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And I don’t mean for you big ‘ol babies! Nursery Production 33.00-35.00.

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1 And I don’t mean for you big ‘ol babies! Nursery Production 33.00-35.00

2 Growing Nursery Stock Field Grown Container Grown Types of Plants Planting Techniques Maintenance Selling $$$$

3 Field Grown Production This is being replaced by container grown plants Plants are not easy to move Plants are not all in the exact same media and must be treated differently pH, diseases, and fertility is difficult to control Can shock when planted Can only be stored/transported for two weeks



6 Types of Plants in Nurseries Ground covers Trees Christmas Trees Shrubs Perennials Ornamental Grasses

7 Container Grown Plants Advantages Less shock to plants when planted Easy to move Lighter weight for shipping Retailers can keep plants for a long time Insects, diseases, and fertility is easier to control

8 Container Grown Plants Disadvantages Requires more water Can become pot-bound Requires winter protection Higher start up cost Pots can tip over Pots break

9 More Water

10 Pot -bound

11 Winter Protection

12 Fewer Diseases

13 Retailers Can Keep Longer

14 Containers Many factors to consider: Cost Durability Appearance Insulation of plant roots Shape Drainage Size

15 Growing Mixes (media) Should provide adequate drainage Should provide aeration Nursery production often involves unique media materials: Sand Bark Peanut shells or other organic materials

16 Nursery Media This is a picture of the potting soil used at Plant Delights Nursery that we visit in Horticulture I! The media is much more porous than media used for field-grown plants. This is from a company called Bio-comp. It is old peanut hulls. Totally sustainable.

17 Planting (Potting) Soil should be at the top of the pot, tap twice to get soil settled Dudes… you have to plant your plant at the right depth! The crown of the plant should be at the soil height

18 Plant Spacing Space plants so that the tips of the branches almost touch those of the other plants Containers will be moved as plants get larger

19 Watering Watering as needed Too much or too little can adversely effect plant Large nurseries utilize hand and automated watering

20 Watering Watering is more important for container grown plants than field- grown plants because roots can go no deeper or spread any wider than the container Plants above ground dry faster, too!

21 Watering Water until it runs through the holes in the bottom of the container A gallon pot usually requires a pint of water at each watering

22 Factors that affect how often to water Weather Plant growth Media Kind of plant Size of container Type of container Surface mulch

23 Fertilize Fertilize on a schedule Apply slow release every few months as directed- Osmocote Apply fertigation every watering Just depends on what method you employ

24 Fertilizer Fertigation is applied each time at 150 ppm of nitrogen If using slow release, periodic fertigation of 300-350 ppm of nitrogen (once a month)

25 Fertilizer Plants kept in containers more than one year require additional fertilizer at a rate of one teaspoon of 18% nitrogen for each gallon of container capacity Leaching is also done at this time

26 Fertilizing Plants should be observed and foliage will show symptoms of deficiency Talk to an extension agent or send samples off for more information on nutrition

27 IPM Integrated Pest Management Cultural Mechanical Biological Natural Chemical

28 Pruning of Nursery Stock Shaping Compact plant Training Remove dead or diseased Best immediately after planting and during growing season Can be done in winter

29 Pruning Can be done with: Hand pruners Electrical or gas powered pruners Chemicals to kill buds

30 Transplant Either sell or transplant to a larger container when plant reaches maximum recommended size for current container

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