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Prepared. For Life. Welcome to Cub Scout School Night for Scouting! Prepared. For Life.

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1 Prepared. For Life. Welcome to Cub Scout School Night for Scouting! Prepared. For Life.

2 Opening Introductions District Volunteers Pack Volunteers Your Involvement Family Oriented Advancement Leadership Prepared. For Life.

3 Purpose of tonight’s meeting Give You Information about Scouting Provide opportunity for you and your son to join Scouting

4 Prepared. For Life. Circle Ten Council The Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America is comprised of 12 counties, including Grayson, Collin, Hunt, Dallas, Rockwall, Rains, Kaufman, Van Zandt, Ellis, Henderson and Navarro in North Texas and Bryan County in Oklahoma. Over 54,000 young people participate in the Council’s Scouting programs on an annual basis. More than 14,000 adult volunteers dedicate their time and energy to make this program a success. Scouting units are chartered to approximately 1,000 community organizations such as schools and churches.

5 Prepared. For Life. Why Cub Scouting? 30 Years Ago the top 3 influences in a young boy’s decision making process were : 1) Family 2) Friends 3) Church Today…. 1) Friends 2) T.V. / Video Games 3) Family

6 Prepared. For Life.

7 WHAT IS CUB SCOUTING? 1.Program for boys in grades 1 through 5 2.A Positive Peer Environment 3.Builds Character 4.Teaches Citizenship 5.Strengthens Families 6.Tons of FUN!

8 Prepared. For Life. WHAT PARENTS WANT 1. Bring the family together 2. Help the boys develop 3. Connect with others 4. Learn to get along 5. Build self-confidence 6. Be happy!

9 Prepared. For Life. WHAT BOYS WANT 1. FUN! 2. Make new friends 3. Master new skills 4. Recognition and praise 5. FUN with Mom and Dad!

10 Prepared. For Life. SCOUTING ACTIVITIES 1.Parent & Pal Weekends 2.District Cub Scout Camping 3.Day Camp 4.Webelos Resident Camp 5.Family Camping 6.Hiking, Fishing, Nature, and Crafts 7.And A Whole Lot More!

11 Prepared. For Life. ADVANCEMENT 1.Age based rank –Assigned by grade 2.Awards and badges – Connecting effort and success 3.Recognition – Celebrating achievement and building self- confidence

12 Prepared. For Life. BOYS Den Leaders Assistant Cubmaster Pack Committee Assistant Cubmaster Assistant Cubmaster Webelos Leaders Assistant

13 Prepared. For Life. Where you fit in 1.1 youth + 1 parent = 1 Scout 2.A Den is 6 to 10 Scouts plus Parents 3.A Pack is 2 or more Dens 4.Den Levels 1.Tiger Cub – 1 st Graders 2.Wolf Cub – 2 nd Graders 3.Bear Cub – 3 rd Graders 4.Webelos I – 4 th Graders 5.Webelos II – 5 th Graders

14 Prepared. For Life. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1.Den Meetings – Small groups organized by grade 2.Program Aids – Meeting tips and Monthly Themes 3.Pack Meetings & Activities – Family Events combining all dens 4.Boy’s Life – Scouting magazine just for kids 5.District & Council Events – Community-wide activities

15 Prepared. For Life. NEW LEADER TRAINING 1.Basic Leader Training for new adult leaders 2.Youth Protection Training 3.Monthly Leader’s Roundtables 4.Online resources and handbooks 5.University of Scouting

16 Prepared. For Life. FINANCE 1.Registration Fees 2.Dues / Uniform 3.Money Earning Projects 4.Popcorn & Camp Card Sales 5.Family Giving – “Investment in Character”

17 Prepared. For Life. REGISTRATION To register boys: 1.Completed form tonight 2.Annual registration fee 3.Boy’s Life Subscription (optional) To register adults: 1.Completed form tonight 2.Annual registration fee 3.Insurance, training costs, and Scouting magazine Subscription are included

18 Prepared. For Life. Now Lets get started! 1)Break into Dens! 2)Assign Temporary Chair Person

19 Prepared. For Life. Welcome to Cub Scouting! Remember, our next Meeting is______________________________ Before you leave we need to collect the following: Fees Den Rosters New Leader Rosters Youth Applications New Adult Leader Applications

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