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2013-2014 Swim Season NATICK NEPTUNES 2013-2014 Swim Season

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1 2013-2014 Swim Season

2 MISSION STATEMENT The Natick Neptunes Swim team provides the opportunity for children from ages 5-18 to improve swimming skills and physical fitness in a relaxed atmosphere but with competitiveness. We stress self-improvement, good sportsmanship, and hard work as desirable goals along with the value of participating in intra-team and inter-team competitions.

3 Coaches/Directors Head Coaches- Jess Henderson and Alex Mulcahy
Assistant Coach- Kristin Hesse Head Senior Coach- Beryl Kaltofen Junior Coaches- Shelby Merlino, Jackie Barr, and Hilary Wilcox Volunteer Coaches- high school swimmers Directors- Grace Paltrineri, Heather Spurling, Gene Mcpherson and Jeannette Christensen

4 PRACTICES Sunday Practices @ Keefe Tech in Framingham
3:30-4:30 8 AND UNDERS 4:30-5: ’S 5:30-6:30 11 AND OLDER Weekday Wayland Town Pool 7PM-8PM 10 AND UNDERS 7:30PM-7:55PM 11 AND OLDER DRY-LAND 8PM-9PM 11 AND OLDER SWIMMING

Every swimmer should be prepared for practice! Eat properly before practice (healthy snack and lots of water). Go to the bathroom BEFORE practice begins. When sick, please stay at home. Wear suit, and bring towel, goggles, cap, fins, and good attitude. LABEL all belongings with your name!! We encourage swimmers to attend ALL practices

6 PRACTICE EQUIPMENT All swimmers are asked to purchase fins for practice.  The color of the fins will depend on the size ordered.  Do not get the short fins!  On the website are links in which you can order your swimmers' equipment 11 and older- dry land equipment (Jeannette)

In order to participate in Regionals, each swimmer MUST swim in at least 5 meets Notify Jess in an if your child is NOT able to attend a meet by the FRIDAY BEFORE THE MEET!! (ILLNESS IS ONLY EXCEPTION) All swimmers are expected to wear their team suits and caps All swimmers are expected to stay until the end of the meet (If prior arrangements have been made with the coach, swimmers must check-out with the coach.) We must ensure all relays have four swimmers. If one swimmer leaves early, three of his or her teammates are left disappointed because they had to scratch their relay.

Dual Meets (Meet schedule is on the website ) Natick Neptunes compete in the Winter Suburban Swimming League from December through March along with 13 other area towns. The swimmers have to swim in 5 of the 9 regular season meets to be eligible to swim in the championship meets. Championships-held March 8th and Milford High School “A” Championships require a swimmer to achieve a qualifying time to participate. (cut off times are on the website)-March 8th “B” Championships provide a final meet for all the swimmers who did not achieve an “A” qualifying time to achieve their personal best-March 9th

MEET SCHEDULE Swim Meet Schedule Time Trials 11/17/13 Sunday 12/1/13 HOME vs. Wellesley 3:30 warmups/4:00 start KEEFE CLOSED FOR A SWIM MEET Sunday 12/15/13 HOME vs. Milford 3:30 warmups/4:00 start-PICTURE DAY arrive at 3:00 WINTER VACATION Sunday 1/5/14 HOME vs. Dedham 3:30 warmups/4:00 start Saturday 1/11/14 AWAY AT Westwood 2:30 warmups/3:00 start Sunday 1/12/14 HOME vs. Sudbury 3:30 warmups/4:00 start MLK WEEKEND Sunday 1/26/14 AWAY AT Acton Boxboro 8:30AM warmups/9:00AM start Saturday 2/1/14 AWAY AT Framingham Keefe) 9:30AM warmups/10AM Sunday 2/9/14 AWAY AT Newton 3:00 warmups/3:30 start Sunday 2/16/14 AWAY AT Norwood 2:30 warmups/3:00 start

10 VOLUNTEERING Heather Spurling- volunteer spot (email a link)
Two meet minimum per family Snack Bar- Holly Mckean Jobs include: Timing Helping with ribbons at practices Locker room monitors for both girls and boys during practice/meets Bullpen/runners during meets Snack bar Stroke and turn (link on website to sign up)

11 IMPORTANT DATES Wayland practices begin tomorrow October 28th
Time Keefe on November 17th First meet- HOME against Wellesley December 1st Picture Day on December 15th swim meet (vs. Milford)

12 APPAREL Jeannette Christensen- contact person Selling Natick Neptune:
Towels Sweatshirts Warm-up pants Bags Water bottles Car magnets?

Gene McPherson- contact person Registration- on website Payments Questions/Concerns

14 MISCELLANEOUS Meet results/ribbons process Pictures- Heather Dorey
End of the year banquet Questions?

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