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MNA M osby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 43 Mental Health Problems.

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1 MNA M osby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 43 Mental Health Problems

2 Basic Concepts Mental relates to the mind Stress Mental health Mental illness Response or change in the body. Caused by emotional, physical, social or economic factors Able to cope with and adjust to everyday stress Unable to cope with or adjust to stress. Behavior and ability to function is impaired

3 Causes of Mental Illness Unable to cope with stress Chemical imbalances Genetics Drugs or substance abuse Social and cultural factors

4 Anxiety Disorder Vague, uneasy feeling Sense of danger or harm Some anxiety is normal High and constant levels of anxiety is not normal

5 Panic Disorder Highest level of anxiety Intense feeling of terror or dread Unable to function Panic attacks can last for 10minutes or longer

6 Phobias Intense fear, panic or dread Avoids what is feared Unable to function if faced with fear.

7 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Obsessive -Recurrent, unwanted thought, idea or image Compulsion – repeating an act over and over. Ritual OCD

8 Schizophrenia “ Split Mind ” Sever Chronic Disabling

9 Schizophrenia Includes: Psychosis Delusions Hallucinations Unable to know real from not real A false belief Seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling something that is not real. “ voices ” are most common

10 Schizophrenia Includes: Paranoia Delusions of Grandeur Delusions of Persecution Has delusions. Is suspicious about a person or situation. Exaggerated belief about one ’ s importance, powers or talents Exaggerated belief that one is being mistreated, harassed, abused

11 Schizophrenia Usually begins in men in their early 20s In women between the age of 20 – 30. Some attempt suicide Will exhibit unusual behaviors: Grimacing Sitting for hours w/o moving, speaking Involuntary movements Talking to themselves

12 Mood Disorders Feelings and emotions Bipolar - two poles or ends Severe extremes in mood Extreme High – mania Extreme Low - depression Chronic Tends to run n families

13 Depression Very sad Losses interest in day to day activities Suicide is a risk Body functions are depressed Common in older persons Often overlooked or misdiagnosed

14 Personality Disorders Rigid and maladaptive behavior Does not function well in society

15 Personality Disorders Antisocial personality disorder Borderline personality disorder At least 18 y/o Has poor judgment and Lacks responsibility Hostile Lacking in morals and ethics. No guilt Does not learn from experience Problems with moods, relationships, self image Intense bouts of anger, depression Aggression, self injury Drug or substance abuse is common

16 Substance Abuse and Addiction Over uses or depends on alcohol or drugs Physical and mental health are effected

17 Substance Abuse and Addiction Alcoholism Alcohol slows down brain activity Effects judgment and reaction time Damages brain,liver, heart, stomach, kidneys Chronic No cure

18 Substance Abuse and Addiction Drug abuse Interferes with normal brain function Long term effects on brain Develops a tolerance Will have withdrawal symptoms w/o the substance

19 Treatment for Mental Health Problems Psychotherapy Family counseling Exploring thoughts and feelings Drugs Communication is important

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