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PetroPlus Fuel Saver revolutionary fuel additive of the latest most innovative technological development.

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1 PetroPlus Fuel Saver revolutionary fuel additive of the latest most innovative technological development

2 Features And Benefits Nature plant quintessence – palm oil Suitable for all type of engine Save operational and maintenance cost Fuel booster Nature lubricant to the engines combustion chamber Design for all types of engines i.e. Carburetor, fuel injection No negative effect on our human body and environment Enhance power and performance. No effect on the engine or the spark plugs Marvelous for racing car purpose Environment friendly product Practical and handy with the content of 250ml 100ml PetroPlus to 100 liters petrol or 80 liters diesel. Economical and affordable

3 Analysis on Problems That Drivers Face Today CAUSE: With the abolish of the leaded petrol by our government, all the car on the road irrespective of model and years of manufacture have to depend entirely on the unleaded petrol. However there are certain models especially those manufactured prior to 1986 may find that the engine performance is greatly affected, as their engine is more suitable with the usage of leaded petrol. As far as engine lubrication is concerned, lead is definitely highly recommended. But again, we have to bear in mind the harmful side of the usage of lead to our health. Thus, with the lacking of the lead, the piston wore out easily as the upper cylinder of the engine is not being properly lubricated. SOLUTION: The introduction of PetroPlus Fuel Saver made from the main ingredients of 100% nature plant quintessence, which contain a high percentage of fatty acid. This fatty acid, being a natural material for lubrication is now being used as a replacement for lead. Upon mixing with the resistance of the piston, PetroPlus Fuel Saver is definitely the best solution especially to the cars manufactured prior to 1986. The engines piston wore out easily

4 Analysis on Problems That Drivers Face Today CAUSES: Petrol or diesel nowadays, consist a lot of big petrol molecules. Generally, these big molecules are neither being fully used/burnt up in the engine’s combustion chamber and are normally emitted as smoke wastage through the exhaust. This will again affect the engine performance as well as the fuel consumption. And eventually may even be an added to the high cost of daily living. SOLUTION: The PetroPlus Fuel Saver will help in the cracking of the big petrol molecules into smaller ones. As the smaller molecules are burnt/used up easily, leading to the enhancement of the engine performance and fuel consumption. Thus, eventually resulting in a reduction of the cost in both fuel consumption and maintenance.. Unnecessary wastage of petrol

5 Analysis on Problems That Drivers Face Today CAUSES: Many of us aware that the smoke emitted out from the car exhaust system is harmful in nature consist of excessive monoxide and hydrocarbon. Our environment continues to be polluted day after day. This will eventually be hazardous to our health and even our next generation. SOLUTION: As mentioned earlier, with the PetroPlus Fuel Saver mixing with the fuel, our furl will be fully burnt/used up. Thus, reducing the emission of the excessive harmful smoke leading to a less polluted environment. The continuation of pollution to our environment

6 Petronas Inventory Award

7 Material Safety Data Sheet Effective: 1st June 2005 IDENTIFICATION 1.1Product Name: PETROPLUS FUEL SAVER 1.2Manufacturer: CITIDIRECT SDN BHD 1.3Telephone No: +60(3) 92829663 1.4Fax No:: +60(3) 92829662 1.5:Emergency No : +60(19)2235236 Recommended Use:As a Fuel Additive COMPOSITION/IMFORMATION OF INGREDIENTS Chemical composition: Hydrocarbon solvent-less than 10% Surfactant-less than 5% Polyether-more than 80% HAZARDA INDENTIFICATION 3.1Nature of Hazard- May cause lung damage if inhaled and swallowed 3.2Hazard Symbol- R65 FIRST AID MEASURE Eye contact: Irrigate eye with clean water of 15 minutes, seek medical advices, if effect persists. Skin Contact : Wash off with water Inhalation: Remove the victim to open air. Keep at rest. Give artificial respiration, if necessary. Get medical attention, if necessary. Ingestion: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Keep at rest. Get medical attention.

8 FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Extinguishing media. Water spray, Carbon dioxide, foam, Dry Chemical. Unsuitable extinguishing media. None known. Unusual fire and explosion hazard. None known. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Contain spilled liquid with sand or earth and dispose off in accordance with local authority regulations. Wash site of spillage with water. HANDLING AND STORAGE Storage. Store in cool and ventilated place. Handling. Keep contained closed. Keep away from direct sunlight. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/ PERSONAL PROTECTION Good manufacturing practice should be used at all time. Hand protection: Gloves recommended Eye protection: Gloves recommended PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance: Off white liquid, emulsion Odor: Aromatic pH 1%: 7.0 – 8.0 Viscosity spindle 4rpm 10:60 eps + 5.0 Specific gravity: 0.8900 + 0.1 Solubility : Completely soluble in water Material Safety Data Sheet

9 STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Conditions to avoid. Avoid direct sunlight. Materials to avoid. Strong oxidizing agents. Polymerise. None Stability. The product may separate on standing TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Skin toxicity: Prolonged contact may defeat and dry the skin. Eye toxicity: May cause irritation Ingestion toxicity: May feel dizziness Inhalation toxicity: May feel dizziness DISPOSAL CONSIDERATION Method: Dispose in accordance with local regulation. TRANSPORT INFORMATION Proper shipping name: hydrocarbon Class:3 PG:11 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Biodegradability: Biodegradable Aquatic toxicity: None known REGULATORY INFORMATION Whilst Citidirect Sdn Bhd has taken every care to ensure accuracy of the data contained in this document, no guarantee or liability will be assumed. It is recommended that consumer satisfy themselves of the suitability of all product purchases to their own use. Information given is good faith. Material Safety Data Sheet

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