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3 Greetings and Introductions Principal - Rudy Ramirez PTA President – Noeleen Acosta Parent Extraordinaire – Emily Mencken Clerk Typist - Josefina Gomez Curtis Bennett - Head Custodian Mirian Espinal – Health Clerk Marcus Hinkley – LEARNS Coordinator Dual Immersion Kindergarten Teachers - Maestra Luz Ceja - Maestra Elva De Jarnett - Maestra Karla Cordova Meet each other! Please introduce yourself to 5 new people sitting around you.

4 Maestra Luz Ceja Room #9 My name is Luz Ceja and this will be my sixth year teaching in the Dual-Immersion program at San Rafael. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Education with an option in Early Childhood Education and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: BCLAD (Spanish). My philosophy of education is based on the belief that each child is unique, therefore; teachers should create an environment where each child is motivated to learn through valuable and memorable experiences. I am looking forward to a fun, enriching and successful 2014-2015 school year. Welcome to our San Rafael family!

5 Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Elva De Jarnett and this will be my fourth year teaching in the Dual-Immersion program at San Rafael Elementary. I am originally from Paraguay and I studied at CSU Dominguez Hills and CSU Long Beach, where I earned my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (BCLAD). I am very thrilled to share my passion and appreciation for bilingualism and biculturalism with your children, as well as my love for music, and I promise to offer a caring learning environment that will reach and inspire every single one of them. Maestra Elva De Jarnett Room #12

6 Welcome to Kindergarten and to our wonderful San Rafael family! My name is Karla Cordova and this will be my fourth year teaching at San Rafael. I studied at California State University, Fullerton and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Adolescent development and earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential: BCLAD (Spanish). I am passionate about teaching and I promote a lifelong love of learning in children. I offer students an enriched learning and caring environment in which they can thrive and be highly motivated to reach their potential. Together we’ll have a wonderful and successful 2014-2015 school year! Maestra Karla Cordova Room #11

7 The Kindergarten Program Focuses on language development Incorporates active learning Provides opportunities for investigation, exploration, and discovery Promotes creative expression Fosters positive interaction with others and appreciation for diversity Age and individually appropriate curriculum and instruction Safe and supportive classroom environment Differentiated instruction Assessments

8 Sample Kindergarten Schedule Networking –Journal Writing –Learning Games –Classroom Library Morning/Afternoon Meeting –Attendance/Greeting –Weather/Calendar –Daily Message Board –Literature-based experiences –Plan for the day Read Aloud Recess Flexible Groups –Language Arts –Mathematics –Science/Social –Studies Centers –Literacy Stations Special Subjects –Music –PE –Art –Library Class Meeting/Evaluation of the Day Dismissal

9 Special Kinder Traditions Birthday celebrations Cero el Héroe Panda Estrella Super Saco / Show and tell bag Bono el Mono / Bona la Mona Special Cultural Celebrations Literacy activities Visits to the public library 100th day celebration Santa Monica Beach Aquarium Kidspace Children’s Museum (My Masterpieces)

10 Food In the Classroom SNACKS Monday through Friday  SMALL NUTRITIONAL snack from home Students should be able to open their own container/packaging  86 students with 5 adults Snack: IN ITS OWN LABELED CONTAINER  EVERYTHING must be labeled with your child’s first and last name and their room number (use a Black Sharpie). We are a peanut free school. Regardless the length of the school day, there is always first recess and lunch recess.

11 Play First, Eat Second At San Rafael, our students play before they eat Students are walked to the playground at 11:00 am Students are able to play until 11:15-11:20’sh Students then line up to get ready to have lunch If students bring their own lunch, they will be directed to the Pergola area If students are having a school lunch, they will line up to enter the cafeteria Procedures take a bit longer at the beginning of the year

12 FOOD SERVICE DEPARTMENT Payment Procedures Parents may pay by cash or check by going to the cafeteria. Money can be deposited in student accounts for future purchases. Please make sure you update your child’s balance monthly. Teachers will not collect lunch money.. Application for Free or Reduced Priced meals: We encourage all interested people to complete an application for free or reduced lunch Any completed applications must be returned to the front office or the cafeteria manager

13 School-Wide Policies & Procedures Uniform Policy Solid navy, light blue, forest green or white shirts with collars (long or short sleeves) Official school t-shirts (Panda Wear) Solid color sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts - preferably in the four school colors. Navy or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses. No denim/jeans No open toe shoes or shoes without a back are allowed. Free dress days are announced by the Principal or Student Council.

