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1 share your sentences of “will be done” 2 Check answers of 优化 p41 3 课本P 50 (read and correct)

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1 1 share your sentences of “will be done” 2 Check answers of 优化 p41 3 课本P 50 (read and correct)

2 Lesson style: reading and listening Learning task : 1.Read the passage “ The Story of Atlanta” (page14) 2.Listening task (page15)

3 Reading The story of Atlanta Task1 scan the paragraph1 and answer What kind of man Atlanta wanted to marry? And why? Task2 discuss an open question What would you do if you heard of Atlanta’s rule? Why? Task3 read para2and3 to find Hippomenes minds (1)after he heard the rules (2)saw Altlanta himself.

4 Task4 read the whole passage to finish question1 on page14

5 Find out the following expressions and their meanings. 11 marry anyone 22 made a bargain with him 3 run against him 4.No one will be pardoned. 5 hear of 6 ask … for help 7 7 promise to help 88 pick it up 1 合某人结婚 2 和某人达成协议 3 和某人赛跑 4 任何人都不可以被原谅。 / 任何人不能求饶。 5 听说 6 turn to sb for help 向某人求助 7 许诺做 … 8 捡起来

6 Task5 another open question How would you end the story if you were the writer?

7 () One man wanted to win and marry Atlanta very much . () Atlanta married him and they lived happily . () When the race began Atlanta ran past him . () He asked the Goddess of Love for help . () Atlanta was a very beautiful princess . () Many men tried to compete with her, but failed and so were killed . () She stopped to pick them up . ( ) She gave him three golden apples . () She ran too slowly and he won . () He threw the golden apples one after another . () She could run faster than any man . 4 11 7 5 1 3 9 6 10 8 2

8 Listening Task1 first listening to check your order Task2 second listening to finish question5 Task3third listening with context

9 Answer key for Exercise 5: Hippomenes was waiting when Atlanta came out.she thought,“I _________ want this man ________ . ”So she said to her father,“Tell him to ________ . The race ________________today.” But Hippomenes said,“These are _____________: she will _____________the man who _____________ than her . ____________! Let's run!” do not to die go away will not be run her rules marryruns faster Come on

10 The race So the next day Hippomenes was waiting when Atlanta came out. She thought, “ I don’t want this man to die.” so she said to her father, “ Tell him to go away. Te race will not be run today.” but Hippomenes said, “ These are her rules: She will marry the man who runs faster than her. Come on---let’s run!” When the race started Hippomenes ran fast, but Atlanta ran even faster. Soon she was in front. At once Hippomenes threw one of the golden apples. It fell far to the side of Atlanta and she ran to get it. As she picked it up, she saw Hippomenes was in front. So she ran very fast until she was in front again. Just then Hippomenes threw another apple over her head and far to the side. Again she stopped to pick it up, and Hippomenes went in front.

11 When she finally caught up with Hippomenes the second time, he threw the third and last apple. As it flew through the air Atlanta saw it and wanted it. So she picked this one up too. By this time Hippomenes was almost at the end of the race. Atlanta could not catch up with him because the apples were too heavy. So Hippomenes won the race and married Atlanta. Thanks to the Goddess they lived happily ever after. Main idea in one sentence This is a story of __________________________________________ how a man marries a princess by winning a race with the help of Goddess

12 Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win? How do you think Atlanta felt when she discovered Hippomenes had had help from the Goddess of Love? If you were Atlanta, would you agree to marry Hippomenes?

13 A marry B get married to sb be married to sb 1.Tom 和 Mary 昨天在亚特兰大结婚了。 Tom and Mary got married in Atlanta yeaterday. Tom married Mary in Atlanta yeaterday. 2. 到现在为止他们已经结婚 50 年了。 They have been married for 50 years till now. now

14 1. make a bargain with sb Eg. 他不会和任何人达成协议。 He will not ______ ___ _______ _____ anybody. 2.The car was a bargain at that price. n. 便宜货 [C] make a bargain with

15 Pick up a. 接载(人), 取(物)接(人) b. (身体)逐渐恢复,(情绪,经济)好转 c. 加(速) d. 拾起,捡起,拿起 e. 跌倒后爬起 f. 偶然学到 / 得到 / 找到 1.He picked up his suitcase and walked out. 2.He fell but at once picked himself up. 3.I’ll pick you up at the airport. 4.Kathy picked up a lot of Spanish by playing with the native boys and girls. 5.After the operation, he is beginning to pick up now. 6.The economy is eventually beginning to pick up again. 7.We picked up speed when we got onto the highway. d e a f b b c

16 deserve sth deserve doing = deserve to be done 主动表被动 need doing = need to be done 1. 你已经干了一上午了,该休息一下了。 You’ve been working all the morning, and you should deserve a rest. 2. 他值得表扬。 He deserved praising.= He deserved to be praised.

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