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From Beginner to National Champion… How far will you go?

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1 From Beginner to National Champion… How far will you go?

2 The Mississauga Aquatic Club provides progressive programs and offers competitive skills development and advanced competitive training opportunities for Mississauga youth. Our high calibre training also encourages excellence in swimming, good sportsmanship, team spirit and academic success. We strive to support all members through their years of development to enjoy the great sport of competitive swimming. Club background and organization Club Mission

3 Community Partnerships Glenforest Pool MSSAC training facility Secondary School

4 Board Members PresidentDavid Hillis VP AdministrationPat George VP FinanceKaren Trudeau VP Meet ManagementMaraye Bonner Club Officials ChairJeff Trudeau Secretary, DirectorCatherine Johnson Director-at-largeCarolyn Murray Director, CommunicationsCorinne Poot Director-at-large, SourcingTony Li Legal Counsel, DisciplineGeorge Babits Director-at-large, Car RaffleBill Pan Director, Points AdministrationWalid Esefan Director-at-largeSaud Selmanovic Head Coach, DirectorKevin Anderson

5 Primary Responsibilities Facilitate communication between families, the coaches & the board at a group level Assist with social events (e.g., Intersquad, Awards Banquet) Promote volunteerism What they don’t handle Questions about the swim program or your specific swimmer. Please make arrangements to speak with your coach. Inquiries regarding specific invoices or statements. Please contact Jan Rodman at the Club Office. Group Parent Reps

6 GoldPat George SeniorDelnnis Gray Senior Development AMaria Wright Senior Development BMark McVeety Senior Development CKristin Gorteman Senior Development DMike DiPaolo Silver 1Maria Alejandrino Silver 2Gianna Torelli Bronze 1Florence Chui Bronze 2 SouthChristina Tenaschuk Bronze 2 WestLiz Muizelaar Bronze 2 EastKatie McGregor Youth EastMelanie Weller Youth WestTBA Youth NorthNarcisa Selmanovic Youth SouthTBA

7 Who to contact? Registration/Uniform Questions?Susanne Invoicing QuestionsJan Points Questions?Walid Wet Questions?Your child’s coach Dry Questions not covered above? Your Parent rep

8 Club Events Calendar Inter Squad Fun Meet “Blue and Orange” (UTM)October 19 Harvest Invitational (U of G)November 1-3 Autumn Invitational (Glenforest Pool)November 2-3 TriStar Novice Meet (UTM)November 5 MSSAC Wave Meet (UTM)November 17 Swim Canada’s “The Big Splash”November Mississauga Open (UTM)December 6-8 MSSAC “Future Stars”January 11-12 Time Trials December 21/January 24/February 1/February 10/March 2/April 5/May 23/June 6/June 20 Awards BanquetJune/July Swim-a-ThonMid April Youth Meet (UTM)March 1 Hicken international Swim Cup (McMaster)April 9 Wave Meet (UTM)May 5 Annual General MeetingLate spring Registration for Next SeasonMid June

9 Our Coaches

10 Programs

11 Be supportive. Learn about the sport & volunteer your time. Always be positive. Teach them to set goals & dream big. Don’t bribe your swimmer. Cheer for the entire team & have fun! Ensure that your swimmer eats healthy foods & that they get lots of sleep. Do your very best to get them to practice on-time. Support your swimmer’s coach. Don’t be upset if your swimmer gets disqualified. This is part of the learning process. How do you measure success of your swimmer? Progress vs. Perfection Tips for Parents

12 We depend upon parents! New points system for Youth levels and above in 2012 We can’t run competitions without volunteers Recognize off-pool deck contributions Fair system for everyone “Points Handbook” is on the website Volunteerism

13 Your First Swim Meet!

14 Meets are comprised of “sessions”, eg. FRI AM, Sat EVE, Sun PM  Each session has multiple “Events”, ie. Male 100 FR, F 50 BK.  Each Event has multiple “Heats”, eg. Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3… Timed Final (12-U) – Fastest time in Event wins. Parents/guardians are NOT allowed on the pool deck unless they are working as an official. Swimmers get cold between races, so pack a sweatshirt or team track suit. Ensure that you pack water, a healthy snack, an extra towel, spare cap and goggles. Your swimmer should be in their swim suit and on pool deck (not in change room!), 15 minutes before warm-up begins. Results are posted after each event. Allow approximately ½ hour. Your First Meet!

15 Swimming Canada requires ALL swimmers to activate/re- activate their account ANNUALLY and update their information All members should have received an email from Swimming Canada ( This is MANDATORY for all swimmers This process take mere minutes If your swimmer is not registered, he or she IS NOT  Allowed to compete in swim meets  Covered for insurance purposes by Swimming Canada COMPLETE YOUR SWIMMING CANADA REGISTRATION TODAY Mandatory Swim Canada Registration

16 Meets fill quickly and to ensure that your swimmer can participate, it's imperative that we enter as early as possible, and ensure that there's communication as early as possible. All swim meets that MSSAC is attending will be posted under the Events list on our website. Each swim meet or other club event will require a family to Confirm each swimmer’s attendance at the Event. Families are required to complete the Athlete Event Signup on the Event List to indicate:  "Yes [Swimmer] will attend" or "No [Swimmer] will not attend]  Provide comments to indicate which days a swimmer will attend. Some meets may be held over 2, 3, 4 or even 5 days.  Submit "Meet Confirmation" before the deadline on the Event list.  If you know that you cannot attend, please complete the Athlete Signup at any time before the Event Registration deadline. Meet Entry Process

