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Cleantech Incubation Europe Working Summit   Peterborough, UK 4 June 2013 Lynne McGregor Lead Technologist High Value Manufacturing Technology Strategy.

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1 Cleantech Incubation Europe Working Summit   Peterborough, UK 4 June Lynne McGregor Lead Technologist High Value Manufacturing Technology Strategy Board

2 Who are we? The Technology Strategy Board is working to drive UK economic growth by making this country a global leader in innovation. Our purpose is to accelerate innovation. We help UK business to innovate faster and more effectively than would otherwise be possible, using our expertise, connections and funding to: Enable collaborations and partnerships between businesses, researchers and governments; and help business to create innovative products and services which will meet market needs, tackle the challenges of our time and build the economy of tomorrow. We are sponsored by DIUS – Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. I want to emphasise this because the misconception persists in some corners that we are part of BERR, which is not the case. But the benefits of being an arm’s length body is that we can work across government and across the whole spectrum of innovation. This is critical because we can only achieve what we are setting out to do through partnerships. Partnerships with business first and foremost – who we see as our customers. But also partnership with a wide range of stakeholders who are already joining with us, or who we need to bring along in future, on this journey of innovation. These include research councils, RDAs, devloved administration, research and technology organisations and a range of other bodies playing in this space. They all have a part to play.

3 Cascade from TSB 5 Strategic Focus Areas
Accelerating the journey - concept to commercialisation Connecting the innovation landscape Turning Government action into business opportunity Investing in theme areas based on global potential Continuously improving organisational capability

4 Investing in priority areas based on potential

5 Technology Readiness Level

6 High Value Manufacturing Strategy
Manufacturing is important to the UK: the UK is in the world’s top 10 in terms of GVA UK manufacturing directly employs 2.5m people generates half of UK exports accounts for three quarters of business R&D. A landscape study, carried out in 2011, enabled us to develop a strategy to support and encourage those competencies which would enable the UK Manufacturing to compete globally, including: HVM Catapult to assist innovators to demonstrate new products and processes at commercial scale supporting SMEs and connecting them to global players who represent valuable routes to market

7 Energy Supply Strategy
Focuses on business opportunities that arise from central government policy and legal requirements. In the UK, 15% of total energy must come from renewable sources by 2020 UK greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 The security of an estimated 85GW indigenous supply requirement in the UK by 2020 The need to provide affordable energy for all . Create business opportunities through addressing the ‘trilemma’ of energy security, affordability and sustainability. Ensure that innovative UK companies understand the opportunities created by the rapidly changing global energy system. Ensure companies have the help needed to develop new products and services, enhance and develop energy sector supply chains that drive growth in the UK economy.

8 Key Energy Team focus 2011-2015:
Sustainable energy through affordable and secure sources of supply Integrate future demand and energy supply into a flexible, secure and resilient energy system Reduce emissions at point of use We will run targeted investments in these areas 8

9 Innovation and Knowledge Centres Entrepreneur Missions
The Toolset Range of Tools with different objectives / characteristics Smart Collaborative R&D Launchpad Innovation Vouchers Innovation and Knowledge Centres Entrepreneur Missions

10 World leading centres of innovation designed to accelerate commercialisation in specific fields
High Value Manufacturing Cell Therapy Offshore Renewable Energy Satellite Applications Connected Digital Economy Future Cities Transport Systems Catapults will facilitate business- and research-based innovation, enabling businesses to test concepts and bring them to market quickly and cost-effectively.

11 SMART Award Type of Grant Description of Project Project cost limit
Proof of Market market research market testing /competitor analysis intellectual property position Initial commercialisation planning <9 months duration £25k max grant up to 60% funded. Proof of Concept initial feasibility studies & basic prototyping technical feasibility testing / demonstration intellectual property protection Investigation of production options < 18 months duration £100k max grant Development of prototype small demonstrators trials and testing, including clinical market testing. <2 years duration £250k max grant up to 35% costs for medium enterprises, or up to 45% for small and micro enterprises

