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Delivering the inner loops of a circular economy Nick Cliffe – Lead Technologist Resource Efficiency 07824 865

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1 Delivering the inner loops of a circular economy Nick Cliffe – Lead Technologist Resource Efficiency 07824 865 262 @moriati23

2 Who we are We are the UK’s innovation agency - a national body set up by government We are responsible for investing over £440m each year in UK innovation We work across business, universities and government Our aim is accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation

3 8000 companies Networks have >90,000 members Over 100 competitions, committing ~£250m More than 2000 years of business experience 60% of our grants go to small businesses

4 What we do... We help strengthen the global competitive position of our leading businesses We identify and grow sectors and businesses with the capacity to become the best in the world We nurture the businesses that can succeed in the growth sectors of tomorrow. We consider... Can the UK do it? Is the idea ‘ready’? Is there a large market opportunity? Can we make a difference?

5 We can help with.... Funding Business & investment support Connections Networks

6 ... through many different routes Collaborative R&D Smart Launchpad Innovation & Knowledge Centres Catalyst Access to finance Access to knowledge Access to equipment and skills

7 What areas do we work in? Anticipated expenditure per area in 2014-15

8 9.5bn

9 +3bn

10 1 planet

11 Resource constraints - For minerals, metals etc absolute scarcity is rare but impacts of exploitation are increasingly a constraint - For biotic resources constraints include competing resource uses, carrying capacity, and impacts of exploitation Materials security - Risk of supply interruption/non-availability for specific materials, including many used in clean-tech/hi-tech applications EU list of 20 critical raw materials Climate change - Resource efficiency as a means to manage embedded carbon Resource Efficiency: key drivers

12 Resource Efficiency programme Cuts across the strategy and programmes of Innovate UK Addresses: reducing the quantity of materials used in products substituting materials that are environmentally unsound or where long term supplies are insecure with better alternatives encouraging a more circular economy, where materials are kept in productive use for longer by repair, re-use, remanufacture and recycling.

13 Raw MaterialsManufacture Design DistributionUseEnd-of-Life repair reuse remanufacture recycle reduce or replace Context for Resource Efficiency


15 The Great Recovery Building networks of designers, materials experts and end-of- life businesses Exploring barriers to moving to circular business models Hub space in London FabLab to develop ideas

16 Circular Economy Value Networks Circular Economy approaches are as much about ‘business models’ and (new) networks as about technology innovation. Value Networks are connected and aligned business models. Highly disruptive to current way of business but can enable larger opportunities than a business can manage alone. Must provide benefits to the customer.


18 Recovering Valuable Materials from Waste January 2015 £4.5m CR&D competition Reprocessors need quality, quantity and consistency of input and output Support to develop new processes for continuously produced waste streams to maximise value Materials not energy Up to £800k, 24 months

19 product to service shift...


21 A collaborative Feasibility Study competition to explore the business case for retaining value in goods through reuse, remanufacture or leasing/repair.  Up to £800k available  Projects £25 – 50k and 6 months duration  Led by a business owning the relationship with the final customer  Development of new ‘value networks’ expected  Output should be a business case and pilot project plan  A second round to fund a small number of pilots is proposed Circular Economy: Business Models

22 Durable goods Focus on inner loops Repair, Reuse & Remanufacture Customer relationship is key Explore the business case Manufacturer ‘re’- organisation ‘Retailer’ customer


24 reuse



27 remanufacture


29 remanufacture  leasing

30 Stay in touch... – join sectors of interest Twitter: – @innovate_uk

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