17 Coaches will then provide an email or printed entries to parents informing them of the events in which their swimmer(s) have been entered. Entries will be posted to the on-line Team Manager database (that is linked via this website) the following day after the posted due date. Families can view their entries and must address any issues with their coach within two days. A detailed Meet Schedule is available on this website with an approximate confirmation deadline for each competition. Please refer to the Meet Schedule regularly for updates. We often don't have information in the fall for the entire season, and we add updates as the information becomes available. If you are not sure if your swimmer is participating in a meet, please contact your coach. Meet Entry Process

18 Please be aware that:  Informing the Coach, Club Administrator or your Parent Representative that you will not be participating will NOT be acceptable and you will be subject to all meet fees.  If your swimmer is ill or injured & the confirmation deadline has passed, you must still pay the meet entry fees.  The qualifying groups summarized on the Meet Schedule are a guide. There are exceptions based on performance, so check with your coach to ensure that you're aware of which meets your swimmer will be participating in.  You will be responsible for all fees incurred if you fail to follow the procedures outlined above. For travel meets, you will be contacted by the Club via email to confirm participation. Travel meets are handled this way due to cost. The lead time to confirm participation in travel meets is generally further in advance so that we may finalize travel arrangements. Meet Entry Process

19 Our Meet Coordinator submits initial entries to the host club approx 4-8 weeks prior to the meet. Meets fill early & we need to get team entries submitted ASAP to ensure that our team can participate. Entries close approx 2 weeks prior to each meet. At that point, the host club does not have to accept any changes. We submit payment to the host Club prior to the meet. We cannot participate unless we pay in full. Team/Swimmer Fees based on final entry file submitted to meet. (2-3 weeks prior to the meet). Given these lead times, if you forget to cancel from a meet that you cannot attend, you are obligated to pay the fees. I Forgot to Cancel, What Now?

20 Our Website

21 and  Both redirect to: Both redirect to:  CANONMAC = CANada + ONtario + Mississauga Aquatic Club The website is the Club’s primary source of communication. Check it frequently as content changes Be patient, the site is supported by parent volunteers. Club Website

22 Administration Staff located at Club office: 1715 Lakeshore Road W Mississauga, ON Susanne Scamurra - Club Administrator Jan Rodman – Accounts Open business hours Mondays - Friday

23 Invoices will be sent to you via email as the expenses are incurred. You will receive invoices for: 1.Swim Program Fees 2.Registration Fees (e.g., Swim Ontario) 3.Fundraising Levies 4.Swim Meets (race fees) 5.Travel Meet Costs Statements will be eventually be available through the website under ‘My Account’. The individual invoices will be summarized on the statement, and your current balance will be reflected. Receipts for the Child Fitness Tax Credit will be issued in February. Financial Reporting

24 Each Swimmer is charged for participating in a swim meet, including “no shows”. Most meets charge per event (e.g., $9 per swim). A few levy a flat rate (e.g., $80 per swimmer). Everyone provided a deposit towards these fees at registration. This amount was based on costs from previous years. Fees are described in the Meet Package on the host club’s website. Swim Meet Fees

25 How does MSSAC calculate the cost? Jane Smith is entered in 5 events @ $8.50 per event (= $42.50) Relays are team expenses with all swimmers sharing the cost.  5 relays x $10 per relay = $50.00  25 swimmers are entered in the meet which equates to $2.00 per swimmer. Coaches are reimbursed for the sessions they work at meets along with mileage.  Examples for 2 coaches, for 2 sessions:  $70 per diem x 2 plus $55 mileage each= $250  Shared by the 25 swimmers = $10 per swimmer. Jane pays 42.50 + 2.00 + 10.00 = $54.50 for the meet. Meet Invoice

26 Team Uniforms

27 Team Uniform Policy ** Refer to the Team Uniform Policy section contained in the 2013/14 Registration Package located on the website under the Policies and Documents tab GOLD- BOYS MUST HAVE A MSSAC DRAG SUIT

28 Swimmers just starting out don’t need expensive suits to perform well and improve! Our providers are Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) and Arena. MSSAC has partnered with these organizations to provide customized team wear to our members. Only approved MSSAC Team Wear is allowed at meets. MSSAC Team Wear must be ordered through the club office as we will receive the lowest price possible. Other equipment is available for purchase at TAS, where members will receive a discount. TAS has two convenient locations. See website under “Links” for details:  Team Aquatic Supplies, Burlington  Swim and Sports, Mississauga We suggest that swimmers always have a spare cap and goggles, especially at meets. Team Uniform Policy

29 All swimmers are required to wear an official MSSAC swim cap to practice (except Fridays!!) On deck 10 minutes before practice begins No parents on deck or interacting from the gallery Swimmers may choose any suit for practice Training equipment will be determined by your coach**  ** Refer to the Team Uniform Policy section contained in the 2013/14 Registration Package located on the website under the Policies and Documents tab Practice Requirements

30 Team Travel

31 Opportunity for swimmers to:  Compete at high level meets  Experience new environments  Develop independence  Team bonding Some Meets are mandatory Team Travel Travel Meets ** Refer to the Travel Policy section contained in the 2013/14 Registration Package located on the website under the Policies and Documents tab

32 Dec 14-16: Team Champs (12 and under) Gatineau 13+ Dec 28-Jan 6: Christmas Training Camp (Gold) Feb 27-Mar 03: Ontario Provincial Champs (London) May 2-4: Windsor Invitational (Senior Dev A,B,C,D) May 22-26: 14 and Under USA Tour Team Jun 27-29: Summer Festival (13 and under qualifiers) Jul 14-20: Summer Nationals (Saskatoon) Jul 21-27: Canadian Age Group Champs (Winnipeg) Mandatory Team Travel Meets

33 Who Are All Those People in White?

34 Officials

35 Officials Clinics

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