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Civil War Data Name: Kong Chang Date: March 15, 2011 Period: 6.

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1 Civil War Data Name: Kong Chang Date: March 15, 2011 Period: 6

2 Causes Of The Civil War In November 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. A mouth later, Lincoln says as president, he will not interfere with slavery in the South and he will enforce the Fugitive Slave Laws, but he will not allow slavery to spread into any of the territories. South Carolina senators are mad and vote to have South Carolina leave the Union. 10 other southern states soon followed and created the Confederacy States of America. In March 1861 Lincoln is sworn into office and officially becomes president of the “Not so United States”. He decides all military forts belong to the US government no matter where they are North or South. This angry Southerners in Charleston, South Carolina open fire on soldiers at Fort Sumter. The Civil War has begun.

3 Beginning the War North StrengthsSouth Strengths 22 millions people strong had more states better technology 90% factories Most of banks= richer had more farms to provide food Controlled the sea – Big Navy 21,ooo miles of railroad Transporting supplies and troops is easy Land hold iron, copper, coal, and gold Import guns and supplies from Europe Long Coastlines Big and spread out lines Get to fight on own land Military Generals Ex. Robert E. Lee Could trade for war supplies w/Europe

4 Beginning The War North WeaknessSouth Weaknesses Military leaderships are weak 1/3 of Northern generals quit and went back to South Worst time searching for good Generals Hard to travel and attack the South 9 millions people Unaware of attack Mississippi could spilt the Confederacy in 2 Economy could not support a long war Few factories to produce guns and supplies Bad transporting Short in complete Railroads Weak money

5 Population in Millions How many more people lived in Union states than in Confederate states?

6 Land Area About how many times more square miles of land did Union states have compared to Confederate states?

7 Industrial Production Which side---the Union or the Confederacy---had greater manufacturing and iron production?

8 Miles of Railroad Track About how many times more railroad track did the North have than the South?

9 Finances Which side---the Union or the Confederacy---had greater financial resources?

10 Map

11 President Union- Abraham LincolnConfederate- Jefferson Davis

12 Leaders of the Civil War The UnionThe Confederacy President Abraham Lincoln General Winfield Scott General Irvin McDowell General George McClellan Admiral David Farragut General Ulysses S. Grant General George Meade General William Sherman President Jefferson Davis Joseph E. Johnston General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson General Robert E. Lee General George Pickett

13 Troops How many more troops did the Union states have than the Confederate states?

14 1 st Battle of Bull Run Summary and Outcome Leaders July 1861 Battle of Bull Run McDowell was sent to take Confederate capital McDowell also needed to controlled R.R Junction in Manassas Virginia Confederate troops were waiting at Bull Run Creek near Manassas Union pushed passed Creek Confederate got back Union led Confederate won the 1st battle Union hope of a quick victory Union Leader Irvin McDowell Confederate Leaders Joseph Johnston Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

15 Battle of Antietam Summary and OutcomeLeaders Sept Battle of Antietam Lee went to Maryland Lee talked to people, nobody joined his side Lee fail his battle plan North won One day 25,000 men were killed Union won the Battle of Antietam Union George McClellan Confederate Robert E. Lee

16 Emancipation Proclamation Sept. 22, Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln wanted to free slavery Slavery help them fight in the Civil War Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation It made abolitionists very happy The loss of slaves made the South’s ability to wage war

17 Battle of Gettysburg Summary and Outcome Leaders July Battle of Gettysburg Lee wanted to attack so much that the North would lose and gain help from Europe Confederate forces gathered in a small town outside Gettysburg Lincoln soldiers are there Confederate attack Union hope them off and Confederate retreated North won the war Union George Meade Confederate Robert E. Lee George Pickett

18 Gettysburg Address November 19, 1863 –Gettysburg Address Lincoln gave a speech called the Gettysburg Address Lincoln makes speech at Gettysburg Lincoln rededicated himself to winning the war and preserving the Union.

19 Sherman’s March to the Sea Summary and OutcomeLeaders Spring 1864-Dec Sherman’s March To The Sea Sherman plan to destroy Southern railroads and industries Sherman marched troops from Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia destroy R.R. and industries on the way Sherman captured Atlanta Sherman destroy R.R. farms North won Union William Sherman Confederate Joseph Johnston

20 Surrender at Appomattox Summary and OutcomeLeaders April 9, Appomattox Courthouse Union army had trapped Confederate army Union and Confederate generals met at Appomattox Courthouse Generals Robert E. Lee surrender to Generals Grant ending the war Lee signs surrender doc. Grant promises to take care of Confed. soldiers Union William Sherman Ulysses S. Grant Confederate Robert E. Lee

21 War Casualties Who had more war casualties, the North or the South? How many more did they have?

22 The Five Costliest Battles of the Civil War About how many total people were killed at Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, and Antietam?

23 Effects of the Civil War 1) Almost 620,000 Americans lost their lives during the four years of fighting. 2) The defeat of the South end slavery there. 3) The southern had no homes or jobs. 4) The southern economy was in ruins.

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