

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1 Beef Cattle Breeds By: Erin Bosch Topic 3082A, B

2 Development of Breeds  Many breeds originated in Europe  Selection for breeds was practiced in British Isles  Began in late 1700s  Most desirable traits were kept  Those without desired traits were culled (removed) from herd  Newer breeds develop in 20 th century in U.S.  Exotic breeds became popular in 60s and 70s

3 Angus History  Official name: Aberdeen-Angus  Originated in Scotland, in shires of Aberdeen and Angus  Earliest written records of Angus breeds in 1700s  In 1862, the first herdbook of Angus was published  First imports of Angus to U.S. was in 1873  Today, Angus breeds are found in every state

4 Angus Description  Black color  Smooth hair  Polled  Have well-marbled meat  Alert  Vigorous

5 Angus

6 Charolais History  Oldest French breed of beef cattle  Developed around Charolles in central France  Charolais started to be imported in 1930  First to Mexico, then from Mexico to Texas

7 Charolais Description  White to light straw color with pink skin  Heavily muscled breed  Mature cows weigh 1500-1800 lbs  Mature bulls weight 2000-2500 lbs  Most are naturally horned, with white horns  Well adapted to most areas  Used for many cross-breeding programs

8 Charolais

9 Chianina History  Originated in Chiana Valley, Italy  One of oldest breeds of Italy and probably the world  Chianina semen was imported to U.S. in 1971

10 Chianina Description  Original breed was white with a black switch  Skin pigment is black  High heat tolerant  Gentle  Bulls can weigh up to 4,000 lbs  Cows can weigh up to 2,400 lbs  Have fine-textured meat

11 Chianina

12 Devon History  Originated in Devon and Somerset of SW England  Old breed of cattle  Brought to U.S. in 1623 by colonists  Used for milk, beef, ox teams and leather  Devon herdbook was started in 1850

13 Devon Description  Rich red in color  Yellow skin  White, black tipped horns  Polled Devons are from a mutation from 1915  Long and moderately deep body  High heat tolerance and adaptable to many climates

14 Devon

15 Hereford History  Originate in Hereford, England  Early breeds were selected for high yield of beef  First purebred Hereford was started in 1840 in U.S.  Breed became popular in U.S. in 1870

16 Hereford Description  White faces and red bodies  White on belly, legs and switch  Docile and easily handled  Produce more calves than any other breed in adverse conditions  Horned  Superior foragers and hardiness

17 Hereford

18 Brahman History  Developed in southwest US from imported breeds of India  Early breeds were selected for hardiness  Ability to produce in southwest climate was also selected for  Used in development of newer breeds of cattle

19 Brahman Description  Light gray or red to almost black color  Most common color is light to medium gray  Characteristic hump over the shoulders  Loose skin, called the dewlap, under the throat  Large drooping ears  Have high heat tolerance  Resistant to disease and insects

20 Brahman

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