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Getting Started in Business and Going Beyond Connectivity.

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1 Getting Started in Business and Going Beyond Connectivity

2 Etisalat Business 1 Strategic Context UAE Market GDP SMEs are the engine of economic growth in the UAE and also contribute significantly in the overall UAE’s economic pie Year 2013 th estimated figures are shown Year 2014 th estimated figures based on 5% market growth

3 Etisalat Business 2 Strategic Context SMEs are the growth engine of UAE’s economy  SMEs are the engine of economic growth in the UAE – 70% of total GDP

4 Etisalat Business 3 Technology Trends SMEs can take advantage on growing business and innovate Mobile payments and cloud services are just some of the tech trends SME should be embracing and developing in 2014 – Information Age “A great digital experience is no longer a nice-to- have; it’s a make-or-break point for your business as we more fully enter the digital age.” Forrester, SMEs will have to go digital if they are to remain.. CISCO

5 Etisalat Business 4 The way we communicate and conduct Business goings through sweeping change

6 Etisalat Business 5 Internet and Computing Devices Penetration is the Highest Among Car Rental and Manufacturing Companies while is low amongst Retailers, restaurants and Groceries Top Purchase Drivers are price, speed and quality of the Internet Link Major attitudinal barriers: (Importance of the Broadband, fixed voice and computing devices to the business specially under the availability of mobile) Fixed Voice Service Penetration is very high across all Verticals while Fixed broadband is relatively low. The Low Penetration of Internet because of low presence of computing devices There is Room for increasing internet penetration among Pharmacies/clinics, restaurants and Groceries. Key Activities include Emails, Browsing and making online transactions. * Based on a Research took place by MCI team for “Broadband potential among SOHOs APR 2014” Customer & Vertical Insights

7 Etisalat Business 6 Pricing transparency and predictability Simplicity (Remove Complexity) a CAPEX to OPEX model Convenience BUSINESS SIMPLIFIED Premium Support Single point of contact SMB Customers Needs

8 Etisalat Business 7 Target Segment Characteristics Too Price Sensitive Not that Quality concern Price & Quality Conscious 1-2 Del Lines, low Internet penetration Mostly using mobile devices for voice and data needs No IT Admin Computing Devices internet and computing devices is not very relevant to the business (except) for professional Entrepreneurs Awareness Moderate Price sensitivity Multiple Del Lines with Low bandwidth broadband connectivity Office Admin/Finance looking after IT needs Outsource computing devices management to external Moderate awareness of the importance of the Internet and computing devices to the business. Up to 10 Users Up to 30 Users Reasonable prices with good quality of services Multiple Del lines (or PBX Lines). Broadband connectivity IT Admin is looking for All IT needs Escalation to external suppliers High Awareness on the importance. Up to 50 Users

9 Etisalat Business 8 SMB have disparate needs for their office/site, location and employees Site Needs Employee Needs Broadband Wifi Mobile Landline Minutes Network Security Cloud Printer& Scanner Tablets/Laptops IP phone Handset CUG LAN Switch Access point SUPPORT Office 365 Storage Anti Virus SMBs are the growth engine of UAE’s economy

10 Etisalat Business 9 One Stop Shop (Business Fusion Strategy) Valued Add Ons Value offering ›From Connectivity minutes to advance devices and applications (SLA and Backup) Customer Experience ›Dedicated Support number ›Over 500 Managed Applications ›End to End Smooth experience Connectivity Improved team responsiveness ›Fixed Mobile convergence and access to WWW. ›Unified Communication Client ›Anywhere, Anytime, EveryBody Devices Communication efficiency ›Different Options of managed devices ›Seamless ICT Experience over all devices SaaS Enterprise Level Applications ›Company and Employee Cloud Applications Ease of use and Price convenience

11 Etisalat Business 10 Business Fusion Roadmap Q1 Q2Q3 Q4 JANFEB NOVOCTSEPAUGJULJUNMAYAPR MAR DEC Bundle Version 2Ply + Managed Devices (IP Phones, Laptops, Tablets) + Managed Mobility (Business Ultimate) Business Fusion Light Total Net (SIP Voice Enabled Link + Broadband) + Total Talk (Fixed Net) + Add Ons (Devices, Mobility, Cloud) Total Business Fusion Enhanced Total Net Enhanced VOIP Link UCaaS + Total office (Fixed and Mobile) (FMC) + Add Ons Industry Wise Applications Devices SaaS V0 V1 V2

12 Etisalat Business 11 Business Fusion Starter Packs  10 Mbps high speed internet  Managed Router  Managed PBX  Wifi  Firewall / IPSEC  LTE Backup  Monitoring & reporting 24x7x365 Total Net Total Talk Add ons  Unlimited National Calls  Unlimited CUG  250 minutes to Mobile  100 international minutes  IP Phones  Minimum 4 users *additional user is XX per month  20 Mbps high speed internet  Managed Router  Managed PBX  Wifi  Firewall / IPSEC  LTE Backup  Monitoring & reporting 24x7x365  40 Mbps high speed internet  Managed Router  Managed PBX  Wifi  Firewall / IPSEC  LTE Backup  Monitoring & reporting 24x7x365  Unlimited National Calls  Unlimited CUG  300 minutes to Mobile  125 international minutes  IP Phones  Minimum 15 users  *additonal user XX per month  Unlimited National Calls  Unlimited CUG  350 minutes to Mobile  150 international minutes  IP phones  Minimum 40 users *additonal user XX AED per month Connectivity Devices Cloud Services Minutes Per user Per site SOHO Less than 10 users Small Up to 30 Users Medium Up to 50 users *All Above Packages comes with Standard Care (24x7x365) Service Coverage * 4/15/40 Concurrent Voice Calls Care

13 Etisalat Business 12 Business Fusion will offer SME customers solutions that combine simplicity, remote office connectivity, security and affordability Simplicity Predictability Integrated Solution Reliable Partner Affordability Value for money Convenience Transparency Reliability Business Fusion  Managed connectivity  Simplified Bundle pricing  Building block offering  Scalability  Cost optimization  Pay per user model  Managed Network  Managed Voice  Managed Security  Managed Mobility & Hosted MDM  Remove the need for in-house ICT expertise  No upfront &Monthly recurring charges virtually all services  No CapEx for IPPBX, IP phones, Router, LAN, VC,  SaaS  Telecom, IT, Cloud, Equipment & Service offering from single provider  Opex offer  No bill shock  Best of bread partners  Reliable platform

14 Etisalat Business 13 Conclusion  Convergence take-up is on the rise  Convergent connectivity allows operators to increase their overall ARPU.  It increases ARPU without alienating Customers with an access fee increase.  Provides better value proposition for SMBs.  A very effective churn reducer  Bundling of services helps to reduce subscriber churn.  Potential loss of services – especially managed services – deters churn.  Allows operators to escape ‘price wars’ based on access pricing.  If you don’t fill the pipe…..  Increased bandwidth on networks present opportunities and threats.  Opportunity is there to ‘fill the pipe’ with operator-branded services.  Threat is that rival OTT players will step into the gap if the pipe is not filled.

15 Etisalat Business 14 Thank You

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