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Unit 2 The Olympic Games. Do you know any stories in ancient Greece ?

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1 Unit 2 The Olympic Games


3 Do you know any stories in ancient Greece ?

4 the King of the Gods Zeus ( 宙斯 )

5 Hera ( 赫拉 ) The Goddess of Women and Marriage

6 The Goddess of Love In Rome( 罗马 ), she’s called Venus ( 维纳斯 ) Aphrodite ( 阿佛洛狄特 )

7 Golden apples can give people magical power. No one can say no to it.

8 A Greek story about Atlanta Page 14

9 Pre-reading: Guessing Who is the man wearing a crown( 王冠 )? What about the girl? King Page 14

10 Read the first paragraph and find out: 1. Who was Atlanta? 2. What was she good at? 3. Who did she want to marry? Task Ⅰ : Scanning (2min) Page 14

11 Scan the passage and find the answers: 1. Who was Atlanta? 2. What was she good at? She was a Greek princess. She was good at running.

12 3. Who did Atlanta want to marry? She wanted to marry a man who could run faster than her. Was there a man that could run faster than Atlanta?

13 4. What did Atlanta’s father do?  He tried to persuade Atlanta and finally Atlanta made a bargain with him.  A. made a joke  B. made a mistake  C. made an agreement  D. something unknown ?

14 Task Ⅱ Skimming Para 2&3 (3min)  Would Atlanta stay single( 单身的 ) her whole life?

15 The main idea of this text It’s about _______who races to marry the man who can _________than her. In order to________________, ___________asked for ______from the Goddess of Love. Atlanta run faster win the race helpHippomenes Goddess

16 Hippomenes Atlanta King

17 Task Ⅲ Pair Work : Retell the story 1.Who was Atlanta? Greek princess beautiful run fast 2.What had happened to Atlanta? not allowed win glory angry not marry 3.What did she say when her father asked her marriage? run faster kill 4.What did the men do when they heard Atlanta’s rules? went home stayed there 5.What did Hippomenes think about her rules and what did he do after he saw Atlanta? amaze foolish change his mind 6.What did the Goddess do to help Hippomenes? golden apples throw

18 Who do you think will win the race?

19 Discussion (1 ) What do you think would happen to Hippomenes? (2) Will Hippomenes be killed or marry Atlanta? Why?

20 Reasons to be killed Atlanta didn’t love Hippomenes Nobody can run faster than Atlanta Hippomenes cheated in the running …

21 Reasons to marry Atlanta Atlanta kept her promise The goddess of love helped Hippomenes Atlanta ’ s slowed down when picked up the apples … I love happy ending

22 The Ending of the Story Exercise 3 & 5 (p15)

23 Listening (p15) Number these sentences. ( ) One man wanted to win and marry Atlanta very much. ( ) Atlanta married him and they lived happily. ( ) When the race began Atlanta ran past him. ( ) He asked the Goddess of love for help. (1) Atlanta was a very beautiful princess. ( ) Many men tried to compete with her, but failed and so were killed. ( ) She stopped to pick them up. ( ) She gave him three golden apples. ( ) She ran too slowly and he won. ( ) He threw the golden apples one after another. ( ) She could run faster than any other man in Greece. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

24 Hippomenes was waiting when Atlanta came out. She thought, “I _________ this man _____!” so she said to her father, “Tell him __________. The race ____________ today.” But Hippomenes said, “There are __________: She _________________ who ___________ than her! ___________ -- let’s run!” Listen again and fill in the blanks. don’t want to die to go away will not be run her rules will marry the manruns faster Come on

25  Homework  Exercise 1 on P 14

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