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Unit 2 We weren’t very rich, but we were happy. Unit 2 We weren’t very rich, but we were happy.

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1 Unit 2 We weren’t very rich, but we were happy. Unit 2 We weren’t very rich, but we were happy.

2 1. Look at the woman in the photo. What do you know about her? Mrs. Li Over 70 years old Live in Beijing all her life

3 2. Read the passage and write notes about Mrs. Li’s answers to the following ideas: family: bigger family, less money health: life in Beijing: healthier, live longer, eat better much better, more buildings, so much more traffic, walk less take the bus more.

4 marriage: the role of women: work: in the past, parents choose partners for their children; now, children choose partners for themselves. in the past, women stayed at home; now, they go out to work in the past, do the same job all one’s working life; now, change jobs more often.

5 *3. Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions. 1. Where did Mrs. Li’s live? 2. What did she think of her family? 3. When did her eldest sister leave school? --In a small house beside a restaurant. --They weren’t very rich but they were happy. --At the age of 12.

6 4. What does she think of the family in the past and today? --In the past, families were much bigger. Most people had lots of children. Today most people only have one child and the families are small.

7 *4.Read paragraph 2 and fill in the blanks. Mrs. Li’s father ________ to work for ____ hours a day. He never _______ his job in his life. But now people change their jobs _______________. Mrs. Li’s mum was a _______ before she met Mrs. Li’s father. After marrying, she had to _____ at home to _________ the children. Today it is ______ for many married women ________ to work. But in the past, it was __________. went out 12 changed much more often teacher stay look after normal to go out less common

8 *5. Read paragraph3 and complete the table: Food at home Things to do at home In the past Today Three times a day Eat enough Freshly cooked Much better buy ready- made food Played games Read a lot Helped the younger brother with his homework in the evenings Have television Watch TV in the evenings

9 1. Mrs. Li first met her husband ___ years ago. (50, 60) 2. Mrs. Li’s husband helped her carry the ____ when she fell off the bike. (books, bags ) 3. Mrs. Li’s parents thought her husband came from a ___ family. (good, rich ) 4. Mrs. Li married her husband at the age of ____. (19. 20) 5. Now most couples meet ___ (at work, in the street). *6. Read paragraph4 and choose the words:

10 Language 1. the eldest child 老大 old older oldest …older than… elder eldest 做定语 eg: my elder sister 2. a full-time job a part-time job 3. normal 正常的 less common 不常见

11 4. freshly cooked 现做的 5. ready-made food 现成的食物, 6. fall off He fell off the bike and hurt his leg yesterday. 7. get married 结婚 marry sb. 8. couple 夫妻

12 Page 21 Part 4 1. b 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. a

13 all one’s life in the past leave school change a lot / read a lot full-time / part time freshly cooked ready-made food fall off pick up 1. 一生 2. 过去 3. 离开学校 4. 变了许多 / 读很多书 5. 全职 / 业余 6. 现做食品 7. 熟食 / 半成品 8. 掉下 9. 捡起

14 get married marry sb. the number of… …suppose… 10. 结婚 和 …… 结婚 11. … 的数量 12. 猜想、设想

15 1. 自从我离开, 我的家乡已经改变了很多。 My hometown has _______________ since I left. 2. 过去我妈妈从不买现在人们经常买的速食食 品。 In the past, my mother never bought ____________________ as people do today. changed a lot ready-made food Let’s have a try!

16 Homework 1. Student’s Book Page 23--24, Part 4, 5, 7, 2. Workbook Page 107, Part 9, 10

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