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802.11g SIP DECT VoIP Router VIP-462DG. SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 2 / 15  Product Overview  Key Features  Application  Comparison.

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1 802.11g SIP DECT VoIP Router VIP-462DG

2 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 2 / 15  Product Overview  Key Features  Application  Comparison

3 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 3 / 15 VIP-462DG Front View Product Overview WLAN connection status DECT usage status Line usage status Phone usage status SIP Proxy registering status

4 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 4 / 15 VIP-462DG Rear View Product Overview Local PSTN Local PCs or Switches xDSL modem Internet Analog Telephone WLAN/DECT Antenna WLAN NB

5 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 5 / 15 Advantages DECT handset and base station –Built-in DECT interface Up to 5 DECT handset register, right for Home or Small office environment internal communication Dual voice interface –Either PSTN or VoIP Choice for local calls or Internet calls –Simple dial switching PSTN or VoIP call –Accept calls of both direction Compatibility with popular VoIP Services –Up to 2 VoIP registering servers like SIP proxy

6 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 6 / 15 Key Features - Hardware PSTN –PSTN port for local phone system –For home users, VIP-462DG is a standard DECT phone that can direct replace the existing telephone in the home WAN / NAT Router –A native NAT firewall router, the VIP-462DG can be the home router that help to connect to the Internet with one IP from ISP WLAN –IEEE 802.11b/802.11g compatible, provides wireless Internet sharing capabilities LAN –4 10/100Base-TX interface for flexible connection either to PC or switch InterComm –Intercomm button for registered DECT handset search DECT handset(s) –Up to 5 DECT register support –Long talking hours and up to 50 meters indoor talking distances

7 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 7 / 15 Key Features – Hardware Handset Handset features –Caller ID support –50 Phone book entry –4 DECT base registering support AAA chargeable battery, long standby long talking hours –Key lock support –Ring tone selection Hardware Spec. –1.8GHz frequency –10 channels –GFSK modulation –3 x AAA Ni-Mh re-chargable battery

8 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 8 / 15 Key Features – Management Web browser management Configuration Menu Device Status Current status like The 2 SIP Proxy status Line History Status: Received/Dialed/ Missed/Rejected / Forwarded calls

9 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 9 / 15 Key Features – VoIP system Voice Protocol –SIP SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) 2 register server support –SIP proxy server FWD, SIPGATE, SNOM, InPhoneX, NetVOIP, Backbone and PLANET SIP-50 Supports calls through registered server Selectable PSTN/VoIP call out –PSTN lifeline for emergency calls Line /Tone settings 3 CODEC supports –G.711, G.723.1, G.729

10 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 10 / 15 Key Features –NAT Router WAN –DHCP, Fixed IP, PPPoE support –SNTP, network time sync. WLAN –64/128 bit WEP, WPA LAN –NAT disable, bridge support Firewall –DDoS / SPI –Policy-based firewall setting –Virtual Server, DMZ, DDNS QoS –ToS priority tag for voice traffic

11 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 11 / 15 Key Features –NAT Router Router Features Multiple WAN port connectivityFirewall Security ProtectionBasic Firewall FeaturesDemilitarized Zone SetupQoS for bandwidth reservation

12 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 12 / 15 Applications – 1/3 The connectivity of VIP-462DG  Up to 5 DECT phones registration  Calls to PSTN or Internet  SIP server registration  Internet Connectivity Connection Registration Internet PSTN Desktop PC WLAN NB

13 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 13 / 15 Applications – 3/3 Telecomm / Internet Service Provider –Service provider can offer one number for each home user –Home users can base on the number either make calls / receive calls through local PSTN or Internet in a very cost-effective way –Internet connection also bundled for home users –Internet Connecting routers Native NAT, DDoS/SPI firewall protects the connection

14 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 14 / 15 Product comparison

15 SG-VIP-462DGV1 Page 15 / 15 Pioneer of IP Innovation

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