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HeartSine ® Technologies Marketing. Agenda Marketing Tools –Logo Update –Visual Guidelines –HeartSine ® Web Site –Social Media –Distributor Portal –Marketing.

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1 HeartSine ® Technologies Marketing

2 Agenda Marketing Tools –Logo Update –Visual Guidelines –HeartSine ® Web Site –Social Media –Distributor Portal –Marketing Collateral Marketing Programs –Forward Hearts –Free Pad-Pak™/Tell Us Program Marketing Opportunities –Trade Show and Events –Non-Profit Programs –Email Campaigns –Share Your News

3 Visual Identity Guidelines New Identity Guide –Distributed via email –Available in Distributor Portal

4 Visual Identity Guidelines Logos New Logo: Finding Balance! Old Logo

5 Logo Options

6 Visual Identity Guidelines Colors Typeface for HeartSine Material Trademark Symbols –HeartSine ® –samaritan ® –CPR Advisor™ –Pad-Pak™ –Pediatric-Pak™ –Saver EVO ® –SCOPE™

7 Visual Identity Guidelines Company/Product Names –HeartSine –samaritan ® PAD xxxx or SAM xxxx –CPR Advisor –Pad-Pak –Pediatric-Pak –Saver EVO –SCOPE Incorrect Usage –Heartsine –Samaritan PAD xxxx or PAD xxxx –CPR advisor –Pad Pak, Pad-pak, PAD-PAK –Pediatric Pak, Pediatric-pak –Saver Evo, SaverEVO –Scope, scope™

8 Visual Identity Guidelines Press Releases –Follow guidelines for names and trademarks –Use standard About Us –Product claims must be approved Authorized Distributor Program –Optional logo Distributor Portal (more detail later)

9 Visual Identity Guidelines Web Sites –Must not use HeartSine “look & feel” –Must have current products (specs, photos, documents) –Must follow guidelines –HeartSine to own all HeartSine.xx domains

10 HeartSine Web Site Post your events Send us your news

11 Social Media Active on social media –Facebook –Twitter –Linked In –YouTube Like and follow us Promote your events and news

12 Distributor Information Password protected website for authorized distributors All current marketing collateral –Documents (print-ready, desktop print and web) –Photographs –Logos

13 HeartSine Authorized Distributor LinkedIn Group News portal for HeartSine Authorized Distributors –Private – open only to Authorized Distributors –Insider news and information –Saves –Announce new marketing materials

14 Marketing Collateral Range of material available –Company Folder, Brochure & Flyers –Product Documents –Technical Notes –Sudden Cardiac Arrest Tri-fold –Competitive Flyers –Industry Flyers –Pull-Up Banners –Videos –Presentations (coming soon) All available as pdf files to which your logo/contact info can be added

15 Company Documents Company Folder Company Brochure Why HeartSine Flyer

16 Product & Program Documents samaritan PAD 350P Data Sheet samaritan PAD 360P Data Sheet samaritan PAD 500P Data Sheet samaritan PAD Trainer Data Sheet Warranty Flyer Forward Hearts Flyer Free Pad-Pak Flyer

17 TechNotes CPR Advisor™ SCOPE™ Biphasic Electrodes

18 What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Tri-Fold Simple, easy to understand description of SCA Ideal for trade shows

19 Competitive Flyers One-to-one comparisons of HeartSine samaritan PADs to each major competing product –Cardiac Science G3 and G5 –CardiaTech CardiAid –CU Medical i-PAD NF1200 –Nihon Kohden cardiolife AED-2100K –Philips Heartstart FRx and OnSite AED –Physio Lifepak –Progetti RESCUE SAM –Schiller FRED easy –Zoll AED Plus

20 Industry Flyers Advantages for specific vertical markets –Armed Forces –Assisted Living –Athletic Facilities –Aviation –Boy Scouts –Construction/Utilities/Industrial –Corporate –Dental –Education –Golf –Ground Transportation –Healthcare –Hospitality –Maritime –Public Safety –Supermarkets

21 Pull-Up Banners Artwork for pop-up banners Consistent branding Corporate banner available Product-specific banners available by model: –samaritan PAD 350P –samaritan PAD 500P

22 Videos On web site and YouTube Overview/training videos for SAM 350P / SAM 300P –samaritan PAD 350P Overview –samaritan PAD 350P Set-Up and Maintenance –samaritan PAD 350P How to Use –Teddy’s Alive! CPR Advisor video **NEW** Planned for 2015 –SAM 500P –SAM 360P –Survivor videos

23 Forward Hearts Program “Pay it Forward” program Donation on behalf of survivor, distributor & HeartSine Excellent PR opportunity –HST can write press and include distributor references –Distributed to local media –Invite media to handover

24 Free Pad-Pak Program Available after every SCA when AED is used Goal to obtain event data for measurement & product improvement “Tell Us” stickers promote this activity

25 Free Pad-Pak Program – 3 Steps 1.Customer or distributor contacts HeartSine about event and outcome 2.Customer or distributor submits Saver EVO file AND Customer Event form 3.HeartSine sends free Pad-Pak

26 Customer Event Form Extremely important for measurement and improvement Return form with Saver EVO file

27 Trade Shows & Events Distributor Events on HeartSine Event Calendar –What’s on your calendar?

28 Non-Profit Programs Partner with local non-profit organizations that deal with Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AEDs –American Heart Association (AHA) –American Red Cross (ARC) –Anthony Bates Foundation –Arrhythmia Alliance –Boy Scouts of America –C.L.A.Y. Foundation –DOM Heart 21 –Hopey's Heart –Parent Heart Watch (PHW) –Pittsburgh PAD Program –Project Adam –Pulse Point –Quinn Driscoll Foundation –SADS Foundation (Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome) –Simon's Fund –Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) –Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCAF –The Janet Fund

29 Email Campaigns Offer “news” sign up on site Maintain list of contacts Announce promotions, new products, saves, Forward Hearts donations… Use inexpensive on-line service (for instance, Constant Contact) Leverage social media

30 Share Your News PR: Relatively inexpensive way to advertise Announce products, sales (with customer’s permission), donations, saves, programs Create a list of local/national media or use local PR agency Distribute using inexpensive wire service Use Google Alerts to get market news

31 Your Marketing Ideas What’s missing from your marketing tool kit? We love feedback!

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