14 Medication The school cannot dispense medication to students unless it has been prescribed by a physician AND with written approval of the parent/guardian. Medication must be in an appropriate prescription container which includes the physician’s directions for dispensing. All medication is administered and kept in the Front Office. Please do not send any medication with your child, as they may want to share it. Parents may give the medication to the bus driver for safe delivery. Please notify the classroom teacher and Front Office if your child has any medical conditions or allergies or if they require medication during school hours. Teachers do not administer medication to students.

15 Bell Schedule 7:30amMorning Supervision begins 7:45amLine-up (1st Bell) 7:50amSCHOOL BEGINS (2nd Bell) 9:00amKindergarten Recess (15 Minutes) 11:00amKindergarten Lunch (45 Minutes) 12:35pmDISMISSAL (Monday) 2:15pmDISMISSAL (Tuesday -Friday) 2:15pmLEARNS, Parks & Rec (until 6:00 pm)

16 Minimum Days Check the calendar on our school website for specific days –Back to School Night (Sept 18 th at 6:00 pm) –Fridays before Winter Break and Spring Break –Open House (TBA) –Last Day of School Typically, students are released at 12:30 pm but it varies

17 Birthday Celebrations Each classroom has its own way of celebrating birthdays. Teachers usually pick a day at the end of each month to celebrate the birthdays of that month. Celebrations are held the last 20 minutes of the school day. Parents may wish to bring in healthy snacks. –There is a district policy that outlines acceptable foods and drinks, which we follow. –Do not bring unhealthy snacks or treats like potato chips, Cheetos, Flaming Red Hot Cheetos, Doritos, Flaming Doritos, etc., sodas, candy, frosting covered cookies and cupcakes –Please consider items such as mini-muffins, grapes, apple slices, dried fruit, string cheese, and other healthy choices To avoid hurt feelings, distribution of invitations to birthday parties is not allowed during school hours.

18 Lost and Found Please clearly label EVERYTHING with your student’s first and last name and room number (with a black Sharpie). The lost and found is located in the cafeteria. The PTA will regularly lay out the contents of the Lost & Found at meetings. Due to limited space, the Lost & Found is cleaned every month or two. All unclaimed items are donated to local charities, including a program supporting PUSD students. If your student has lost an item, please be sure to check the Lost & Found prior to the end of the month. It is the parents’ responsibility to check the Lost & Found

19 Miscellaneous Information “OOPS” Policy –From time to time, students may have an “accident” while at school –Please send a FULL change of clothes in a gallon- sized ziploc bag. Make sure to label it with your student’s full name. Parties –Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine’s Day, 100 th Day, Spring and End of the Year Parties are celebrated by all kindergarten students together.

20 Wish List You can help our Kindergarten program by donating some of the school supplies used during the school year for special projects Take advantage of the Back-to-School sales and stock up! We always need reams of paper. Look at the “Wish List” on the school website for your child’s grade level needs/wants. Stay on the look-out for the Scholastic Book Fair wish list.

21 Homework Children typically bring home a homework folder on Monday and return it on Friday Please review the folder carefully as it often comes with notes from your teacher Students are expected to work for a certain number of minutes every day. –If your student exceeds this time on a regular basis, please talk to your student’s teacher. Kindergarten – 15 minutes daily on homework plus 15 minutes of reading time –Until your student is reading on his/her own, it is expected that you spend this time reading to your student. –Read books in the language(s) in which you are fluent. –Homework is a PUSD Policy

22 Communication Phone Call –School Messenger on Sunday evening Principal, Student Council, PTA, etc. –PUSD Monday Message (Superintendent) Online –San Rafael Website –E-blast (PLEASE SIGN UP) –Facebook Wednesday folder –Principal’s Weekly Newsletter –Flyers With Teachers –Via e-mail –In person –Conferences Room Parents –Shutterfly websites –E-mails

23 HOW TO CONTACT YOUR TEACHER Classrooms will not be interrupted during classroom instruction time. Classroom instruction is a very valuable time of the day that must be protected allowing for enhanced student achievement. E-Mail –E-Mail is only checked before and after school –Please do not e-mail important information during school hours as it will not be read Notes delivered by your student

24 Driving and Parking Safety is #1!!!! Follow all traffic and pedestrian laws. –Don’t make u-turns in driveways or intersections –Follow all posted speed limit and parking signs and go slowly –Don’t double park Be mindful of our neighbors –Do not block their driveways, play in their front yards or move their garbage cans –Trash pickup day is typically Thursdays

25 Parking Safety is #1!!!! There is no school parking lot Do not park in the School Bus Zone (front of school) Do not park in our neighbors’ driveways or block their driveways Observe all posted parking signs – you will get a ticket Give yourself enough time because you may need to walk a block or two to campus (sometimes) Do not jay walk – use the crosswalks Please don’t litter; help us keep our neighborhood lovely

