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The evolution of The Global Green Economy Emergence of new technologies and practices that are responding to the challenges of climate change and scarcity.

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2 The evolution of The Global Green Economy Emergence of new technologies and practices that are responding to the challenges of climate change and scarcity of natural resources. Increase in public understanding of the need to guard the Earth’s natural resources. Global and local demand is emerging for ‘green’ goods and services.

3 Businesses are also trying to find ways to reduce costs through greater resource efficiency and energy saving measures. This has spawned the ‘Green Economy’ which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world

4 Cost Security Sustainability Environmental issues Energy

5 Energy Demand Population Growth Emerging Economies Standard of Living Societal Expectation

6 What is Green Growth? ‘Growth which fosters economic development, while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our wellbeing relies.’ (OECD 2012)

7 How is this achieved? ‘Must catalyse investment and innovation which will underpin sustained growth and give new opportunities’ (OECD 2012)

8 Global value of The Green Economy.. Global scale estimated to be $5 trillion in 2010. Employing in excess of 30 million people worldwide. Sector that is growing - projected to increase to the order of $6 trillion by 2015. Average growth rate of 3.7% per annum. (Delivering our Green Potential (2012))

9 Investment in The Green Economy.. Significant interest by investors in companies involved in the sustainability arena. Global investment in renewable power generation running annually in excess of US$200 billion.

10 Investment in the Green Economy sector as a whole is predicted to grow fourfold to over $1 trillion by 2020. Such investors include pension funds, life assurance funds, large corporates and high net-worth individuals. (Delivering our Green Potential (2012))

11 European Drivers of The Green Economy… From a European perspective the Europe 2020 Strategy, resource efficiency flagship aims to support the shift towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon economy. Decouple economic growth from resource and energy use.

12 Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Promote greater energy security. Reduce the resource intensity of what we use and consume.

13 The EU has a longer term vision for transforming Europe into a competitive low carbon economy by 2050. Reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95%. To achieve will require investment in clean and energy efficient technologies to be increased by 1.5% (approximately 270 billion euro) of the EU’s GDP per annum. (Europe 2020)

14 The impact of European strategy on Ireland.. Ireland currently imports 92% of its energy. Equating to a staggering 6 billion Euro of fossil fuels annually

15 The Three Pillars of Energy Provision Secure Energy Provision Environmental implication of energy provision Economic competitiveness –Cost of energy

16 To meet our future energy requirements we need… Innovation which allows us to use current and future energy sources more efficiently Innovation which allows us to harness, use and store alternative energy sources Low Carbon Economy

17 The development of Energy Clusters is seen as a vehicle to encourage and support innovation in this sector.

18 The role of clusters and networks in the development of The Green Economy… European Commission report (2011) on the economic impact of clusters on competitiveness and innovation states: “Clusters are well aligned with the modern approach of ‘open innovation’ that suggests that innovation is not created by isolated organizations but mostly in dynamic environments where competent organizations and skilled labour interact in a constructive and complementary way to assimilate existing knowledge and generate new ideas and products.”

19 The evolution of The Smart ECO Hub… A case study example of developing a network or cluster.

20 Building on existing expertise and competences in the region.. Holistic Concerto Dundalk 2020

21 Learning from Best Practice: How do you structure a cluster? SEAI and Louth County Council funded initial feasibility study for an Energy Cluster in the region. Best practice study revealed Eco World Styria, an Austrian Energy Cluster.

22 Eco World Styria: Performance 2010 (after twelve years of development) 4.7% regional growth; 4.3% investment in R&D up from 3.9% in June 2009. (Lisbon Treaty objective is 3%, Ireland 1.4%); 18% growth in turnover in companies involved in renewable energy and environmental technologies; 11.7% growth in employment in the sector.

23 InterTrade Ireland “Assessment of Business Networks in Ireland”

24 The funding process… Application made 2010 to Interreg 2012 - 1,000,000 euro grant October 2012 project launched Project support SEUPB Managed by East Border Region Lead council; Louth Co. Council


26 Smart ECO Hub operational team



29 Benefits of Joining the SMART Eco Hub Cluster The development of The SMART Eco Hub cluster will provide a collaborative structure for the much needed critical mass in the Energy Sector in the region. All members will have access to supply chain opportunities gained through collaboration.

30 How do you get ‘buy in’? ……………………………….What’s in it for me? For SME’s this means: The opportunity to benefit from larger experienced companies gaining possible opportunities from existing global markets; distribution networks and expertise. The opportunity for collaboration on product development and innovation within the cluster structure offering access to research, testing and trialling. For Larger Organisations this means: Access to supply chain opportunities provided by collaboration between SME’s or lone entrepreneurs is’ key’ for this group providing access to innovative product ideas and development. The cluster structure will facilitate access to research, testing and trialling from academic partners and research institutions.

31 For Academic and research institutions this means: The opportunity to collaborate with larger organisations, SME’s and lone entrepreneurs on research, product development and possible ‘spin-off’ opportunities. For Government bodies and development agencies this means: Access to a structured critical mass of business and enterprise innovating in the Energy Sector Opportunity to ‘pin point’ and work with cluster members relevant to your organisations economic development plans. Opportunity to collaborate on Regional, National and European Economic development projects in the Energy Sector.

32 Services provided by the SMART Eco Hub Provide supply chain networking opportunities between cluster members Run specialised seminars and workshops relevant to the Energy sector and product innovation Identify opportunities for and facilitate collaborative product innovation between cluster members Facilitate network opportunities for trialling/ testing and monitoring product Prototypes

33 Sign post members to opportunities available from government bodies and development agency initiatives relevant to the Energy sector. Provide a platform for collaboration between other relevant National and International cluster networks Access to the SMART Eco Hub Website which provides relevant Energy sector, Product Innovation, research and funding information together with extensive detail of ALL our cluster members.

34 Performance so far… Industry Members Collaborative Projects

35 The emergence of other networks/ clusters in the Energy sector DETI MATRIX report highlighted need for a cluster/ network in Northern Ireland focusing on the development of the grid and energy storage technologies. Significant increase in the number of clusters supported by Invest NI; Intertrade Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. The GREENWAY Dublin Energy Cork

36 An all Island Energy Cluster??????

37 Thank you!

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