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Product Specification Product overview, details, scope & application.

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1 Product Specification Product overview, details, scope & application

2 Folding Sliding Doors

3 Aluminium is the ideal solution for the modern day fenestration market. Aluminium is light, strong, durable and flexible making it the perfect material for window and door fabrication. Key Benefits:  Slimmer & Neater  Inherent Strength & Durability  Resistance to Pollution  Available in over 500 RAL Colours  Enhanced Security & Weather Performance  Thermally Efficient Profiles  Versatility and Flexibility  Low Maintenance  Sustainable & Environmentally Sound Why Aluminium ?

4 Product Overview Folding Sliding Doors can transform the way you live your life. Whether you choose to relax in a stylish open plan living areas or you want to create beautifully panoramic views from any room, Folding Sliding Doors can help to create an open, flexible, modern space for both living and working environments.  Folding Sliding Doors are part of the Kestrel range of products  Manufactured from Aluminium profiles with Polyamide Thermal Break  Doors and panels can be used in any configuration, style and design  All configurations are available in both open-in and open-out  Full range of suited hardware available  Suited to both domestic and commercial applications  Entire walls can be replaced maximising openings up to 90%

5 Profiles Outer frames & Thresholds

6 Profiles Sash & Jamb

7 Profiles Beads & Adaptors

8 General Arrangements

9 Configurations

10 Typical Detail

11 Design Features Internally Beaded with a soft line Detail to all Doors and Panels Slim Interlock Details at 150mm (Glass to Glass) Unique hardware allows Panels to Stack Flush to each other

12 Design Features Flush Fitting “Genesis” Handle ensures no interference when panels stack Heavy Duty Intermediate Hinges ensures smooth and consistent operation Secure, lockable traffic door lever handles

13 Design Features Secure fitting top bogey with low friction bearings allowing smooth sliding panels 4 Nylon wheels and unique high strength roller design for increased weight capacity Double track threshold allowing greater stability and consistent operation

14 Design Features High Security, Multi-point locking mechanism to traffic doors Fully adjustable and secure centre, top & bottom keeps Shootbolts top and bottom of the interlocks for enhanced security

15 Options  Doors and panels can be used in any configuration, style and design  All configurations are available in both open-in and open-out options  Full range of suited hardware available  Glazing sizing range of 28mm – 32mm  2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Panels with various opening options as standard  Single or double traffic doors available (depending on style).  Bottom frame available in standard rebated, thermal and non thermal Low threshold  Chamfered or square bead options avalaible  Ability to add trickle vents in head extension where necessary  Can incorporate specialist glass, leads, Georgians and integral blinds  Available in any single RAL colour or dual colour option

16 Sizing & Scope Installation DepthFrame70mm Profile WidthFrame45mm Profile WidthSash70mm Profile Widthframe/Sash100mm Profile WidthInterlocks150mm Minimum WidthMaximum Width 600 mm1000 mm Minimum HeightMaximum Height 1600 mm2700 mm Maximum Sash Weight 100 Kg ** **Size and scope of framing will depend heavily on project specification. The use of reinforcing profiles may increase the scope of the framing. Sash heights, widths and weights are dependent on style and design. For full information regarding sizing and scope, please contact our technical office.

17 Performance Air Permeability600 pa Rating Wind Resistance1200 pa Rating Water Penetration600 pa Rating ‘U’ Value1.7 w/m² K Certification BS 6375: Part 1 2009 Weather Tightness

18 Applications




22 Thank You Should you have any additional questions regarding the scope, specification and application of this product, please contact a member of our technical support team.

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