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Guessing game I was happy last night. I guess you were happy because… I solve a riddle.

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2 Guessing game I was happy last night. I guess you were happy because… I solve a riddle.

3 Guessing game A riddle ( 谜语 ) What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs during the day, and three legs in the evening? man

4 God Goddess( 女神 ) Ancient Greek Myths

5 Gods and Goddesses in Greek Myths Zeus Hera Apollo Hades Athena Aphrodite The queen of the Gods and Goddesses God of light/ the Sun god God of the dead Goddess of wisdom The king of the Gods and Goddesses Goddess of love and beauty

6 Unit 2 Using Language

7 Skimming How many characters ( 人物 ) are mentioned? Who are they? The Goddess of love. Atlanta a Greek princess Hippomenes The King

8 Careful reading 1.Why couldn’t Atlanta win glory for herself? 2. Who did she want to marry? not be allowed to... marry a faster than be married to a man… 3. What will happen if a man can’t run as fast as Atlanta? He will be killed

9 Careful reading 1.Did any body run the race after they heard of Atlanta’s rule? 2.Did Hippomenes understand them at first? Yes. No. He thought they were foolish. 3. When did Hippomenes change his mind to run the race ?

10 Careful reading What did Hippomenes do in order to run faster than Atlanta? He asked for help from the Greek Goddess of Love.

11 Why did Hippomenes ask the Goddess of Love for help? (A) The Goddess was cruel. (B) The Goddess helped everyone. (C) The Goddess helped Hippomenes. (D) People believed in the Goddess or the God in Ancient Greece.

12 The Greek Goddess of Love promised to help him and gave him three golden apples. How did the Goddess of Love help him?

13 Role-play Group A Atlanta & Father Group B Hippomenes & The Goddess allowed to 4. marry/be married to 2 win glory for 5. will be killed as fast as a race 4. promise (sb.) to do 2 run as fast as 5. golden apples 3.ask sb. for help Making dialogues

14 If you were the writer, how would you continue the story? So the next day the race began. …… Discussion

15 So the next day the race began. Hippomenes was standing waiting and when Atlanta came out she thought, “ I do not want this man to die. His __1___ will not be caused by me!” So she said to her father, “ Tell him to go away. The race will not be __2__ today.” But Hippomenes said, “She has said it: she will be ___3___ to the man who runs faster than her. Come on now! Let’s run!” death run married Listening

16 Atlanta ran and Hippomenes ran too. He ran very fast but even _4_ Atlanta ran faster. Soon she was in front of him. Then Hippomenes threw one of the golden apples. It went over her head and __5__ to the side of Atlanta. She stopped and had to run to get it. Hippomenes ran by. Atlanta __6___ up and she saw him in front. So she ran faster than the fastest bird. She came near! Then she __7___ past him and was in front again. Again he threw ___8___ apple over her and to the side. Again she stopped to pick it up. so fell looked flew another

17 When she reached Hippomenes the third time, he threw the third apple so far to the side that she had ___9____ to go. She saw it and wanted it. So she ran and picked it up. At that time Hippomenes was ___10____ and could not ran fast. He was not so far in front. Atlanta ran fast but the apples were __11__ and she could not catch up with him. So Hippomenes won the race and married Atlanta. Thanks to the Goddess they lived happily ever after. further tired heavy

18 Writing Please write a summary ( 概要 ) of the story by using three sentences. The story is about a princess who races to marry the man that can run faster than her. In order to win the race, a man asks for help from the Goddess of Love. At last, the man win the race and get married to the princess.

19 Which one is the best for describing the main idea of the story? A. This story is about a princess who races because she does not want to marry. B. This story is about a princess and a man who agree to marry. C. This story is about a man who cheats to marry a princess. D. This is a story of how a Goddess helps a man marry a princess.

20 Homework Surf the Internet to find more stories about the ancient Greece and you are expected to share it with your classmates in the next class.

21 1.marry 结婚, 嫁, 娶 A marry B Atlanta married Hippomenes. marry A to B 把 A 嫁给 B The king married Atlanta to Hippomenes. adj. married A get/ be married (to B) Atlanta got married to Hippomenes n. marriage 结婚, 婚姻 Language points

22 2. Promise promise sth Hippomenes promised a surprise for Atlanta. promise sb sth Hippomenes promised Atlanta a surprise. promise (sb) to do sth He promised to give Atlanta a surprise. promise sb that… He promised that he would give Atlanta a surprise Language points

23 3.amazed= surprised be amazed at sth be amazed to do sth be amazed that… 1.Hippomenes was amazed at Atlanta’s rules 2.The King was amazed to hear the result that Hippomenes won the race. 3. The king was amazed that Hippomenes won the race amazing = surprising 令人惊奇的 Language points

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