12 Knowledge Transfer Network
Connecting industry, research organisations with government, finance and policy: Networking - frequent opportunities to network with other businesses and academics through targeted events, meetings and Special Interest Groups organised by the KTN Information and news - free access to on-line services such as reports, newsletters, webinars/e-training, events diaries, e-conferencing and collaboration tools and general sector/application specific information Funding opportunities - advice on Technology Strategy Board Collaborative R& D calls, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other sources of funding for innovation Policy and regulation - a communications route between their community, Government and EU, giving members the opportunity to influence policies and regulation in the UK and abroad. Visit _connect to network, register and share knowledge

13 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
Provide businesses opportunity to work in partnership with an academic institution: to obtain knowledge and expertise to which they currently have no access, to address their business challenges and embed sustainable innovation. knowledge sought is embedded into the company through a project or projects undertaken by a recently qualified person (known as the KTP Associate) recruited specifically to work on that project. Grant funding depends on the size of the company: Typically a small or medium sized enterprise might contribute around a third of the project costs with the remainder being paid as grant. Currently average project costs are around £60, 000.

14 SBRI The SBRI programme uses the power of government procurement to drive innovation. It provides opportunities for innovative companies to engage with the public sector to solve specific problems. Competitions for new technologies and ideas are run on specific topics and aim to engage a broad range of organisations. SBRI enables the public sector to engage with industry during the early stages of development, supporting projects through the stages of feasibility and prototyping.

15 Collaborative R&D and other targeted competitions
We hold frequent competitions for collaborative R&D project funding, in a wide range of areas covering specific technical or societal challenges. Encourages businesses and researchers to work together on innovation Co-funds partnerships between businesses, and business and academia Helps create successful new products, processes and services

16 TSB Energy Delivery Plan
Investment activity How much and when? Offshore renewable energy catapult Q1-Q4 Up to £10m Offshore energy Q3 Up to £7m Nuclear Q4 Up to £7m UK energy supply chain at scale Q4 Up to £10m Alternative energy vectors Q2 Up to £5m Community energy systems Q3 Up to £3m Emerging energy technologies Q1 Up to £2m Photovoltaics European engagement (closed) Q1 Up to £1m Bioenergy Q1 Up to £500k Clean and Cool Mission Q3 Up to £200k

17 TSB High Value Manufacturing Delivery Plan
Investment activity How much and when? High Value Manufacturing Catapult Q1-Q4 Up to £35m Bioenergy Q1/3 Up to £2m Formulation Technologies Q1 Up to £5m Industrial Biotechnology Q2/4 Up to £3.5m Towards Zero Prototypes - Simulation and Modelling Q3 Up to £3.5m Intelligent systems and embedded electronics Q3 Up to £2.5m Nutrition for Life Q1 Up to £3m Material and Weight Efficiency Q4 Up to £5m Mission to China and joint collaborative R&D Q4 Up to £2m

18 Entrepreneur Missions partnered by TSB and UKTI
Investment and strategic partnership opportunities FOCUSING ON Customer, partner and supplier opportunities Mission Dates: Oct 30 to Nov 7 Competition Opens : 3 June Competition Closes: 31July Mission Dates: Nov 30 to Dec 7 Competition Opens : 20 May Competition Closes: 1 July

19 Benefits to Mission Companies
CONNECTIONS & PROFILE Customer Partners & Suppliers Government Leading Conference Investors Press & PR Trade Organisations MARKET-LED KNOW-HOW Major Corporates Disruptors and Challengers Incubators and Accelerators Expert Support Academic Pioneers INSIGHT & INSPIRATION Mission VIPS Innovation Immersion Ecosystem Innovators Entrepreneurs Networks ACCELERATE AMBITION AND ABILITY TO DO BUSINESS OVERSEARS

20 Agriculture & Forestry
Water and waste water Solid Waste Bioenergy, wind & solar Buildings Future Cities Agriculture & Forestry Smart Grid Energy Storage System Integration Buildings Transport Solar & Wind We’re looking for 20 early stage UK companies for each mission offering innovative solutions in:-

21 Energy Team - Christian Inglis
Responsibilities Grid balancing, management and infrastructure Next generation solar Community energy systems Contact details: e: m: High Value Manufacturing Team – Lynne McGregor Responsibilities Manufacturing in energy generation, storage, management and security Systems modelling and integrated design / simulation Automation, mechanisation and human-machine interface Flexible and adaptive manufacture Contact details: e: m:


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