26 Morning Drop-Off “Valet” drop-off is available on Nithsdale (front of school) and on San Rafael (east entrance) Please pull forward and allow for staff to assist you NO PARKING in valet lane ! ! ! –When one car parks in the valet lane, the entire system stops Student supervision begins at 7:30 am on the Upper Playground and in the Cafeteria If you will be walking your student to the Upper Playground, please be aware of restricted bus lanes and traffic signs when you park your car Students line up on their classroom number in the morning There is “No Playing” in the am –With over 450 students, playing in the am would be unsafe

27 What if I’m late to school? Classroom instruction begins at 7:50 am Students are marked “late” to school if they arrive after the bell rings Parents must escort students to the Front Office if they are late Students will not be admitted into the classroom without a tardy slip from the office Please give yourself plenty of time in the morning

28 Pick-Up From School Safety is #1!!!! If you are picking up your student after school, teachers walk their students to the Outdoor Classroom (fenced area behind Room #12) If you are carpooling or picking up other students, you need to have written permission from those students’ parents or guardians Parents should either call the front office an hour before school ends or have their students bring a note with them to school (NO EXCEPTIONS) In the event of a major emergency, please meet at the Back Gate on Lower Playground –Students will only be released to an authorized adult on the Emergency Card with photo identification –Parents will not be allowed on campus during emergency events

29 Red Flag Days Red Flag Days are announced by the City of Pasadena –Please sig up with the city to receive e-mail notifications Red Flag Days are declared when the temperature is high and the humidity level is low Red Flag Days allow for Emergency Personnel to access narrow streets ALL three curbs on the San Rafael side of the street (Nithsdale, San Rafael, and Hermosa) are RED FLAG postings Please be informed and give yourself plenty of time

30 Driving Map SR

31 Parking Map SR Drop off Line Bus Zone Side Gate

32 Campus Map

33 School Traditions Spirit Days Birthday Celebrations Monthly recognition assemblies Healthy Pandas –Play First/Eat Second –Field Day Student Council Events –Posting Party (classroom rosters posted) –Back To School BBQ –Back To School night –Halloween/Costume Parade –Sweetheart Lunch (Valentine’s Day) –Open House –Career Day

34 School Traditions Continued Holiday Performances / Celebrations Talent Show District Music Program My Masterpieces Room 13 Outdoor classroom Picture Days Summer School/PEF Future Projects –Science Lab –Technology Resource Center

35 Parent Information To volunteer in the classroom, you must first fill out an application (found in the Front Office) and get a TB test. If you are volunteering consistently and attending field trips, you must go to the Ed Center (PUSD office) to get a background screening. (Principal must approve your request first) When you step foot on campus to volunteer, immediately go to the Front Office to sign in & record your hours. –Please do not go directly to any classroom San Rafael will ask you to sign-in and wear a “Visitor’s Tag” during your visit. Please ONLY use adult restrooms. Younger children are not allowed during volunteering as they can distract classroom instruction and learning. Volunteers are not allowed in the classroom for the first six weeks of school.

36 Parent Groups Parent Teacher Association (PTA) –Monthly meetings (alternating at 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm) –Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch –Scholastic Book Fair –Read-a-Thon School Site Council (SSC) Annual Fund (AF) Room #13 Art Studio Wellness Committee/Healthy Pandas –Field Day African American Parent Council (AAPC) Dual Immersion Advisory Council (DIAC) –School tours –Cultural committee –Marketing & outreach –Academic –Middle School English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Tech Committee

37 School Fundraisers PTA –Pumpkin Patch –Read-a-thon –Scholastic Book Fair – URL –Box Tops for Education –Restaurant nights –Movie nights –Inkjet Cartridge, Laser Cartridge, Batteries and Mobile Phone Recycling Program Annual Fund -Direct Appeals -Bamboo Club (monthly pledge) -Panda Padre Fiesta -Grants

38 Kindergarten “Rules” Please Note: This is an important aspect of our Dual- Immersion program. You can either ask another parent to translate or step away to where you can speak freely without students overhearing you. Kindergarten teachers will not “break” language in front of students. They will only speak to you in Spanish.

39 Upcoming Events Aug 15“Posting Party” at 4:00 pm (Classroom Rosters Posted) Aug 18Classes Resume (7:45 am) Aug 18“Boo-Hoo” Parent Breakfast at 8:00 am on the Lower Playground Aug 22Back to School Picnic at 6:00pm Sept 1Labor Day Holiday – No School Sept 4PTA Meeting at 6:00 pm Punch with the Principal at 5:30 pm Sept 15Scholastic Book Fair begins Sept 18Back to School Night – Minimum Day Sept 23School Site Council meeting at 2:30 pm


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